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Published: Monday, Nov. 30 2009 12:00 a.m. MST

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If it had happened to me...

Granted, I'm a BYU fan, and NOT a Ute fan, so maybe I'm cutting more slack here than a Ute fan would, but if someone spit at and threw beer at my family, I'd be pretty ticked, too. I don't think it would go away any time soon. I also think I'd blame the organization for allowing fans to behave that way. I do NOT think that I would have spoken out in that way with a mic in front of me, but then again, I've not been in his position.

Should he have been that strong in his statements? No. Should he backtrack entirely and say he didn't mean it? Certainly not. I think his clarification of why he feels such animosity is fitting. Like I said, I'd be ticked too. It's just a football game. Don't harass the family. And, if someone does, expect the husband to be ticked.

Utah Fan

Thanks for the apology and I apologize for the Utah fans who wronged you and your family. We look forward to a healthy meeting next year.

Ernest T. Bass

Max is so awesome, righteous and so humble. I can't wait to watch him play in the NFL.

Title of Hatred

No apology is needed. Max only vocalized the emotions of the all fans on both sides of the rivalry. We hate them, They hate us. Long may this title of hatred flourish! It is simply delicious! It is the perfect diversion from life's everyday, mundane problems and challenges.

Classless . utes

Ute fans were so vulgar and over the top last year that yes I would consider a very large portion if ute fans classless. While not all ute fans were involved not one fan stepped in and said anything to the obnoxious fans. If you can sit and watch a whole section of your fans scream cuss words, spit, throw alcohol, and say discriminatory remarks about someones religion to a group of 8 fans for 4 hours and not step in and try to calm them down than yes you're classless too. All that happened to me and my friends plus more than 15 kids wandered out of theirbseats tonours and tried to pick a fight and not a single ute fan did anything to stop it

nice apology

Nice apology where you talk only about yourself and restate all the things you said yesterday. What a narcissist. Bench him

The Reality

Judging from U fans reactions on here, they are just as mad at his apology as they were at the remarks. It's easy to see they just want something to be mad at aside from the final score.

When Scalley or Kruger says they hate the Y, nothing happens. When a BYU player says the same thing, it causes an uproar from the same fans. What losers! When you can stop viewing things with your double standard, you can participate. Thanks for justifying ALL of Hall's comments.


I have read the comments above. Some of them show ignorant minds using slang and crude words. It is not necessary, and shows the small mentality of some fans. Basic issue here Ute fans were wrong and should be ashamed. Max Hall was too strong in his words but what was at the heart of what he said? He was indignant about what happened to his family. Ute fans need to take stock of themselves and hang their heads in shame. From some of the comments above some UTE fans have just agreed with the ignorant fans who attacked Max Hall's family. You can not even express you feelings with good language skills. No one has the right to attack Max's family. The U won last year! Spitting,swearing, and attacking the quarterback's family was the essence of stupidity. Step up University of Utah do you have the guts to apologize to Max?

Me and Der

So why wouldn't the Ute fans get over it and very quickly.
Aren't they, after all, grown up university students?

As any mature person understands, when children continue a fight by saying
"he/she did it first" there is but one remedy; stop.
Therefore, little children, just stop.

We will now easily recognize who those children are
by the things they say from this point on.

Utah Fans

Want some cheese with your whine?


Now that Max has apologized for his behavior, who is going to apologize to him and his family for theirs?

Eastern Observer

It's always amazing to me that so many of you making comments on this are more hypocritcal than Max. By the way, everyone is a hypocrite, just some of you are showing more of it than others. Get a life and move on. ALL sports venue's could do a lot more to make things more safe and enjoyable for the average fan. There are crazies in a lot of stadiums and the liquor doesn't help. I'm glad Max brought this debate to the forefront again. Sorry yo hear that it's 10 times worst in GatorNation, but even more punks attending that school. I've toned down my enthusiasim for a lot of sports - especially attendence because of the excess criminal element in those environments. Plus too expensive to have to deal with that garbage. Hopefully those in charge will realize this and make the appropriate changes to make things safer.


Lame apology. You are still trying to justify yourself.

