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Published: Monday, Nov. 30 2009 12:00 a.m. MST

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Best Rivalry in Nation

The Holy War is definitely one of the best rivalry games in the Nation. Each year produces tremendous excitement with plenty of sub plots to sink your teeth into. Props for an awesome rivalry that we get to enjoy here in Utah every year.


While Max Hall should not have used the word "hate," he described the classlessness of many Ute fans quite well.

I have experienced the wrath of some of the Utah fans and I certainly hope they do not represent the majority!

BUT when I went up to the BYU/Utah game last year, there were a bunch of Utah fans who came up to our section, used terrible profanity and flipped us off and said nasty things about the LDS Church.

I guess we were lucky they didn't want to waste their beer. Max's family wasn't so lucky.

"Classless" is the right word to describe many Ute fans.


Utah state doesn't have to worry about Utah for a little while. Hopefully Utah St can go to a bowl soon.


I think the Aggies will have a great shot at a bowl game next year. This year they were something like 12 points away from having seven wins, and that is almost completely because of the coaching, considering he was working with relatively low talent players, other than Robert Turbin, Diondre Borel, Kejon Murphy, and James Brindley. I predict seven wins next year, and 8-9 the next year with Turbin being a senior. Hopefully after that we can continue the momentum and take it to the next level and start competing with Boise and whoever else might be at the top of the WAC.

Lee Harlan

I only hope either Max Hall himself or BYU act before the Mountain West Conference does to publicly apologize for what was said after the game Saturday. Personally, it would be best if Max had the guts to do it himself. I was at the game with my son-in-law who is a Ute alum and there were several Ute fans near us. I am a BYU fan. We had great fun cheering for our respective teams. When it was over we congratulated each other for a hard fought contest. Yes, it is tough when your team loses, but it is only a game and life goes on. This taints a fantastic finish and a hard fought contest. Yes, there are fans from both institutions who do stupid things, but it is very unfair to place a label on an entire institution for the acts of a few. Max, I have admired you for what you have achieved as a BYU quarterback. In just a few words that I am sure you regret saying, you have tarnished the image many loyal fans have of you.


You know what? I think that I am through with football. Don't get me wrong, I like a good rival game as much as the next guy, but something has happened this past year that has really turned me off to all the "hate" of fans and now the players. What happened to the good ol days of seeing a hard, fair fight on the field and then the players shaking their opponents hands and sharing some thoughts as they walk off the field? All the hate is getting worse and I am just afraid of what it will lead too in the next few years.

re: Lee Harlan

Not at all..."tarnished the image many loyal fans have of you"? Not at all. Just because Max said some things that people took offense to, and that I don't agree with, doesn't mean his image is tarnished in my book. As I said, I don't agree with his comments and would hope that this rivarly would be much more like what your experience was at LES, i.e., gracious and respectful, but just because Max said those things and voiced his opinion doesn't mean that I have to take offense and immediatly judge him as being a bad person or arrogant or anything else. He simply offered his opinion and it is what it is. I don't agree with it, but at the same time I don't take offense to it nor do I at anything else anybody says.

Furthermore, it really is time to let this whole thing go. Unfortunatly you can see that the press will continue to feed this fire now and every year after this. I would call on these reporter and the press to do the right thing and let it go and let it die.


I would like to see BYU play Utah without talking trash about Ute fans and players after the game. Austin Collie, Matt Bauman, and Max Hall- feel free to conduct yourselves with some class after playing the Utes.

I would also like to go to a Utah - BYU without Cougar fans screaming at me. What is wrong with you people?

Todd in Idaho

I have gone to Byu/Utah games in both SLC and Provo. Ute fans in SLC are 100 times more foul mouthed, abusive, classless, and offensive. I could go into details.... I have no problem with what Hall said after the game. When I left the 2004 game i was saying the same thing. I do agree that the fans are getting out of hand with this game. Fans from both sides could act more civilized towards each other.


