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Published: Thursday, Nov. 19 2009 12:00 a.m. MST

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Up To Late...

I was in my bedroom in Eagle Mountain looking out to the south when the entire town went very bright. Shortly afterwards it sounded like a bomb went off and windows rattled and it felt like an earthquake. It appeared to have landed here but I doubt it. My 14 year old son was outside when it happened and was all excited and telling me all about it.




It sounds very much like what you would see if they dropped the big one. Good thing I was asleep. I might have been ducking and covering and kissing my -um "self" goodbye.

Shall we?

Let call this "God's shot over the bow".


The Leonids shower of 1833, Mormons thought it was a sign that the end was coming soon.


I live in Mona and wondered until now what it was that happened. I saw the bright light, though it was headlights shining in our window and then there was a noise. Interesting.


I was watching TV and saw a bright light out the window around midnight last night, I thought i was my imagination.


I saw this driving home from campus to Spanish Fork! It was a couple pulses of light then the whole sky lit up like daylight for a half second. It was amazing. I'm glad to know what it was.


I was out for a run at about 9:30PM and saw what I thought was a pretty impressive meteor in the South. Mostly I was impressed because it was pretty hazy last night so I figured it had to have been a pretty good meteor for me to see it in the city. Guess I really missed the show however with this big monster rumbling overhead. Wish I could have seen that one!


It sure lit up Sanpete County. We were on the West Side Road and I thought our truck blew up. Just a huge fire ball. Cool.


I saw the flare in Logan, crazy!

Alien Chaser

The Aliens are coming and will soon land their big mothership which is going to touch down somewhere in the Tooele desert. The light was the crash of one of their robotic probe ships. The millitary will always cover this up to conceal the truth!!


I was at work in Evanston, Wy. I went outside for a sec to check out the meteor shower around midnight but wasn't expecting too much. Boy, was I wrong. It was amazing! Standing in the freezing cold was worth watching this spectacular fireball wizzing by. I just wish I could have heard it!


I live in Las Vegas and saw it as I was heading to work. It looked like it was right on the other side of the mountain. I almost went off the road it was so bright, brighter then daylight.


we were driving home from colorado. coming down I-80 and the sky was crystal clear! there were falling stars all over. it was awesome! then, right out our windshield, this star was getting way bright. it started to fall and grew this killer tail! i thought that was cool, but it turned green! made a HUGE flash and burned into this way bright orange and yellow! i have never seen anything like that!

northwest Arizona

We were driving home to Phoenix from Vegas. Though a bomb was dropped in Phoenix. Thank God it wasn't. We were super scared


Maybe it was an alien ship, crash landing in Tooele county? They could be among us now. I wonder what they look like?


I was driving home from work and i saw the whole sky light up, just like it was full daylight, it scared me nearly to death,had no idea what was happening till i woke up and heard it on the news today. Wow what a magnificent experience.


I thought somebody was shining a flashlight into my house last night. It freaked me out. Then I heard a sound a few minutes later and it really startled me. Not fun creeping around your house and garage to see if a prowler is in the house! My wife laughed this morning when she read this! Makes me feel a bit better.


I was at home watching a movie when a bright flash came through my curtains and the only thing to shine that bright is the sun normally. It was to the south west I live in ogden utah.

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