Bronco should ban you from even talking to the media.

Good Job Max.....

He apologized for his poor statements, I accept it. If you put a camera in my face when I was 24, it would've been ugly (much worse). He was wrong and he's apologized for it.

NOW, I would like to hear an apology from the University of Utah to Max's family for the gorilla fans who poured beer and spit on them.

ANY fans (BYU or UTAH) who attack family members of players are total cowards and complete pieces of garbage.


I remember several years attending a game at LES. The Utes won the game. Every time the Utes would score the cheerleaders would taunt the fans in the North endzone by waving the Ute Flag at them. This was despicable. But what was even more despicable was that when they did that all kinds of garbage including drinks,(sprite and caffeine-free coke of course)were hurled out of the stands at the Ute cheerleaders. Two years later, the same thing happened, only this time an 18-year kid jumped out of the stands and tackled the cheerleader. We was of course pummeled by the cheerleader and smacked with an assault charge. So although it wasn't beer, BYU fans can not claim classy. Both sides have fans that are classless. It is too bad, but it is that way at every school (notre dame included).


Totally unacceptable behavior. Words are like bullets, you can’t take them back.
I hear on a local radio station in San Diego, “Mormons vs Mormons, can’t get better than that” .
If Max is LDS, he has just made a mockery of what we stand for…Christianity. Regardless of what Ute Fans did to your family last year, (who were most likely not LDS if they were pouring beer on them) shame on you for stepping down to their level.
Matt. 18: 21-22
21 Then came Peter to him, and said, Lord, how oft shall my brother sin against me, and I aforgive him? till seven times?
22 Jesus saith unto him, I say not unto thee, Until seven times: but, Until aseventy times seven.

went to both schools

I've been to BYU/Utah games at both LES and RES. I attended both schools. Everyone knows how different the atmosphere is at RES than at LES. I've read many comments for LDS Ute fans that say, its a small minority of Ute fans. It's NOT! Until Coach Whit, President Young and the other LDS Ute fans put their foot down, take a strong stand and end the nonesense at RES, this will continue unabated, perhaps until someone is seriously hurt. The ball sits in the court of those Ute fans that say they disagree with the actions of the "few". As long as they remain silent (in words and action), they effectively condone what goes on at RES.

I refuse to throw Max Hall under the bus for stating what was, and is true. BYU fans should put themselves in the Hall family shoes before they make their judgements.

Riley Nelson bowl Q.B.

President Samuelson, Coach Broncho:
If the bowl Q.B. is MAX
BYU $$$ donations will be MIN

Is there a police report on the terrible things done last year at Rice Eccles or is that "spin" too?

I think he was "mad" at the media and blamed it on "UTAH" as he dared not say they were "wrong" because they were "right". Who ever brought him to Utah should control him so long as he is is uniform.


The U admin should apologize to Hall's family for the behavior of its fans. It should have had sufficient security at home games to actually prevent assaults. The decent Ute fans should police their own to stop the shower of f-bombs and vulgarities on young visiting fans. Ute fans know this happens and to say it is worse in LES is just stupid. Out of safety concerns, I don't take my kids to RES any more.

To Max Hall, sorry you had to apologize. You said what needed to be said for a long time.

To Whittingham, where were you at the end of warm ups when your players came across the field to shout obscenities at the BYU players? Why did the ref's have to do your job in controlling your team? Max had it right the first time.

In all this, let’s not lose track of what is really important here. BYU won and the Utes lost.

neither a coug nor a ute #2

I'm the Utahn/Mormon that's neither a cougar fan nor a ute fan (thank goodness). A couple more comments....

BYU should GET TOTALLY OUT of competitive collegiate sports, and focus 100% on high-quality, religious-based education. All this malarky is ridiculous, embarrassing, distracting and un-Christlike!!!

And I think the UofU (i.e., Michael Young, Chris Hill, Coach Kyle, the community, alums, and "legit" Ute fans --which is a majority of their fans--) need to PURGE the bad apples out of RES, and get control of this totally stupid situation. You guys are a MAJOR embarrassment to me and to this entire state.

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