I have been assaulted almost every time I have seen a BYU-Utah game in SLC since I was a kid. Beer being poured on me is old news, After the 2006 victory some drunk college kids took some swings at me and a buddy of mine, that was fun to watch-but not as good as laughing at them as they were arrested. Oh and who can forget my head being cracked open last year in SLC when I was hit with a glass bottle over the head, excellence. Honestly, most Utah fans I know are older people who contribute money and time and have told me they never plan on attending the BYU-Utah game in SLC again because of the horrible behavior of their fellow Utah fans. And Amanda from KSL can right on that list, check her archive from a year ago today-a lifelong ute calling the fans classless. So why is it a big deal when Max Hall does? Oh yeah; because utah lost and they need something to cry about.


I have been a season ticket holder for the cougars since 1989, I have only been to 3 of the rivalry games up at Rice Eccles stadium 2000,2006,and 2008. and in those three away games I have seen more fights,riots, drunks,swearing and less class in those 3 games than I have at all 120 home games at BYU combined. Both sides have classless fans but....

RE; Todd in Idaho.

Sounds like inductive reasoning to me. As a BYU fan, you induce your experience at RES to be 100 times more of this and that (blah blah blah). I am guessing you see what you want to see.

Extreme judgments and hate are just not going to make your life any better people. Be happy when you win and forget about revenge and finding more pleasure in someone else losing. I believe to many BYU fans think this description fits only Utah. It might just be that higher level of execution relative to morality that justifies your hate eh?

It cuts both ways and stinks.

I was at Iggy's rooting on the Utes a few weeks back (TCU game), and some fully blue zoobies were there in a sea of red just to root for Utah to lose. Blue does it to.

I lost my cool some with that and regret it. Hopefully Max will learn from his hatred. If the beer story is real, then that's a challenge to overcome. Nevertheless, overcoming is good and hate is bad.

My temper can easily boil when I am told I am a lesser LDS member as a Ute.


Utah has fans. And it has hooligans. Hooligans are not fans.

Some respect can be shown by recognizing the difference.

re: BYU

Yup, you're right. It's all us. Totally unjustified. Everybody KNOWS that all those hundreds of stories about abusive Ute fans are total lies. There is NO WAY there could ever be beer in RES. What is with these supposed returned missionaries and their families making up such bald-faced lies.



That anytime BYU fans yell at Utah fans while at LES it is because the Utah fans did/said something first. Many utah fans are classless - just the way it has been for many years and the way it will be.

Sierra Blue

I have read the posts for the past two days regarding Max Hall's oomments.

These facts are self evident:

1) There have been incredibly classless comments from both BYU and Ute fans.

2) There have been classy comments from both BYU and Ute fans.

3) Mature responsiblble fans pretty much deplore what is happening in this rivalry. A few are ruining it for everyone.

4) Immature and irresponsible fans continue to fan the flames that have pretty much turned what used to be a highly anticipated football game into a hate-speech filled debacle.

5) When our local youth soccer league had parents of players acting like idiots at the games, the league closed the games to spectators. Is that what needs to happen to restore sanity to the BYU Utah game?

I realize a tiny percentage of fans have ruined this annual contest. But unless responsible people assume some accountability for what is happening in this rivalry, the worst is yet to come. Bank on it.

The Utah newspapers need to curtail the hate speech on these posts and the University Presidents should sit down together and discuss what they can do to stop the ridiculous behavior.

BYU #1 Fan

Oh,great! Does this mean we are going to the BCS! What about the National Championship game? Are we still in the running? Oh, I guess we were mislead again.


for both fan bases, take the beer out and the problems go away. why does this paper keep filtering my comments. there are other comments that shouldn't even be in here, yet they are passed.

Ernest T. Bass

"At some point, the Utes, who rank ninth in the nation for most penalties and sixth for most penalty yards, must learn to play smarter."

Good to know utah is in the Top 10 in something.

It isn't obvious?

"How can the Utah basketball team defeat No. 20 undefeated Illinois just three days after losing at home to first-year Division I school Seattle? And then lose by 22 to Oklahoma State the next day?"

Um...because Illinois is overrated? Duh...

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