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Published: Thursday, Nov. 12 2009 12:00 a.m. MST

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'Any elected official who supports said measures will not get my vote.' - Stop.

They'll get mine.

And while talking about shoving a lifestyle let's meet up at your local Hooters on 7100 S. State Street in midvale and discuss this further.

John Pack Lambert

To the 8:24 commentator,
It was the conservatives who dissented on immenent domain to help a business. Scalia, Thomas, Rehnquist and Kennedy all dissented. It was the moderates and liberals who affirmed the taking of private land for private use. At least get your facts straight before going on the attack.

gays...some explanation

If you as gays say that gay marriage is a purely RELIGIOUS thing and start bashing religions, how is it that the very ATHEIST People's Republic of China does not allows "civil unions" of homosexuals or "marriage" between homosexuals.

Please explain the world's abhorrence of homosexual acts and marriage. It is because it is wrong, unnatural and quite frankly disgusts the majority of those in the world.


'Who is protecting the guy in Massachusetts who recently was fired for verbalizing his view of gay marriage to a gay co- worker?'

Many companies have anti-discrimination bylaws that state that you cannot deride those who are LGBT. If he was decrying her partnership and telling her that because of his beliefs, she was doomed to hell, YES, he could be fired for stating that.

Can you imagine that you just have a picture of your partner on your desk and a co-worker feels it necessary to tell you that he believes that you are evil and going to hell? What type of atmosphere is that? That is why companies will not accept this.

Ask a person in HR. You might be surprised how many companies right here in Utah have these policies too.


You are completely missing the point.
The Massachusetts situation is a blue print of what others can expect if they too speak out.
Because you haven't heard the story does not dismiss the fact this is happening. The point is that it's happening. The story is true, try watching the news.

The comment from Miss California, Carrie Prejean, at the Miss USA pageant is another perfect example.

@Pagan (know it all)

You're not making any sense.
No, of course it's not adult like to fire a gay person for being gay. But where is the intelligence in firing someone who is against gay marriage? Your arguments are all one sided.


A 2008 survey by sexologist Li Yinhe shows a mixed picture of public attitudes towards gays and lesbians in China. 91% of respondents said they agreed with homosexuals having equal employment rights, while over 80% of respondents agreed that heterosexuals and homosexuals were "equal individuals". On the other hand, a slight majority disagreed with the proposition that an openly-gay person should be a school teacher, and 40% of respondents said that homosexuality was "completely wrong".

Gay marriage legslation has been brought before their National Peoples Congress since 2001. Nothing has passed yet.

In the early dynasties, homosexuality was not viewed as abnormal and celebrated in poetry and art. The devastating event for Chinese homosexuals was, ironically, the enlightenment that came after the Self-Strengthening Movement, when homophobia was imported to China along with Western science and philosophy.


'But where is the intelligence in firing someone who is against gay marriage? Your arguments are all one sided.'

And your claims are a work of fiction.

I have yet to hear of one high-profile case of a straight person being fired for being anti-gay.

Prejean was fired for posing for topless photos and making a tape for her boyfriend.

Oh yeah, big pillar of morallity. And she's your only example.

And yet you ignore 13k examples of it happening to gay people. 300 of which happen here in SLC.

There IS no intelligence in firing someone for anything besides not being able to do the job.

This is what the bill is.

You agree, yet it's ok to do it to gay people?

Your defens is 'it's ok for you to be a victim because I'm a BIGGER victim.'

If your against discrimination against you, you should be against workplace discrimination against others.

Oh goodie

The population of the LDS church will start dropping as soon as the ultra-right start leaving...

to: keep it private Gayle

guess what? you can ban her from your business, and property. no one is denying you that right. if you just don't like the person, or what she beleives in or the way she acts, then you don't have to associate yourself with that person. that has always been the law. you always have the right to refuse service. so tell me, why is it that you can ban gale but i can't ban a gay person? why is that all of a sudden i have to give special rights to someone because of the way they have sex? what, you can discriminate against appearences but not against open immoral and disgusting acts?


