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Published: Thursday, Nov. 19 2009 12:00 a.m. MST

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Paul , If we listened to you the blacks would still not have the Priesthood. The Sutherland/Eagle forum do not represent the Church or conservative thought.


Paul T. Mero says "I'm a conservative because I'm a Latter-day Saint."

Well, Paul, the church has repeatedly stated that it does not endorse any political party, political platform or candidate, and that members of all political persuasions can be in good standing.

To imply that LDS = political conservative clearly contradicts the Church's official statements on the matter of politics.


"Because the church has all the answers"!!!!!!!!
I question the claim that Mormons are the experts on "what it means to be a human being" but they've got arrogance nailed down. This is disgusting.


Wow! Wow! Wow! And my family wonders why I left the fold. Amazing.

Indie Mormon

I'm a convert to the LDS Church, and my beliefs are a big reason why I am not a member of either political party – though I do vote.

another thought

It sounds like people are offended that the LDS faith feels like we understand the purpose of life. I'm sure that Mero never ment to put down other religions. The LDS faith believes that all religions have good in them and understand many truths about life and it's purpose. That is what religion is all about, finding meaning in life. The way Wendy put it, it did sound arrogant. But that is not the way the LDS church feels about it.


This is hillarious.
First, the devout Mormon I admired most was my maternal grandmother a staunch FDR loving Democrat, who would have been fine with FDR having 3 more terms.
Second, the VAST majority of Conservatives (fiscal and social) are NOT Mormon, and would scream bloody murder if they thought becoming a TRUE CONSERVATIVE meant joining the LDS church.

The article is by and for Mormons, nobody else would read it and not howl with laughter.

Re: another thought

You understand the purpose of life? Please elaborate. Feel free to give supporting evidence.

Having All the Answers...

Hmmmmm wish I could wrap myself up in such a cozy and comforting and warm blanket of knowing it all (Right Answer); instead, I'd say based on my 37 years post conception much of life is about ambiguity and complexity, one big existential ? that sits above our collective heads... IMHO it's far better to ask hard questions (one's own cogitation) than to look for and accept easy answers (another's regurgitation).


I think a good Latter-day Saint can be a Republican or a Democrat or an Independent or a Conservative or a Liberal or just about anything else. And so can a bad one.


So much conjecture used to justify lots of anger.

By their fruits you shall know them. That's not just a Christian belief. So, go find the Sutherland Institute's 'fruits'. Then, when you've accumulated a few pages of the great works they have done and continue to do, come back and post what your fruits are. And we'll compare.

It never ceases to amaze me how easily people spew their own garbage hidden behind the anonymity that forums like this offer.


BTW - I'm not a member of either of the polical parties either but I am very policially active.


The blacks likely got the Priesthood long after the would have, certain "true believers" had not tried to force The Lord's hand.

I served a mission a long time ago in the buckle of the southern Bible Belt. People had pictures of Jesus with FDR having equal billing.

Their originally loved JFK pictures had become dartboards.

By the way, I do have all the answers, I just don't do a good enough jon of following them

RE: Church Morality compas

From a Church which is grounded in polygamy. Their morality compas arrow is brohen.

John Pack Lambert

The fact that the Sutherland Institute has directly contradicted the Church's position on the Salt Lake City fair housing law indicates that Mero's claims of being fully in line with the Church are not justifiable.
Beyond that, His statement that the Church has "all the answers" is a direct contradiction with believing that God will yet reveal many great and important things. The Church is led by Jesus Christ and he has all the answers, but he reveals his gospel line upon line and precept upon precept.
To say we have all the answers is inaccurate. We may understand enough to progress at this point, but there are many questions that we do not know the answer to.

John Pack Lambert

To the 8:29 commentator,
People are offended because Mero speeks in absolutes. If he really thought the Church had all the answers than he would not attack them for supporting fair housing laws. If he really believed the Church had some of the answers, he would have paid attention to their support of fair housing laws a year ago and not been blindsided by the Church supporting the fair housing law in SLC.
The Church has some answers, but we learn line upon line and to say we have all the answers is to imply Jesus Christ has taught us all he knows, which he clearly has not.
The reason why Mero's statements elucidate such reactions is because they are arrogant, and ignore the real beliefs of the Church.

RE : having all the answers

"Man's chief end is to glorify God and enjoy him forever". The Westminster confession has the Christian answer to the purpose of life.


It would be great to provide the full text of Mero's speech so we can see everything he said rather than have to make assumptions based on these few quotes.



Mero is saying that he's a conservative because he's a latter-day saint, he didn't say he's a Republican or Democrat because of his faith. There's a big difference between a system of beliefs (authentic conservatism) and belonging to a party. The Church does not endorse any party, platform, or candidate, and it doesn't specifically endorse any particular ideology, but its teachings seem to align more with conservatism (as Mero defines it) than with any other ideology.

Read the Story Again

The story seems to be about why Paul Mero is a conservative and how he draws the correlation between Mormonism and Conservatism. It does not sound like Paul Mero is speaking for the Church, nor do I think Paul is speaking for the Church. I think this is simply a personal insight to Paul Mero and why he is a conservative.


Open Borders

The Sutherland Institute is almost always on the conservative to libertarian side of issues, except one. The Sutherland Institute has taken the side of the cheap labor employers on the illegal immigration issue. They have strongly supported Amnesty for illegal aliens. In other words if they are able sneak across the border they should be allowed to remain in the U.S.

This amnesty position is rooted in both Mr. Mero's (Sutherland Institute) belief in the LDS philosophy and Libertarianism. The official position of the LDS Church on illegal immigration is neutrality, however the "unofficial" position seems to be somewhat different.

There is a difference of opinion among members of both the LDS Church and Libertarians because of that pesky 12th Article of Faith, which states that "we believe in honoring and sustaining the law." Many Libertarians believe in the open border concept in order to keep wages suppressed, while many Mormons believe that by sneaking into the U.S, coming to Utah and joining the Church, souls can be saved. Therein we find Mr. Mero and the Sutherland Institute. In my opinion the Sutherland Institute has no credibility on the illegal immigration issue.

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