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Published: Monday, Nov. 23 2009 12:00 a.m. MST

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2009: Utah 35, BYU 21 (Provo)

2008: Utah 48, BYU 24 (SLC)

2007: BYU 17, Utah 10 (Provo)

2006: BYU 33, Utah 31 (SLC)

2005: Utah 41, BYU 34 OT (Provo

Re: History

2011: Utah 45 BYU 17 (Provo)

2010: Utah 27 BYU 14 (SLC)


Sorry Utes, not this time!!!


Can't wait for Saturday. So pumped to see BYU lay the Wood on them UTES!!!


Don't hate Utes and Cougs. Utah and BYU fans are not that much different, we all have something in common - all of us applied to BYU. Love, peace and pursuit of happiness ;)


Get ready for the RUMBLE!

Always a pleasure to watch and usually a nail biter.

Go UTES! Lay the wood on 'em!


"Harry! Come fix this TV! It must be broken. It keeps showing the same play over and over again.

A Hall interception.

And is that the UTE fight song I hear? Have they scored on us again?!

I thought we were ranked higher? Isn't the higher ranked home team always supposed to win?"


The team with the most points at the end of the game wins. All the rest of the build-up and trash talking is moronic. This is going to be good.


I love BYU football. They are both great teams. There is always lots of trash talk back and forth. But when it comes right down to it. They both play very well. The team with the most experiences QB usually wins the contest........I know that Max Hall is one of the nations best QB.....and will go high in the draft.........Good luck Max and Cougs.


BYU owns UTAH!

Max Hall

He is a good qb for laying putting up good numbers against horrible teams.
He doesn't do too well in big games.
Really, Val, you think someone will draft him in the first 3 rounds?


was talking about the CFL draft.

The Boot!

Who ever wins Saturdays game will also win the BOOT!!

By the way, coach Whit is a great as a defensive coordinator as you can find but..... has no skills as a head coach.

Until he is gone, we are not returning to the BCS.

He's way too predictable and can't lead.

Game will be close, but I give the edge to Utah!

RE: Max Hall

And Jordan Wyn is that much better? He has been putting up big numbers against New Mexico and San Diego State?! The only important game he has played in he got beat by 27 points!

Freshman QB or Max Hall?! I will take Max any day!

BYU wins by 14+

Go Cougars!

PS: Vegas odds have BYU by 7.5 points! Just FYI.

RE: History

1984. Little brother up north still envies BYU's National Championship Trophy sitting in Provo!

Little bro, you will never get one, so keep dreaming!

Go Cougars!

BYU wins by 14+

Re: The Boot

Until he's gone, we won't return to the BCS? He brought us there once, and has been bringing in great recruits. Watch Jordan Wynn. He's a great QB, and he'll be maturing greatly this offseason. He's already made great strides in the few games that he's played. Maybe if you unzip that Ute-suit we'll find a cougar underneath....






Home field advantage- BYU

prediction: BYU 27 Utah 20

CPT Mike

Watch the demeanor of the coaches on the sidelines.... football is a game of passion and generally speaking the more intense and fired team wins. Teams also take the personality of their coach. Bronco= quiet non-emotional thus you can see the lack of intensity. Whittingham= fiery competitor that expresses his emotions to his and they follow... Utah has not been that great this year but they find a way to win because they BELIEVE they will win and they play with EMOTION this comes from their coach... sorry until Bronco quits being boring and soft spoken and shows some emotion the TDS will never break 10-3


I don't think it is much of an argument to say you would take Max Hall vs. a freshman QB. In fact, that may be the only time I would take him. Someone please come up with a stat line for his games against top 25 teams. Someone, anyone, post it! He will NOT be drafted on the first day. No way. I have seen the way Bronco coaches and he does not prepare the cougars for this game. That is why it is either a blow out, or the cougs pull it out in the last minute. No miracle this year!

Army Cougar Fan

I think negative comments about either Coach Whittingham or Coach Mendenhall are not well placed. They are both class acts and have done amazing things with their respective programs and have brought great recognition to the MWC along with TCU. If things continue as they have, adding in Air Force, the MWC will be a force to be reckoned with across the country. You can thank the BYU and Utah Coaches for getting us there.

Should be a great game. Best of luck to both Schools. Have fun with it and enjoy the moment.

Re: The Boot

He brought Utes back to BCS in 2008 --that is something that little brothers down south are still dreaming and chasing
Just remember:

Tier-1: Utah, TCU (BCS gamers)
Tier-2: AFA, BYU (BCS dreamers/chasers)

Why would you want a coach in Tier-1 gone --unless you have a mind of a 3rd grader?

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