"But, being black was never considered a sin, it's not a behavior that needs repenting of. You can't even put blacks and gays in the same category. One is deviant behavior, the other is not."

Actually, for a long time it was widely believed, and even preached by McConkie, that skin color was the result of good or bad behavior in the preexistence. Thank goodness that erroneous thought has been rejected.


Prejean is a horrible example as she was FIRED FOR NOT DOING HER JOB! She lied on her application and hid the fact that she had posed for nude/semi-nude pictures.

She may have lost the pageant because of the gay marriage question (the opinion of one disgusting bottom feeder of a gay man) but she got fired all by herself and it had little to do with her opinion.

Unless you count going against her contract and holding unauthorized interviews as being fired for her opinion.

To Pagan

Dude I totally agree with you, but you are using the example of DADT way too much. I am on your side and I totally am getting bored of your broken record statistic.

re -- The Truth | 12:05 p.m

["To pretend that homosexuals are "born gay" is to deny nature, biology, physiology and evolution not to mention facts, truth, reality and common sense. Nothing could possibly be more normal or natural than the relationship between male & female human beings."]

to pretend that homosexulas are NOT "born gay" is to deny common sense and your own eyes. it goes against everything that a person can see right in front of them.

if gays aren't "born gay", then why are they gay? why are 4% of animals gay? who would purposely be gay?

you really need to think about it. you know how disguste you feel when two guys kiss? i get disgusted too. but the gay guys get disgusted thinking about kissing a woman. why do you think that is? are they hypnotised by gay rebels as children? alien abductions?

think before you post.


"gay employees "out flaunting the gay lifestyle" during work hours. He said he also had concerns about similar behavior among his tenants. "I'm not going to put up with that on any of my properties," Waddoups said."

Does Waddoups mind if straight people "flaunt their lifestyle during work hours" or similar behavior among his straight tenants? I've been witness to lots of "flaunting" of straight lifestyle at workplaces and at rental properties and no one seems to do anything about it or even mind very much. So if straight people can "flaunt their lifestyle", why can't gay people do the same? Seems only fair to me. - And, by the way, I am a straight person, but in favor of equity for ALL!


@@Pagan (know it all)

No one has been fired for being against gay marriage,, or even for funding anti-gay marriage initiatives, referendums, or questions.
Two peopole QUIT their jobs after prop 8.
People quit their jobs every second of every day for all kinds of reasons.


I'd like to know what Whaddoups is thinking. If only I could talk to him personally. He said something about not wanting gays "flaunting their lifestyle" at his business or in his rental units. I'm concerned he has been watching too much TV...that he's depending on stereotypes to judge how homosexuals act, not actually knowing any himself. There are two homosexuals who work where I do in Utah county (we only have 13 employees). Nobody could tell they're gay unless they have exceptional gaydar. They do their jobs well. There are also many Latter-day Saints there. They don't flaunt their religion by proselyting or expressing themselves beyond an employee of the company either. I just don't think he's thinking realistically.


'Dude I totally agree with you, but you are using the example of DADT way too much. I am on your side and I totally am getting bored of your broken record statistic.' - 6:17 p.m.

Then please, do something about it.


I own a couple of duplexes. I was leary of renting to a couple of lesbians, but, I can tell you that they put a whole backyard in. Nothing was taken off their rent, but they just wanted to have a place to hang out!

Some of the best renters I ever had!

to -- k | 12:39 p.m

["As I was watching the news last night, I saw a story of a man in Massachusetts who was fired for verbalizing his beliefs to a gay co worker that her life style was wrong, all the while she taunted him about the fact she married her gay partner knowing full well his stance on the matter.

Who was protecting him from being fired? No one! Now who isn't tolerant?"]

who is protecting him from being fired? not me!! he DESERVES to be fired!! how stupid is this guy? what if the other person was black and this guyt didn't like blacks? the black person "flaunts" it every day just by showing up to work!! so if this guy calls them the n word that would be ok?

this idiot guy needs to mind his own business. if the gay person "taunted" him every day by saying things, then HE should have filed a complaint. but sounds like he wasn't smart enough for that. he should be fired just for being stupid!!!

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