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Published: Monday, Nov. 30 2009 12:00 a.m. MST

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One at a time please!


A classy and needed apology from a stand up player. Much respect.

Some thoughts

I think it is time both coaches talk to their teams and universities about sportsmanship on and off the field. The unsportmanslike conduct penalties are just as disappointing and more dangerous than words spoken. If it is true that only a small percentage of fans misbehave, the large percentage of good fans should not stand for crude behavior and police themselves and the stands. This rivalry has descended to all that is amiss in sports and our culture. We all should be a bit ashamed.


Well said, Max.


He may be, but no one will believe it.


He's lucky he doesn't play in the SEC cause it would be ten times worse.


Kind of a long time to hold a grudge Max. Let it go. The police came and took care of the situation. Next time call the police sooner and walk away from those people.

If Max wouldn't make such stupid self righteous remarks, then the amount of criticism wouldn't be soo intense.

How many Utah fans respect Lavell Edwards? I think a good percentage of them do. Because he is a classy guy and an excellent coach.

People dislike Hall because he is full of himself and like Collie makes statements that puts everyone else down.

I think the real problem is with Max himself. Yes, there are awful fans on both sides that shouldn't be allowed to go to the games, but, the one thing Max can control is himself, and that is where his focus should be.

Max made it right

Thanks Max, apology accepted. We understand that when the game became personal (and I'm glad that you had personal reasons to beat the Utes) that your comments were directed at a few classless Ute fans and not at the entire program. Even as a huge Cougar and Max Hall fan, I respect the Utah football program, especially Kyle Whittingham (a fiery individual himself), most of the fans, and the institution of higher learning.

Time to move on. Even though I'm sure that many Ute fans aren't going to let this go. This "HOLY WAR" is over. Time to look forward to the bowl games and pull for the horned frogs, utes, cougars, falcons, and cowboys.

Congrats to the Cougars, Max Hall, and the Utes.

Aggie Alum

No need to apologize. I agree with everthing he said!


Thank you, That was really big of you. I know you regret a lot of what you said. In the heat of the moment, right!


He should have just said...



The first steps to mending the rift is for Max Hall to apologize without any caveats. Your apology sounds flimsy with its many disclaimers. It doesn't matter what happened last year. You were wrong--admit it truthfully and be done with it.

Max Hate

The headline should read, "Hall Justifies Hate."

Who twisted Hall's Arm?

I sure hope Max's apology is sincere. Although it sounds more like an excuse. As a Ute fan I have no use for the crazies in Blue or Red. Neither should be tolerated. Now, how about a sincere move from the coaches at BYU - maybe a 1/2 game suspension?


I saw this apology coming a mile away!!! He had no choice but to apologize. He has now replaced Lenny Gomes as the most....can't use the word "hated" but it is awfully close...player by Ute fans in this rivalry. I feel bad that he took the route he did in the first place. As a Ute fan I thought he played his best game ever against the Utes this week by doing one thing they never expected..and that was to run the ball on crucial 3rd down situations and keep the Coogs drives alive. He had a golden opportunity to just dig a little bit back at the Utes but he didn't. Here's hoping he grows from this experience....but Utah fans won't forget....ever.


"I'm sorry if my comments took anything away from my teammates and coaches..." Blah, blah, blah. He doesn't get it! IF my comments took anything away--OF COURSE they did! This was the time to THANK teammates, coaches and the BYU fans, to CELEBRATE with them, to APPRECIATE the opportunities he has had as a Cougar! IF??? He does not see beyond his own agenda. How shallow.


I knew this was coming

Utah Fan

Max's apology, like so many of his passes, is incomplete.

Y fan

It's nice that he issued the apology but would have still been nicer had he not said those terrible things in the first place. After all, that's what is taught at BYU, to take the higher road.

Go Cougs!


So now we see what really happened. Good thing the truth came out. Basically Max Hall got caught up in the moment and directed the criticism at the wrong people. Utah fans should grow up. Come on, spitting on fans, dumping beer on them, physically assaulting them. That's a bit too far and I think even the high and mighty Utah fans would agree.

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