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Published: Monday, Nov. 30 2009 12:00 a.m. MST

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Amy? Come on!!

Give it a rest Amy, how serious are you taking these comments? In the heat of emotion and anger anything can happen. Max Hall is not every BYU fan, it's Max Hall. Did you listen to the entire rant? I thought not. He explained that unless you have been in his shoes, you wouldn't understand his view, so clearly, you don't understand.


good article


Well spoken madam

Thanks Amy

By the way, where did you get your Psychology degree?


This article is awesome and truly reflects what was going through Max Hall's mind in those heated moments after the game. In a few years, very few people will remember what kind of QB this kid was but no one will forget his harsh words in a moment of anger. So sad.


Is this journalism? or simply a rant by a secret Ute fan? To be honest this "article" sounds like much of the on-line ranting and not something from a so-called professional journalist.


Well said.

Right on ...

Very well written and to the point. Now if only Max reads it AND comprehends. Unfortunately, I doubt either will happen.

Black Mark

This is a major black mark on Max Hall. He should have given Utah respect and praised their coaches. Instead he talked of his hate for anything that wears red. Not very classy for the winningnest QB in BYU history.

Oh please!

wow! you guys are really over thinking what he had to say. get over it and move on.


fair, accurate and appropriate. I sincerely hope Max is being counseled along these lines by those close to him. He's made a terrible error so far.

some thoughts

I think it is time both coaches talk to their teams and universities about sportsmanship on and off the field. The unsportmanslike conduct penalties are just as disappointing and more dangerous than words spoken. If it is true that only a small percentage of fans misbehave, the large percentage of good fans should not stand for crude behavior and police themselves and the stands. This rivalry has descended to all that is amiss in sports and our culture. We all should be a bit ashamed.

True Fan

Behind you all the way Max. I agree with everything you said. I hate Utah. I graduated from The U in 1980. I hated the anti BYU fans then and I still hate them today. I will enjoy this win for a year and hope BYU wins again next year


Kudos, Amy - you've done a masterful job expressing the feeling of many of us. I've loved watching Max Hall the last three years, but I was disappointed in his comments. Football is just a game - its not a Civil War.

Psychological Analysis

Has anyone ever heard of the term in professional psychology "projection"? You article would make a very interesting example of this phenomenon. Think about it.


I really can feel Hall's pain. I've seen so much hate and vitriol spewed out towards him on message boards and on sports talk shows.

I am very glad that he won the game. He is a great quarterback and I really wish him all the best.

I'm glad the Ute fans have something more to cry about, and I really truly wish that they would never ever ever attend a game at LES. Stay away. Any BYU fan or student that gives or sells their tickets to a Ute fan, is a knucklehead.

As a fan of Max

I am starting to hate this column you wrote.


Great article. It's unfortunate what happened to Hall's family last year. Does that justify whatever Max wants to do? Can he forget who he represents and what his family now must bear as a result of his actions? At least beer washes off with a little water. Now Hall and his family have to figure a way to "wash" this off all of them. I'm sure there will be the obligatory apology, but will that really help?


You represent who you really are in the heat of the moment. I love how people always say "I got caught up in the moment and that's not really me". Ummm...unfortunately it usually is exactly who you are!

Beer Incident

It seems like the media is taking Max's word for it that The Great Beer Incident actually occurred. Anyone can say anything, but it does not mean it is actually true.

From a logistics standpoint, it is highly unlikely The Great Beer Incident actually occurred. Beer is not sold in Rice-Eccles Stadium. Beer is smuggled in. However, bags have been checked since the terrorist attacks of 2001. Security routinely confiscates everything from Red Vines to M&M's. Therefore, any beer smuggled in has to be smuggled in inconpicuously in pockets of clothing. That severely limits the amount of beer smuggled in. Now, if someone were to smuggle in a couple beers, and not get thrown out when they break one out (which happens regularly around my section), what are the chances a beer will actually make it through a game, unconsumed, and poured on a BYU fan's head? Highly unlikely. If I smuggle in a couple beers, those beers become a very valuable commodity, and they're getting consumed, not wasted on a Cougar.

Please, media, push him on this. Let's hear names of the victims. Did they file a complaint with police?

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