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Published: Monday, Nov. 30 2009 12:00 a.m. MST

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Any chance the Jazz might release the grades to the public or better yet show us the entire report?

I'd love to see how the players all stack up.


@doc: Do you ever watch the Jazz play the Lakers? I didn't think so.


Doc your hate for C.J. Miles is evident in your postings. You sound almost as hateful as Mad Max going off on Utah. You sound alot like Houdini.

On a more positive note the Jazz are playing the best ball they have played in a long time. The whole team seams to have bought in to the quest for better defense. They are really playing unselfish right now and it is paying off big time. I hope we see some more of Fesenko tonight to slow down Marc Gasol in the paint. Go Jazz!

WY Jazz fan

The Thanksgiving day game was a big ey-opener. The Jazz had over 3 24 second shot clock violations for the Bulls. It was the best defense I had seen in a long time. I was very happy to see it. Now I know why with the score card of defense it makes a lot of sense. Since Sloan has been a defensive mind coach since he began. I have noticed other coaches who stress defense more than offense seem to be getting better results also. Matthews has the right attitude and if you wan to to play in the NBA and be a good player you WILL play defense and let offense take care of its self. But most fans want the flash and show off type players and play.

Re Matt

I don`t think anyone hates Miles,we just don`t want lazy unproductive players on the team,players that just look to shoot,no rebounds,no defense,no team play

Defense vs Offense

Offensive stars all hit thier slumps but a great defensive star can be consistant all the time because he doesn't have to put the ball in the hole to be great at defense. I really don't know what I'm talking about, I just wanted to get in on the frey!

The Truth @ re: the truth

You forget one thing, the Jazz offered Memo an extension at what 12 mill? Right now, who would you rather have Booz or Memo? Boozer has been playing better defense this year. Last year Booz struggled with his jump shot and lift in the playoffs, probably due to recovery from his knee. This year he is lights out. If Booz goes 25 and 12 the rest of the year and walks without compensation would the Jazz look foolish? thats why I think he gets traded. Personally, I think he is making them look foolish for taking Memo over him. Lets see how the year progresses.....

Houdini@ Matt

I don`t hate CJ.The only 2 players I hate in the NBA are Kobe and Dirk,that`s it.I wish CJ had half of these two clowns game.I wish he had Millsaps game.so far I haven`t seen it.when was the last time you saw CJ dive after a loose ball? I saw Kobe dive after one in a pre-season game,that`s the difference


Well the ones that are playing now are playing pretty darn good. The rookies and the Russian have really earned playing time through their example to the vets about how to go out there and play some defense. Maynor pushes the ball and gets the early offense going. Boozer is in a contract year. It is all good right now. Go Jazz!


Everyone that gives williams and okur a hard time on defense need to give it up.. Williams plays the 2nd best D behind Matthews.. Ak or brewer do not play man to man defense.. they reach a lot. and only try to get steals. yes, they get those steals. but more often then not they guy they are supposed to be guarding just scored a wide open 3 or lay up because they are too worried about getting in passing lanes or they just got burned because they were reaching.. Williams keeps his man in front of him. If matthews gets pushed to the end of the bench then thats a shame.. and sloan should think about what he's doing. Korver and miles presence on the offensive end is very needed.. One of those two or okur need to be on the floor at all times to open up the court.. with brewer and ak out there teams dont worry about them hitting a 20 footer because they can't consistently. Teams play D from 17 feet out. I love matthews and maynor because they bust their butt night in and night out..


@fan nice post agree 100%

AK is not what he used to be on defense. He is a good help defender. That is it.

I like this defensieve score card. Though I think the jazz and the NBA should take it a step further and x traditional payment contracts. Instead a large percentage of pay should be guaranteed with the remainder based on performance. Defensive peformance would work best because players are already motivated to score.


It isn't hard to look things up rather than make them up:

Boozer vs. Lakers
2008-2009 (injured)----9.0----16.0

He has played better than his season averages against the Lakers except last season when he was injured. Even then, 9 reb and 16 pts isn't too bad.


how about a nightly report card on Sloan's rotations.


has done a really decent job of coaching as of late. Part of it may be luck and match ups but he put in the defensive grading system. Very smart move.

He has been playing match ups and pretty much the hot players.

He beat SA twice, once at SA (big monkey) which may have been luck and timing but it was a W.

We will know Sloan is a great coach when he comes up with a way to disrupt the LA triangle offense.

LA is beatable, but the Jazz still do not have good answers for Gasol/Odom/Bynum. Maybe he can find a way to disrupt the flow of that offense.

Can Mathews/Brewer/CJ disrupt Kobe. Can AK play Odom? and maybe Millsap on Artest? Artest is the least of the worries anyway. Gasol/Odom are where the big problems lie.

It will be very interesting to see if Jerry can come up with a way to disrupt part of the LA offense or exploit their D. Hopefully both.

Jerry is supposed to be brilliant. And I would say that some of his moves are. Beating LA consistently is an acid test.


Kirienko at the 4 against LA, he embarrassed Gasol at the European games last year!

LK Anderson

The Jazz brass sid know what they were doing when they invited Wes to Pre Season camp. Then he proved himself and they kept him at a bargain..

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