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Published: Sunday, Nov. 29 2009 12:00 a.m. MST

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Thank you Max Hall

You have summed up my feelings precisely.

Let the Ute whining begin

Ready, set, cry about it.


Keep this guy away from Jake Heaps.

Go Max!

Wow....tell it like it is.


that was an incredibly classless rant Hall. I'm sure you're still humiliated by your pathetic performance last year... and your mediocre performance tonight. but seriously... I don't know how anyone could be fans for a team like yours, and a player like you.

Dan Fan

Max earned the right to run his mouth. So a BYU quarterback announced that he hates the Utes and their fans. Are we really that surprised? This unbelievably bitter rivalry is not fueled by love and compassion. A guy says out loud what everyone in already knows he must feel. BIG DEAL!!

Great game Max. You came up big in a big game.

BYU fan

More fuel for the rivalry. Great game to max and the cougs. And utes- see you next year at RES


Wow, what a way to follow up a win. Max Hall shows his true character. As BYU is seen as the face of the Church, I am embarrassed by his comments and hope he is reprimanded

He's talking to you

Yep all you Ute fans who hide behind the screen names that slam him.

He's laughing at you now.

Way to go Max. Forget all the political correctness.
Let football be football.

Here, here

Atta boy Max, atta boy

Pittsburgh Ute

Looks like Max Hall is the one who needs a lesson in class. Way to exemplify gracious winning there, buddy! You must be quite pleased to be spokesman and ambassador for BYU. Your quotes will live long next to those of Austin Collie and Lenny Gomes, and will provide lots of reason for me to continue cheering for EVERYONE and ANYONE who plays BYU.

Why not?

Why not write an article about the Ute fans verbally abusing his family and throwing beer on them?

That shows the true heart of the Ute nation.

Max is right

After watching Ute players throw punches during the entire first half, I agree with Max. How many unsportsmanlike calls did they get...6?

Good job Max. I wouldn't like it either if my wife got beer dumped on her too.


How do you spell classless? Max Hall. Truly classless both in victory or defeat. Great representative of BYU as well...this says a lot.


If you think Collie's "Magic Happens" had legs, watch "Utah is classless."

And no, he should not be fined. "Who's for tearing up the Constitution... who's for freedom of speech. I luv ya Utah..." (because BYU is in this field of dreams).

By the way, my Cougars were lucky to win. If Utah had won, they'd have been lucky. But, I'm thrilled.

Cougar fan

And this sort of stuff is the only thing that detracts from the great rivalry to me. I know that there are fans with class who cheer for both schools, so it's a case of rotten apples spoiling the whole barrel. It's really quite offensive to think that if I visit Rice-Eccles that I am at risk of a beer shower. Hall's family was not the first set of BYU fans to receive such treatment. Is the U really so disinterested in stadium security that they will allow such behavior in their stands? Quite a poor reflection on what is a great school / program in many other ways.

Does Max Hall really hate all

Utes? Joseph B Wirthlin? What about the President of the U? How about at least a dozen GA's that I know of that are U grads?

Max Hall let down BYU, the faith and his teammates. These were not comments made in the heat. These are comments deep seated and representative of his faith and belief system.

Nice work Max. You are low class, good riddance,

Yup, feelings are mutual

Seems like he just said what Tate said about BYU a few years ago...on camera in an interview. How come nobody cared then. I never forget Tate almost crying as he declared how much he hated BYU.

Cougar Fan

Last year Max Hall embarrassed us on the field; what he just did off the field was ten times worse. Those comments do not represent BYU or the Church or the tens of thousands of BYU fans who were thrilled to win a great rivalry game and then had to listen to the stupid comments of a guy who thinks being the quarterback of a winning team gives him the right to say things that the worst thug in the SEC doesn't say about another team after a victory. Great job Cougars -- Max Hall, your time is over, and it's just as well.

Waiting for U fans to complain

They will say how much they hate BYU, but when they get a little of the same stuff, they cry foul.

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