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Published: Monday, Nov. 30 2009 12:00 a.m. MST

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OK bitter fans...

Are you going to forgive and forget or harbor your own angry pitiful feelings of hate towards Max?


Thank you for your apology. It takes a big man to stand up and admit that he was wrong.
I, however, agree with the comments you made after the game. They needed to be said. I am sorry that folks chose to be offended by words which have been spoken by you time and time again about the Cougars in Provo... with no apology.
I do hate the U, I hate their fans... except a few, I will never go there to school and I would appreciate if you would not come to BYU.
Thank you Max for your initial comments and your clarifying apology. Both of them rocked!!!

Apology accepted

Anonymous 8:51, Scoon, Max hate, Azresident, another wasted opportunity, j, assaulted, through media relations, etc.

You are classless fans

Most of us knew what Max originally meant even if it was overgeneralized and not scripted. If someone did that to my family I would not have waited nearly as long as Max to express my contempt. There are weird fans on both sides but the U needs to get a grip on the hate based element of a segment of its fan base - they stink up the whole school. (I went to the U but I don't root for them precisely because of their fans)

Hopefully something good will come out of this


What a loser.

Cougar fan from Idaho

We have witnessed Bronco Mendenhall transform the entire Cougarnation into believing in his vision of tradition and honor, perhaps it's time for Kyle Whittingham to step up and help his following to understand what sportsmanship and respect are all about.


The most pathetic apology I have ever read from frankly the most pathetic player ever to play at BYU since Lenny Gomes. I think the apology makes it worse. First of all, you may want to have someone from the PR department check the spelling and grammar. Second, an apology does not include a very one-sided and hyperbolzied account of the supposed atrocities that led to the apologized-for behavior. That simply amounts to a justification, not an apology (and since Utah fans are equally ill-treated when they visit LES I don't think it even comes close to amounting to a justification). Third, the apology doesn't even come close to covering the breadth of the original statement, i.e. the entire University is classless, etc. Fourth, the whole "let's dial it down from now on after I have had the last word" sounds like a five year old. Getting the last blow in and then calling for a truce is the true sign of a pathetic wimp. If BYU has any "honor" at all, it should suspend Max for the game.

Max is lame

This is an apology? Give me a break. Once again, he directs all the attention to himself and family. This is a detailed description of the "alleged" incident last year, not an apology. I am happy to have classy people like Brian Johnson and Alex Smith represent our university. What a shameful way to try to bring this thing to a close and to think this passed the university's PR department without revision is shocking.

Hard for me to criticize Max

It is hard for me to criticize Max. If my family had been treated that way, I would pop a corpusle also. So, I'll cut him some slack. The reality is the U has a terrific football program and really good coaching. Most of the fans are fine, but, I have some personal experiene with a bit of what Max's family experienced...a decent fraction of their fans do go WAY over the line, and that takes away from the fun of the rivalry. in recent years I've come to appreciate the U more and what they accomplish. And I know more of their fans and they are fine people, of course they don't need me to say that. But, some of them, well they need some professional help, IMHO.

Stupid is alive a well

Stupid is alive a well in Utah! Dumb fans on both sides who ruin it for everyone. To much Hate in this world to have more over a football game Is STUUUPID. All the miss deeds done to your family you handled perfectly Max. You hold it inside and let it motivate you and you go out and win 26-23. But then you open that mouth!!

Only makes the bad Ute fans worse
ONly makes the bad Coug fans worse

I liked it better when Coach Edwards and Mcbride helped to lighten the rivalry up with their good natured antics.

Good luck to Cougars and Utes in their bowl games I hope the Mountain west runs the table.

What would Jesus do?!?!

What would Jesus do here??

What would He teach us all? How would He like us to behave, react, forgive and grow up??


So this is the "HONOR" that Bronco Mendenhall speaks of? Apology not accepted! Great job representing your chuch, Max. I hope he is disciplined for his actions. In the very least, he has given everyone more reasons to cheer against BYU.

What if it were you?

Just curious if U fans were treated the same way as Halls family if they'd feel the same about what Hall said, or if they'd take the high road like they profess? I for one would have a hard time not having hatred towards people that verbally abuse, spit, and throw alcohol on my family. Spitting on someone is one of the worst things that can be done to humiliate another person. Please stop defending the poor element of fans in your stadium.

