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Published: Friday, Nov. 13 2009 12:00 a.m. MST

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A sprained toe?

Karl and John would have laughed that off.

Gutless Starters

Boozer and Okur together WILL NEVER WIN ANYTHING. Those two together represent a layup drill for the other team.

As soon as Boozer is on the floor the other team just runs steady pick n roll involving him. They know what will happen--so do we. He seems mentally incapable of learning to defend it which translated means he won't make the effort.

Alternatively, Millsap has been a joke too.

Although Fesenko is not much offensively he INSTANTLY changes the game defensively. I saw multiple times where he altered shots that did not go in and I saw at least 2 different players dribble into the paint, saw Fess, and then turned around and dribbled straight back out.

When was the last time an opponent ever did that with Booz or Okur standing in front of them?


All opponents see with those two is a layup which they get uncontested repeatedly.

This team clearly does not believe they can win with Boozer on the floor. Most of them have quit playing any D they were all talking about in preseason.

It just does not work when ALL players are not committed.

This season is already a disaster.

Starting Lineup

It isn't just the line up, we need to get a couple hard nosed players in here to get these guys playing mean defense. Nobody is intimidated when they drive to the basket against the Jazz. In fact, they are all thinking it is a good way to get three points.

I have been constructively

critical of Sloan and the FO. He is finally forced into making some changes.

In defense of Sloan/FO I would like to make the following points. They view it all from a longer term perspective.

They know they will move Boozer one way or the other sooner or later. If they can get good play out of him in the short run so much the better.

They know CJ and Korver will heal. That will fix the zone problem.

However, the deeper problems such as NO back up PG, poor defense, PFs who are to short and coaching biases won't fix themselves. Only changes in players and maybe coaches will fix those.

Jimm z

Sloan, call a timeout once in while, dont take a guy
out of the game when he is hot. And put Boozer, on the bench. Please

Millsap will start but...

I'm not sure that is going to do anything to help much other than he does play better defense. That said he can't defend BIG's at all because he is too short.

He gets some blocks but it is usually in help defense NEVER on his own man as they just "get into him" and shoot over the top.

I am no Locke fan but heard some of his stats on the radio yesterday before the game.

AK on the bench the Jazz are -24 against opponents.
AK on the floor the Jazz are +4 against opponents.

Sure that does not mean just leave AK on the floor 24/7 but what it does mean is they are completely defenseless when he is off the floor.

Just saying--we have to get some players on the floor who will defend or our lottery pick will be within one selection of the Knicks pick we are getting.

Kind of quandry though. We have to get Fess on the floor but we obviously lose offense when we do--he and AK are the only players we have that defend the paint at all.

I still like the idea of getting

some one like Alston who would solve the back up PG problem and also some of the perimeter defense and outside shooting problem.

There may be better options than Alston but he would do the Jazz no financial harm and probably would instantly solve 2 immediate problems. He may be worth an extra 5-10 wins this season depending on DWill wear and tear.


i think the jazz players are scared of sloan. he is so grumpy and scarry when they go back to the bench no wonder they are under so much pressure to win. he even complains when they win also.

Here's a suggestion

PG: D-Will
SG: Wes Matthews
SF: Kirilenko (sad that he's the best option now)
PF: Koufos
C: Fess

My reasoning:
Yeah, we'll probably get the same result (losing), but atleast they would all play hard and be fun to watch, a la 2004 Jazz team. Wes Matthews is a better shooter than Brewer. Koufos and Fess will add a defensive presence, and HUSTLE. Basically, I'm sick of watching Okur, Boozer, Millsap and Brewer get a free pass because they have experience. None of them are producing this year, so why not try fresh blood?!


RE: A sprained toe

Did John actually ever laugh?

He did, however, help the bigs against the post-up players.


Put the fans out of their misery and dump all of these scrubs and bumbs...


I think the Jazz are lazy. Makin' all that money..whether they win or lose. Boozer is the worst defensive player ever. Is is soft? Afraid of blocking out or shutting down the lane. YUP! And Okur... not sure he knows which end of the floor is which. Come on Jerry.. make some changes. We'd be happy with EFFORT from your players!

Put a fork

in Jerry Sloan, he is done. I guess he can make a lineup change, that is a good way of blaming others for his incoherent and useless coaching.

Jerry, please do the honest and morally correct thing and walk away. Deep down you know that you offer nothing to the future of this franchise. If you really love this team and it's fans and city/state, then do the right thing and retire.


The coaching staff should have had all these things figured out. It's like when Phil Jackson replaced Dell Harris at LA, his coaching style was able to get a bunch of egos to play together as a team. Nothing changed there, mainly just the style of coaching. Sloan's done the Jazz so much good and he can't ever be thanked enough. Bottom line though, we have the talent, someone's just got to bring it out.

Hee's another suggeston

PG: D-Will
SG: Brewer
SF: Korver, when healthy
PF: Boozer
C: Okur
Head Coach: Scott Layden or Frank Layden or Jeff Hornecek or John Stockton or Ty Corbin or Tom Nisalke or Hot Rod or Ron Boone or Gail Miller. ANYBODY BUT SLOAN.

My reasoning:

Sloan is poison to the immediate and long term success of this franchise.

Time for Sloan to go

Retire already. EVERY team in the NBA knows the Jazz's schemes and can game plan without watching video of us. Clear out the coaching staff (except for Ty Corbin, maybe) and let's get some fresh ideas in here. I'd gladly take a hit over ditching Sloan than another 1st round loss with no defense on star players.

Pick Your Poison

I'm curious what us fans would prefer... including the Knicks' 1st round pick with Boozer just to get a decent player in return (my wish would be Bosh) or to hold on to that pick and hope we get a Bosh-type 4 in the draft? What's your opinion?


put brewer on the bench and bring out Matthews. from what i've seen, hes played with more heart than anyone else on the team other than williams and kirilenko

I agree

,agree,agree and agree.

Tinkering with head coaching pos

To bad we can not as a fan base just vote and get Sloan out of here. I had an argument with a fellow season ticket holder if it is sloan's fault. He thinks it is the players. Being a coach myself i know that it is my job and his job to get everyone ready to play and motivated. He is a predictable joke who needs to retire. Take you size 30 ego and ride off to your farm.

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