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Published: Thursday, Nov. 19 2009 12:00 a.m. MST

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Field Turf...

Are you people kidding? It's not ASTRO turf, it's Field Turf. Yes, the game does speed up as a result, but these people are professionals and should be able to adjust accordingly. Man Utd, Celtic, and the National Team have all played on it. There are teams in Europe that have put it in as well. The turf is not an issue unless they can't control the ball.

The last two games have been fantastic for RSL with some fantastic scoring chances and possession. The weather is going to be an issue this Sunday, that will make the game ugly.


RSL will win and change the landscape of sports! Oh wait, we are talking about soccer? Forget it then.

Re: anonymous 4:23

What do you mean by your comment? Has any one victory by any team in the history of sport ever 'changed the landscape' of sport?

Oh wait, the 1950 FIFA World Cup group match in which the US defeated Brazil may have indeed changed the landscape of sport. It certainly caused a change to the way the English prepared for international matches which in turn resulted in a change in tactics used today around the world. That may have been one of the most important sporting events in history. It involved the United States playing a sport that has been here just as long as it has been played in much of the world. Several years ago the number of players in the US exceeded the total number of players for American football or baseball. Those numbers are available easily online.


We will lose

I want more people to predict RSL is going to lose. Being the underdogs in the playoffs has been great for us. I hope everyone keeps dumping on RSL.

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