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Published: Monday, Nov. 30 2009 12:00 a.m. MST

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i find it just a little bit funny that he brings up what happened last year now... i used to think i would remember max hall as the quarterback with the most wins at BYU, now when i here the words max hall i laugh and think "oh he was that guy with no class, and he threw 5 interception and had a fumble in the 2008 game! Im super glad he is not representing my school"

Max Hall

Is a tool. Enough Said.

Texas BYU fan

Utah fans- You need to thank Max for giving you something to focus on after the game. Otherwise, you would be faced with just one topic: Your team losing to their "hated" rival. Sweet!

Stop stirring up trouble!

Re-posting Hall's comments just serves to further stir up fury instead of allowing for healing.
Please don't cause contention just for publication!

No fans allowed!

Since fans at both stadiums can't behave, how about letting the players play the games for the next two years, without and fans in attendance. Only families of the players should be able to watch in person. Or, simply cancel the BYU/Utah game till and appropriate date in the future. That would be an interesting experiment to show both schools that the game is about the players, not the FANS.

It's happened in Italy at a professional soccer match, why not at a college sporting event. If fans cannot with out getting physical, verbal, or otherwise deranged, don't let any of them into either stadium. They don't deserve to be there.

Oregon Blue

We miss the point. We discuss Max and his comments. We should be pushing our respective school administrators to reduce the probability that these types of things can occur at our games. This behavour is unacceptable. Let's resolve this attitude of hate both on and off of the field and get back to what sports are supposed to be.


as a ticket holder to the BYU vs. Utah game, I refuse to go to that game no matter where it is played. Both sides of fans need to grow up and acknowledge each other and respect each other.


Max doesn't need to apologize, He's a senior, he had a lot of time to think about this since last year. He's only saying what many BYU fans think anyway. The real question is, was he required to make this "so called" apology? If so, that is very sad.


So let it be said; so let it be written. He ranted and spewed all he had bottled up for a YEAR, so much so he wasn't in the celebrating mood like everyone else and then later...through the University he apologizes??? Two words for all of the hypocrites down south...JIM McMAHON! He never comes up in all your greatest talk because HE SPOKE what was on his mind. HONOR, SPIRIT, TRADITION look inside yourselves and if you can't see the blatant hypocrisy in all your actions you'll eventually cause more damage to the University than Max Hall. WINNING is everything at the Y and players actions; especially KEY players get an official sweep under the rug? What if a benchwarmer had said this BRONCO? Would you have released him and then made an example of OUR HONOR, SPIRIT, and TRADITION to the fans and the team?? DISHONOR, COWARDLY SPIRIT, HYPOCRATIC TRADITION!!


A nice apology that clarifies that not all Utes are classless and deserve to lose. But Amy Donaldson's article articulates well why revenge and hatred - even toward a few - are undesirable since neither motivating factor can ever be satisfied.

Hey Everyone

Those who are complaining about what Max said and think he should be suspended or 'expelled', its a rivalry. It happens in every sport people make comments towards the opposing team and thats just how it is. Max shouldn't be any different, he shouldn't be attacked for his comments anymore than any other player, its just what happens in sports. It's not as big of deal as everyone is making it out to be. He clarified, justified, and apologized for what he said, he probably shouldn't have said it but he did.

Tied to both BYU and U

The Univ. of Utah should have issued an apology last year to Max Hall and his family. Despicable actions on their part. While I feel Max was wrong to paint a broad sweep and call the entire university "classless," he was not wrong to defend his family against the perps. Too many times in our society today, the victims are vilified, and the perps come out smelling like a rose.


Remind me of the date and time that the University of Utah apologized to Max Hall for the treatment of Hall's family on university-owned property.

No apology needed

I have to agree with his original statement - and the fact that the University and the football program need to take some responsibility for the actions of their fans. They seem to have the same problem in Georgia, so their football team issued a letter before the game stating that they would do their best on the field and asked the fans not to descend into that kind of behavior. When has Utah EVER done anything or said anything about the drunken vile fans that come keep coming to the game - Hopefully these fans are a small minority, but spitting on and physically and verbally abusing women is just not acceptable, yet the school seems to accept it just fine.


I beleive that most everyone would have said the same thing, if not more in this situation. I think this is being blown out of proportion. The fact is that BYU beat Utah. No matter how much you make out of these comments, this will never change. There will always be a W for BYU and an L for the U. Letts not blow this out of proportion people. For the record, this appology does exactly what it needs to do, clarify his comments. He should be angry and should be able to express his frustration freely. I support you Max, don't let this get in the way of the bowl game. You spoke out in defense of your family, you did what you could. It may not have been the most pleasant way to do it, but you did what you had to do. Anyone who thinks these comments were out of line is judgemental and looking for anything to find comfort after a tough loss. I hope we can all get over this. Maybe those people who refuse to let this go are truely classless.

Robert Johnson

Talk about a lame apology from a classless and lame person. This "apology" is akin to saying "If YOU think I said something wrong than I'm sorry".
A sincere apology would have sounded more like, "I regret what I said and I was wrong for saying it".
BYU is lucky that they won't have this "class-act" on their team next year. Good luck in the real world Max.


Wow, we have a bunch of over-sensitive fans on both sides. This isn't even news-worthy. Get over it.

Stay classy Provo

1)Max calls the entire Utah world unclassy. Meanwhile a BYU fan is attempting to take pictures of Whits young kids crying after the game and in a tussle elbows Whit's wife. Stay classy Provo.

2)Max kills the entire Utah organization, while leaving his teammates who aren't graduating to deal with the consequences next year. Sorry Riley/Jake, my bad, but it's not my problem anymore. Basically a drive-by egging on his way out of town, except everyone knows where he lives. Stay classy Provo.

3)Once again, a BYU player adds their words to the history of the rivalry. Gomes, Kiel, Brown, now Hall. Funny that all of the famous mouths from the Utah/BYU rivalry are Cougars. Stay classy Provo.

4)Cougar fans defending and agreeing with Hall. Lets say Whit says the exact same things about BYU after next years win based on what happened to his wife. You defending Whit too? Didn't think so. Stay classy Provo.


To all the self-righteous BYU fans (not all BYU fans, just the self-righteous): Why no mention of the BYU fan who smacked Mrs Whittingham in the face, giving her a fat lip, and telling her to shut-up? This hatred works both ways but let's be honest and admit that it only involves a small minority of the fans. For the most part, what I saw on Saturday was a lot of good fans treating each other with respect while enjoying the rivalry. Sadly, Hall placed himself in the minority.

No U Apology?

Where is the apology from the Univercity of Utah for the way their fans acted? I would be more embarassed by fans acting that way than a player saying he hated the other team. Max was right to apologize for saying he hated the whole organization but at least he apologized. Why no apology from the U? Sometimes it takes both sides to say you are sorry. Lets see if the U has any class and can step up and say sorry as well.

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