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Published: Monday, Nov. 30 2009 12:00 a.m. MST

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I am so tired of hearing how Max Hall embarrassed (fill in the blank). Max Hall embarrassed no one except himself. He is a representative of certain things i.e. the school, the church, his family, the team, but HE is not those things, he is just a part of those things. He only can represent himself. He spoke for his feelings and how they have been festering for over a year. Also, I read how such and such a thing could not have happened, such as beer in the stadium poured onto his family. Regardless of what happened, it was Max's feelings of what happened and what the results were that caused him to speak as he did. I don't condone this, but there have been soooo many times I have spoken before thinking. I believe that those of us who judge Max to harsly and want to condem him for his tirade, should first look to ourselves and see if there is a lesson we can learn from this. I believe Max is sorry, I am glad we can voice our opinions, I hope we can be a bit kinder to all involved.


Now comes the real maturity of Ute fans, to see they will accept the apology. Based on the classless nature of most of them I have my doubts.


Max speaks for many fans including me. While there are many decent and fine Ute fans there are too many who bring disgrace upon the U. I've stopped attending games at the U for the reasons Max stated. Vile and abusive are words that come to mind. How about an apology from the U for the abusive treatment that Max's family (and others) received while on the U Campus? Seems to me that apologies are two-way streets.

i hope

that people will like the players after all those personal fouls

Bill PC

I watched 2 games Saturday-one Florida/Florida State the other UT/BYU-2 quarterbacks were interviewed after equally heated games-all I can say is Tim Tebow-Class-Max Hal-Classless


Doesn't sound like an apology to me. He meant what he said and stood by it.

Re: Nate Kennedy

Nate, alcohol is not allowed at RES and has not been for quite some time . . . long before last year.

Perhaps the solution has more to do with fans and players like Max controlling his anger.

Perhaps you could explain how we can keep Coach Whittingham's wife from getting struck by presumably BYU fan's or players too. This is much more serious than getting beer thrown at you.

Cougar Fan

Nearly every cougar fan I know is glad Max is finished. He can't play in the big games and now has shown his lack of class.


Move on, grow up!

Old Coug fan

Are Max and Elizabeth Lambert related?

Double Standard

What a double standard! The media loves this stuff. They jump on Austin Collie for bringing righteousness into it. They jump on Hall for brining hate into it. I remember when Steve Tate said basically the same thing and nobody thought twice about it.


You folks at BYU just don't get it. The victory wasn't all that terrific; it wasn't decisive, just really lucky. Max Hall was frustrated because he played so poorly. If he had anything to say, he should have said it a year ago. This slim victory didn't authorize him to go back a year and complain. He is the one who has no class. He is the one who has no sense of decorum. I am a U fan, and I have been treated as poorly by the high and mighty (albeit hypocritical) BYU bunch. Max, you are a disgrace to your team, your coaches, and your family. I know your coaches are too soft to do anything about your behavior, so maybe you should try to discipline yourself.

scodyshootfight (KC)

I was disappointed with Max, and I said so in my past post, but I'm very pleased with the apology. It's understandable, and it was a human mistake. We all make human mistakes. He probably shouldn't get off the hook for making a statement and he will likely have to do some other things to SHOW that he is sorry. Overall, though, nice job on the statement.

Ute Fan

Good grief! Some of my fellow Ute fans need to grow up.

If ANY of you had been in his situation last year with what happened to his family, you would have reacted the same way.

In fact, if your message board comments as "impartial" observers are any indication of your true character, you probably would have reacted much worse.

Can we just acknowledge as Ute fans that there is a problem at RES?

The man gave an apology that clearly wasn't crafted by the BYU atlhletic department ( see grammar errors), so let's just let it go people!

U of U Alum

Some of the so called "fans" at the U are the lone embarrassing thing about my Alma Mater. I have attended many games at Lavell Edwards Stadium and have never had to cringe and try to explain vulgar actions and chants to my children in attendance with me. While it may be true that both sides have over the top "fans," Rice Eccles seems to be a sanctuary for the the really crude crazies. If the administration would put as much effort into policing this garbage as they do in making their annual requests for my financial support, maybe the atmosphere at RES would be hospitable, as it should be.

Classless Fan

Max shouldn't be mad. After last year's win and the ensuing trip to the BCS, Max was unofficially inducted to the Utah Ute Hall of Fame.

As a Classless Fan, I say Thank You Max! You may have beaten us, but without you, we would have never made it to our 2nd BCS game and never enjoyed 3 straight years of BYU losing just enough to play in the Vegas Bowl.

Best wishes in your loss to Cal in the Poinsettia Bowl!

LDS Ute Graduate

This was clearly written by the BYU athletic department, whom he gave a big black eye to on Saturday with his defamed rant. I'll accept an apology, but it has to actually come from Hall. Call a press conference, look into the camera, and actually man-up to the situation you caused. Not "released through the media department."

CA Ute

As a reformed BYU fan and current Ute fan, I think Max knew exactly what he was saying. No one knows what classless is better than a BYU fan. It is the BYU fans' behavior in the past that has led me to support THE University of Utah. Nachos and soda dumped on Texas A&M players in 1996, fans jumping out of the stands to tackle a cheerleader in 1998, and countless references to being favored "from on high."

Max's apology and clarification left out the true apology, which is all to common in public statements. How sad for Max, BYU football, and the University.

Apology Accepted!

Max, thanks for the clarification. Whether or not this story is true or this apology is sincere doesn't really matter. What matters is each individual's own behavior. Here are some suggestions.

1. Don't spit on people.
2. Don't throw drinks or food on them.
3. Don't hit other people.
4. Don't yell obscenities or berate personal traits/characteristics of the opposing fan base
5. Don't judge an entire group based on a few people you met, or worse, a few people you have heard about.

And in case you're about to go on a long road trip, these same rules apply to the kids in the backseat.

Go Utes!


I don't blame Max at all. This rivalry needs to change and become a game again instead of an excuse to throw personal attacks at one another. The unsportsmanlike displays of both teams was very diappointing and many of the fans on both sides are nothing but childish and cruel. People need to grow up.

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