Cali Coug

Why doesn't the u address this problem? It's not new, it happens every year at the RES and has happened for many years. If the u had any class they would attempt to address their fan base and ban those from the RES that cannot act appropriately. Nothing class about a drunk u fan. Kyle should apologize to the Hall Family for the treatment they received at the RES...that would be classy. Cowboy up Kyle!

UofU Step up

I do also include the UofU administration, although Max let them off with the apology. They have responsibility of weeding out the classless actions of fans at the games, of getting rid of the drunkenness and abusive behavior that let to this kind of problem. They need to tighten security to find the problems and to make all fans safe. These are people who paid for tickets too that are disgusted with the actions of a few bad apples.


Nothing like deflecting one's feelings of loss and let down by focusing anger on someone else. Max said things that only the thin skinned pansies of this rivalry would get upset about and everyone jumps on it like it is the end of the world. He apologizes and some people let it go.
I personally, not living in Utah and having an understanding of rivalries outside of this one, find it utterly hilarious.
It comes down to. BYU wont. Utah lost. The better team has bragging rights for the rest of the year. So there are those that can't accept that and have to focus on other things.
I guess the losers on the field have to carry that same feeling with them and do their best to push it onto others. It doesn't change the fact that they are still the losers. For the next 12 months bragging rights go to BYU and any and all excuses only make the victory that much sweeter.


This was more of a clarification than an apology. He didn't mean to call out every Ute fan, player, coach and administrator, but was reacting to a group of awful fans at RES. I thought his clarification was right on. I'd like to hear Yewts defend the behavior of the fans that attacked Hall's family. There's absoultely no excuse for the behavior of many many fans at RES. I'm not happy that this takes attention away from the win, but it's kind of refreshing for a player to say what he thinks. I can't really criticize him for his feelings based on his experience, even though I'd rather he turned the other cheek in this.

Utah Organization

JIP, did you hear about the assault at the game on a wife of a utah coach? When should the Utah coach expect an apology from the BYU? Does the BYU program teach each player that the reponse to any inncident at RES is that the fans dumped beer on me? Ramper, here is a news flash for you. THEY DON'T SELL BEER AT THE STADIUM. Every self rightous BYU fan assumes that every liquid in the stadium is beer.

re: Apologetic Ute

You are a reasonable person. You are more like the Ute fans I've seen and known in my life outside of RES. Inside RES, I've seen way too many of those that throw things and hit my 14 year old brother. Say things to my minor members of my family which are vile and disgusting. Max Hall reminds me of me when I first went to RES and experienced that level of degrading assault. He is learning how to deal with it and he'll come around. I've never seen things thrown on other fans at LES. I've never seen such abusive language and action as I've seen at RES. The hate is so much deeper and dramatic at RES.

Arogant and sanctimonious while they aren't nice traits they certainly don't equal vile, disgusting, and abusive! I wish the Ute fans were more Arrogant and sanctimonious rather than abusive, degrading, and vulgar.

Rivalry gone wild

Max Hall is part of the fall out from a rivalry gone off the deep end. Something needs to be done to tone this thing down and it all starts with both coaches stepping up and speaking publicly to the fan base. The way Max's family was treated is criminal and those Utah fans responsible should have had charges filed against them and spent some time in jail along with some hefty fines. Hall's comments were wrong to condemn the entire university and coaching staff and he acknowledged that however put your self in Max's place for a moment and think .... how would you react? It's really easy to set back and judge Max but oh how things change if you put yourself in his position. For any person commenting on this article who thinks they would have reacted any different than Max I say you are being dishonest and you know it. This rivalry has turned UGLY and unless something is done to tone it down there will be worse incidents in the future.

neither a coug nor a ute am i

I'm a proud Utahn and a faithful Mormon. And I'm neither a cougar fan NOR a ute fan (thank goodness).


From my perspective, BOTH schools --to varying degrees-- represent my state AND my religion (yes, utes, you read that correctly! By bearing the *NAME* of MY state, in a very real sense, you ALSO represent --by association-- my religion, since most people around the world equate "Utah" with "Mormons.")


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