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Published: Monday, Nov. 30 2009 12:00 a.m. MST

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Last year my 14 year old sister in law and 85 year old grandma were pushed around and spit at for wearing Cougar Blue at RES. My family had to sprint to their car after the game ended for fear of their safety. Max apologizing was the right thing to do in the name of diplomacy...but what he said is right on. The Utes and their fans are classless.


I think Max Hall is just sorry that the majority of readers of the Deseret News were so outraged at his words and expressed themselves in such a great number. Last count there were over 500 comments with about 90 per cent unfavorable to Max. If everyone had expressed agreement to his ugly words, he'd continue being the little punk he was on Saturday. He's more sorry that people didn't support his actions.

Cougar Fan

Max, I have admired you through your football career. You are a fantastic Quarterback and member of the Cougar football team. You do not have to apologize for your comments. The game was fantastic and we did deserve to win. Thanks for making that happen. Stop beating yourself up. I think we would all say the same things you said if our families had been threatened.


Its time our two Universities let some so called fans know that their behavior is not acceptable. People who throw things or physically assault someone should be arrested and never allowed back in the stadium. They are not fans. Those who verbally assault someone to the point of being out of control should be escorted out of the stadium by security. They are not fans. This is a game between two teams of talented athletes. It is to be enjoyed by those who watch. We should not have to sit and endure the bad behavior of a few.

Who cares

Max Hall... you have one more game left in your career unless you head to Canada. No scout will look at you because you can never handle pressure. On your comments I commend you because you spoke what you have been taught for the last 4 years.

Big J

Like most “Bubble Boys in Blue”, you think only bad fans and behavior happens at Utah.

It is true some Utah idiots, are empowered with “Liquid Courage” and cross the line. No true Utah fan likes or wants this behavior. I have put stops to this at RES in the past and will continue to do so in the future.

With that said, I have been treated the exact same way (pop not beer) at LES and that behavior was from the entire section I was setting in. Did I think for a minute that that was the behavior of all BYU fans? Not for a minute.

When I got the “Bird” from numerous BYU clad fans as I enjoyed the Utah tailgate party, Did I think that was common BYU fan behavior? No.

The sad part for Max is that he did not let it go.

Maybe now he has learned his lesson and has grownup.

Go Utes!


WOW a lot of ranting and raving!! People are human and make mistakes in the heat of the moment.When all those so heavily criticizing MAx for being human are perfected, perhaps then a stone should be cast!

My daughter has been raised by two "true blue" Cougars. She has recently committed to the University of Utah to represent them through athletics. We have respect for both universities and the advantages in education, religion and athletics which they both offer.

It is VERY unfortunate that a few raunchy fans can blacken the wonderful history of competition and brotherhood that Utah and BYU share. We as fans should clean up our acts and let the athletes concentrate on the game!!!

Ute Fan

I think this apology is fine. Of course he's still angry about how is family was treated; I would be too. He has acknowledged that it was wrong to lump the whole program, coaches, and players in with a group of nasty fans. And he acknowledged that his behavior detracted from the victory.

Let's not abuse players' families at RES anymore.


I believe more went on on the field Saturday than many of us knew. If you observed facial expressions, you might have seen that words were exchanged on many occasions. It is not like Max to appear so irritated. There was incredible pressure to win this game, as well. Many of us might say things we don't fully intend in the heat of the moment, thus reflecting on and including previous events. I believe Max wants us to understand the triggers, as he apologizes for behavior not a true reflection of his feelings.


Most of you criticize Hall's comments, but put yourself in his place. You have just lead your team to victory against a team that is your rivals. To add to that, he has been criticized all year because of his performance last year, and it was your time to show what he can really do. Then to have your family harrased and assulted at the game, not one of you would not be angry. He has prepared all year for a chance to redeem himself. I think his goal was directed at Utah fans, but he turned it into the team and University, because that is how he would achieve his goal. After the gamehe was still caught up in entire program, and not the fans that hurt his family.

Boise Cougar

Max Hall is the real deal; a true class act, and I am proud to have him represent Brigham Young University. Most of the time, when someone speaks the truth the guilty take the truth to be hard and they lash out at the person who spoke the truth instead of lashing out at the dispicable behavior that he was speaking out against.

Ute fans = classless. Max Hall - class act!

PR Spin

It's not an apology it's an excuse for what he said.

Plus, as a classesless season ticket holder I don't need an apology 3 of 4 leads to Vegas after airport celebrations is just fine with me. Enjoy #2 Max you really "deserved to win".


I don't know if there's a man alive, in a similar situation as brother Hall, who might not spout off something he didn't necessarily mean to say with the words that came out of his mouth. None of us immune from the occasional inappropriate remark, and all those who remain critical of Max after his apology need to look in the mirror at their own past words and actions before anchoring themselves in unforgiving criticism of someone else. The man made a mistake, he confessed and offered an appropriate response and apology, and now will move on with his life, as well he should. Everyone else should let him be, as well.

Y bother?

Sounds like the typical non-apology apology you'd get from a GOP politican when they get caught doing something naughty after a family values speech.


Apology issued through the school's media relations dept?

So, would that be the DN, Channel 5, channel 2 or one of the other alleged unbiased media outlets here in Zion?

I give Hall a pass

I am certainly not a fan of the y or Hall. But considering the amount of abuse Max has taken for a whole year from his worst game played ever, I can see how his emotions got the best of him.

For 12 months now there has hardly been a y football story where someone, including myself, hasn't commented mentioning Hall and his 5 interceptions. Sometimes we forget there is an individual on the other side of our banter.

Still expect Max to choke in his final bowl game. Sorry.


I can't think of a greater waste of resources than college football.


And by the way everyone - the Utes Lost

Good Grief

The whole thing reminds me of Lucy and Charlie Brown kicking a football... Lucy is a Ute and Charlie is the naive Cougar. It was just a game...

Accept the apology. YES it was needed! Move on.

And remember Texas Christian was the one true "Christian Champion with class" of the MWC!

Now all you Utes and Cougars can sit down and be quiet. YOU LOST A LARGE MEASURE OF DIGNITY OVER a game...?

Good grief! Put all the fans fans on both sides in anger management classes--for class act training.

Where is the Utah appology?

Hmmm, I guess I missed the Utah apology for last years assault on Hall's family. But I guess if you listen to some of these moronic comments from Utah fans Max made the whole thing up. Listen Utah fans, you rank right there with low - life Wyoming fans which drains all the luster from any BCS respect you might have gained last year. If you want respect you have to act with class and earn it.

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