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Published: Wednesday, Nov. 25 2009 12:00 a.m. MST

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Coach Howard led the way. I've named children and pets after him. A man like this didn't come around very often, but when one does, it's such a refreshing change that the world has to stop and take notice.


I wonder if Howard would have put his QB back into the game (Wilson had already been benched) when he was told by assistants that he only needed 8 yards to set an NCAA record. LaVell didn't dream that the 8 yards would turn into a huge ran after catch for a TD. The game was already lost. Howard should have congratulated Wilson. Instead, he throws a temper tantrum. Real classy guy.

How many times did he beat BYU? He hated BYU, but LaVell had his number. He can retire thinking about that. Rivalry is great. Hate is stupid. I rooted for the Utes in 'bama game last year and every time they play a non-MWC opponent, but I'll be cheering against them this Saturday! Go Blue!

Stud Coach

Fun article! I feel your hate.
I love this rivalry, makes fall something to look forward to.

Thanks Coach Howard ;o)

Go Utes!!!

Nothing wrong with wanting to beat BYU.
Who doesn't?

Utah 28
BYU 14


Dear little brothers,

Your big brothers from north will be visiting you this Saturday. So get ready. Stuff yourselves with turkey, blueberry sauce (you don't deserve the red cranberry sauce), corn, peas, etc. Then your big brothers will whip you good.

Utah 35
BYU 14


Its time to de-Howaed the rivelry
Its just football


He thinks BYU was bad for doing that in one game, look at one of the u's more recent coaches, Meyer. He runs up the score every chance he gets, and did it at Utah all the time too.

The Flyin' Ute

Never met Coach Howard but heard a few stories from some of the older players. They thought it was fun playing for him.

Thankfully Jim Fassel started up the "missionary" program and recruited me. Previous to Fassel if you wanted to go on a mission they were not holding your scholarship.

I'm happy to know what happened to Coach Howard. Thanks for update.

This Saturday's game has the making of another epic battle. Hopefully it is close. Go Utes.

Billy Red

Good thing he wasn't coaching WYO when Whit onsides kicked them. He would have had a coronary on the spot!


I think Coach Howard hated BYU's coaches and players, I think the rest of us just feel like that about Cougar fans, and probably Bronco for talking like he's on medication all the time. I've never met a group of people who know so little about football yet act and talk like they know so much. I've laughed on many occasions listening to Cougar fans explain their football theories, great stuff.
I liken it unto a freshman math student who is trying to impress his fellow classmates with his vast math knowledge, what he doesn't know is that he's in a room with a bunch of MIT math professors who are doing everything they can to encourage this kid while trying with all their might, mind, and strength to not laugh out loud in the kids face.


There is a program the have been airing on the MTN about the Rivalry that explained this pretty well. Great Story.
Go Utes!

AK Cougar

Nice article about a former coach and his mark left on the team. Investing in apartments and high end housing must have been quite profitable for him to retire at 61.

Now to Saturdays game. Go Cougars. Get Emotional and have fun for the last game of the season.


I'm pretty sure Howard going 1-5 against BYU didn't make the game a great rivalry. It was one sided for Howard and it continued to be one-sided for nearly 20 years after he left. The accolade for making this a great rivalry, in my humble opinion, belongs to coach Mac for his great work in the mid to late 90's. Myer and KW have kept the game exciting every year and brought the U to new heights, but Mac put a previously one-sided rivalry on the map. But I guess Rock has to try to make an article about a coach over a mostly medicore team interesting somehow, so he can take credit for making the rivalry for one article, however meritless that may be.

San Diego Ute Fan

Sounds to me like we should put up a statue for Wayne Howard. Fans from the school down south make it easy to feel the way Wayne felt.

Ute Haters

More BYU "fans" called Wayne Howard's radio show than Ute fans? I had no idea there were more Ute haters than BYU fans back in the 70's. Just like the 90's. Just like the 2000's. More things change, more they stay the same.

Re: Cougarf@n

Thank you for pointing out what Coach Mac did for Utah football. He moved the program to a level it hadn't been in my lifetime, and did it with personality that was appreciated by Utah fans and foes alike. His success and recruiting set the table for unprecedented success in the last seven years.

I look forward to a hard fought, competitive game this weekend. Hopefully the Utes come out on top!


Except for the football game in the middle of this whole mess, I really hate this rivalry. It never quits. It is always going on. Ute fan talks about how bad BYU fan. BYU fan talks about how Ute fan wants to be Y fan.

Lame. Really.

I'm a BYU fan who hates where this rivalry goes when the football game is over.

Re: plyxply

Your analogies need a little work, but keep trying you'll get there.

Cougar Fan that Respects Howard

Yes, Howard only beat BYU once in his five or six years there but one must also remember that BYU was at its high point with several one loss teams and QB's like Wilson, McMahon and Steve Young. Howard's teams were very competitive with BYU. I remember watching the 1978 won by Utah 29-28. It was my first of 20 straight games I was able to see in person from these rivals. As a 13 year-old Cougar fan I was pretty upset with the Ute win but it began a love affair with this great rivalry and Howard made it fun!

Pretender - EXCUSES

Who Cares. Typical BYU Yning. Coach Howard used this to hype his team and the game. You don't need to explain and excuse actions at a BYU game over 30 years ago. Like Coach said "Hate" doesn't mean I want to shoot you, just beat you.

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