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Published: Sunday, Nov. 15 2009 12:00 a.m. MST

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Title too long...

Just "Utes Exposed" would have been plenty...pretenders abound! Your team quit and your defense was horrible.

See What Happens

when you play a team with a winning record...with a QB who was completely overmatched....embarrassing. And actually the score was closer than the game....Total TCU dominance.


I think the Utes fans expectations of their team got exposed against TCU. If I remember correctly, Utah was picked to finish 3rd in the conference in the preseason and it was supposed to be a rebuilding year for them. Too bad they blew Wynn's redshirt.

Anyways, this board should be interesting later with BYU and Ute fans arguing on who's loss was worse. In my opinion only scoring 7 points at home for BYU and Utah giving up a double nickle in points on the road are equally pathetic.

Trademark Infringement

Dear Utah Utes,

We have reviewed your performance in your big game against TCU on Saturday. Your performance has been determined to infringe on our trademark for performances in big games. At this time, we formally request that you discontinue this trademark infringement.

BYU Cougars


exposed is an understatement hahahhahaha

Congrats TCU!

Congrats to the Frogs! They deserve it as well as the Utes getting what they deserved. I hope their lower margin of victory doesn't keep them out of the BCS!

Whoever shows up with their "A" game will win the BYU/Utah game. If the BYU team that played New Mexico gets out of bed on the 28th, the cougars will get worked.

In Utah's defense

Not many teams could hang with the TCU this year. I couldn't name more than 2... maybe three. The sad part is that they won't get to play for the NC and they would probably win it all.


Rock, we have heard this rebuilding "stuff" twice this year, once after the Oregon loss and today. This is not anymore of a rebuilding year for Utah, than any other school in the country. What it is, is a year where Utah has 4 hard games and 8 very easy games. So far they handled the easy games just fine, some poor outing but they still won. What is ugly though, is that versus the hard teams, they are now 1-2. They beat a good Air Force team but had to go to overtime to do it. When you only play 4 hard games you have to do better if you want that "greatness" tag.

Next year, Utah has a more difficult schedule. They need to be better prepared for the hard games and do much better in the easy games.

heh, heh

Now it's a rebuilding year? Whatever excuse fits, I guess. The Utes haven't played anyone until now, and I include Oregon since the Ducks were playing well enough at that point to maybe beat their grandmothers. Now the Utes have real teams to play in the last three weeks and their ranking will show just how rank they really are. Better luck next year - or the year after, or the year after....


Not sure what to think about this article.. seems pretty accurate but a little angry and biased.

Wouldn't mind seeing you "expose" the TDS on their efforts yesterday with their "vetted and experienced" senior QB playing the worst team in the MWC.

TCU was beyond good in all aspects of the game their experienced Offense and Defense "put the rails down and ran the tracks hard amnd fast".

It really is a win win for the MWC having TCU so powerful.

And the bonus...Boise will get no ride to a BCS bowl... as it should be for the medium sized fish in a really small WAC pond.

Hope BYU or Utah get to play a slap BSU around while TCU is playing the big time.

The Utes

are exactly what the Cougar fans have been saying all year long. A good but not great team. Kind of like the Cougars. We'll find out which team is better at LES.

Best Ever

Utah was not "exposed". We have known all along what was going to happen.

TCU happens to be the Best team the MWC has ever produced.


Should have been an 8 win season? Is this writer serious? When USC loses to Oregon and Oregon puts up 55 on them, they stay in the top 10 and it's because Oregon is good. When Utah loses to a fantastic TCU team that is probably the best team in the country (way better than Oregon) it's because the Utes are lousy. Thanks, Deseret News. Your true bias is revealed.

JW Morrison

As a BYU fan I have to say the BYU loss was worse than the Utah loss. I rooted for the Utes to win but TCU has an excellent team and I hope they prove it when they beat the BCS team they will be matched up with.

A Man's Perspective

Any realistic Utah fan knows that they are a good team and not great this year. I have been around Utah fans all season, and except for a minority of yahoo Utah fans on this board and another, every Utah fan I have run into expected more losses this season, including myself. Even if Utah loses to BYU, a 3-loss regular season exceeds my expectations.

I do, however, think you should give a bit more credit to Jordan Wynn. Considering that the kid is just out of high school, and had only one full game of experience (against a terrible team), and to throw over 200 yards against that defense is in my opinion a rather pleasant surprise. I didn't expect that. However, it is coupled with a truly pathetic defensive effort. Utah's defense looked hurt, scared, and not up to the challenge. And Utah's penalties showed a lack of discipline. The defense goes home with its tail between its legs and a bloody nose and black eye. The playground bully beat them and beat them hard.


There is no shame in losing to TCU... they played great. Utah wasn't exposed they were beaten by a better team on their home field who had revenge on their mind and were playing for a BCS spot. We got there best game and they worked us. I was happy that they DIDN'T quit like BYU did and am excited for the future. We will learn alot about the Utes by how they bounce back against San Deigo St. GO UTES!!!



AVERAGE PAC 10--64.0


No Defense

Can't blame this on a new QB. TCU was more physical and had more speed than a weak defence.

nough said

Pretty decent little team?

How condescending is that?

Throughout Urban Meyer's 2 years, Cougar fan hated the Utes success. But they kept saying "Well, he's just going to leave you". That's all Cougar fan had. Urban did, and Cougar fan rejoiced.

Kyle Whittingham stumbled out of the gate. Cougar fan rejoiced- "The Utes are bad again, just like it should be". Although, in reality, the Ute program had been as good as the Cougar program throughout the nineties.

Then the Utes won 29 out of 31. Went undefeated last season. Went to another BSC bowl. Won another BSC bowl. Beat #2 Alabama by 2 TD's in the process. An Alabama team who had been ranked #1 for nearly half the season. This time, Cougar fan couldn't say the coach is going to leave. Frustration has been boiling over for Cougar fan for 2 years.

Cougar fan is releasing that 2 years of frustration after the Ute loss to TCU. But guess what? TCU may be the best team in the country. Celebrate now, Cougar fan- the Utes are not going anywhere this time.

I wonder if an LA columnist called USC a pretty decent little team this morning?


Losing to Air Force will be the end for you Yner fans! Funny that a freshmen qb on the road can score 28 points against the best defense in college football. Yet that mighty oh so powerful offense and senior heisman wanna be qb could only manage 7 points in Provo. TCU is a great team, no excuses, thought the Utah defense would be better against them, but at least now Utah is not the only MWC team carrying the conference. When might the Yners do their part to contribute to the conference? Stick your 84 National Championship in the past, since it was the WAC. What have you done for the MWC? NOTHING!

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