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Published: Thursday, Nov. 19 2009 12:00 a.m. MST

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Although boring, this debate will rage and the good Mormon=conservative myth will keep being told until -- and only until -- one of the senior G.A.s (not Marlin Jensen) stands up in General Conference (not in a letter) and says (to Utah Mormons) "We are serious when we say there is enough good (and bad) in either political party that a worthy LDS can support either in good faith -- as many of us do and our predecessors have always done. Those who have made comments (recently and in the past) about the impossibility of being liberal and Mormon were and are simply wrong."


My, my, my, we are so quick to judge a person without knowing all of the details. It reminds me of Obama and the "Stupid Police" issue. What he is saying is when we know better we do and treat persons better and he has gained knowledge that makes him a better person and should make us all better persons. "As ye judge, so shall ye be judged"

RE: Pedro

Where were you when Harry Reid said he was an idiot liberal because he was mormon.

Good Joke

"Because the church has all the answers to the purpose and meaning of life, Mero said,"


Oh, pleeeeaaase! Make him stop! I can't breathe!


Actually the Church does teach where we came from, why we are here, and where we will be going after this life.

I happen to know that there are conservative democrats and liberal republicans. The problem is that neither of these two aspects live long in the current two party system.

I don't agree with Mero on everything he says nor do I think he is coming close to speaking for the Church. He is a member of the LDS Church with his own personal opinions as all of do.

To those who are saying the Church is wrong to teach illegal immigrants the Gospel, let me ask where would Jesus Christ teach them. Would he tell them to go home to their country and wait for him or would he stop and teach them where they are? It isn't wrong to teach them anything at all. It would be wrong to teach them not at all.

We are not judging the individual at all where he lives nor do we feel it wrong to go into prisions if asked. Christ established his work amoung the dead during the three days between death and resurrection.

The Jackson Family

The Sutherland Institute has fallen a LONG WAY since Mero has assumed the presidency!

This speech is an embarrassment to many of us in the Sutherland Institute and in the LDS Church.

re: YAWN

That would be awesome.

Purpose of life..

I'm still patiently waiting for not just a declaration that you know the purpose to life...can you give me a synopsis or do I need a couple of boys 40 years younger than me tell me about golden tablets that no one ever saw(spiritual eyes and all)?


Apparently Mr. Mero believes it is ok to discriminate against someone in employment and housing because they don't approve of their lifestyle. I don't approve either however treating people as second class citizens is a violation of our constitution which many conservatives claim to hold in such high esteem.

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