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Published: Thursday, Nov. 12 2009 12:00 a.m. MST

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Do you go around 'flaunting' your heterosexuality? I wear a wedding ring. I have pictures on my desk at work of my family. I talk about my husband and kids to friends, co-workers, neighbors. Am I 'flaunting' my heterosexuality?

If you don't want to look at any gay people, if it offends your delicate sensibilities, if it threatens you, and if you don't want to move to the moon, then I pray you open up your heart and mind a little. Gay people are just people, just like you and me. We have the same beating hearts and the same laughter and the same desire to be accepted and liked.


'What if such people (homosexuals) were working with children or people with special needs?' - 6:21 p.m.


Why should children be afraid of homosexuals? What are you trying to imply?

Homosexuals watch children every day. Nothing happens to them. We also fight fires, handle food and draw blood.

Bottom line, nothing much seperates what a gay person does from a straight person. To think otherwise is childish.

And to imply your children need to be 'saved' from gay people is pathetic. As nothing is wrong with them.

Re:Pagan JSM

The above being said (if they post), I truly have no need to prove that homosexual behavior or leaving families for gay relationships etc, are wrong, we all know. I have no animosity towards you, and care deeply for all humanity. That’s why I comment, trying to slow the flow.

I do notice a dangerous amount of hatred among homosexuals though, against my wonderful people. It seems your powerful special interest group has singled out a hated religious minority for attack, and there is truly an attempt to “destroy the Utah brand,” drive Mormons “into the ground,” and some even give an Amen to Boggs’ call for increased violence and extermination (Want references? I tried on DoubleStandard2 “No backlash for handcart”) And it’s not just a few. Activists seem to need to hate on Mormons. We know, of course, that it is the same hate that inspired attacks against Jesus. It is truly bigotry, and wrong.

It is the duty of every LDS to give love in return, and turn the other cheek. And you should teach your friends likewise, to be both, human and kind, instead of trying to lead astray from Christ's love.


Pagan, wanted to let you know that I have sent studies, I even removed URLs but often my comments aren't posted for some reason. I'll try again.
But, the reason I said "Studies show exposure increases homosexuality. 60 years ago my mother personally knew of no one who left their wife and children because they thought they were gay and simply could not keep their marriage vows. Now it is everywhere. You may argue that this is because society didn’t accept breaking homes back then; many feel this destruction of families should not be today" is because there is a lot of propaganda out there, but, like weather science,we can all just walk outside and see what is really going on.

The idea that all people were born gay, who pursue a heterosexual relationships, marry for years and then come out, in spite of commitments, etc., that is absurd to me. They could have run off long before the children, or marriage etc. There is far more pressure after.

Also, I have always supported gay rights, as the LDS Church does. I just don't believe in legally enforcing it.
Still loveya, thanks for the kindness


Maybe this will work.
see JSM comments last page

For mark, my mother grew up in East LA. There were only two white kids in school, no one left families for gay relationships.


You know already, but here are some references for fun. There are so very many, I just grabbed a few, some I look at aren’t online yet, but there are lots you can Yahoo, etc.

From a homosexual magazine “Rejecting the Gay Brain.”

‘Gay marriage’ and homosexuality: Some medical comments (includes one showing significant increase in homosexuality for unrelated siblings with gay adopted sibling)


Another very pro-gay article
(I cut this quote, in case that is why they won't post, was Patti Bazemore, saying social context determines homosexual expression, it had an Ereference Google her)

Democrats and Republicans - Rhetoric and Reality

Also, to be fair, I noted twinstudies with 50% above, allegedly done by gay researchers.

Not sure if that's what you wanted? Are you interested in those showing that homosexuals are more violent, more addicts,pedophiles, children raised by gays are more often gay, etc.?

So, are you full time?
Is this part of an organized effort?


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