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Published: Thursday, Nov. 12 2009 12:00 a.m. MST

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The bottom line is that there is discrimination against gays and there should not be. As a devout, heterosexual Latter-day Saint woman, I'm glad to see that there is a move, albeit a slow one, to protect everyone, not just white, middle-class males.

Know it all

People are born gay, they have a choice as much as you do to choose you eye color. It's not a chosen lifestyle the Rights stomping Southern Institute should get that right!


Now if we can prevent companies and institutions like the U of U from ridding themselves of full-time employees over the age of 45 who have benefits by dumping entire departments so they can hire youngens cheaper and stop bullying others into retirement that would also be a giant step upward.
All kinds of bullying by employers,managers, etc should be stopped and not ever have to be tolerated.


I am not gay but have gay friends. I want them to be happy but they seldom are. I do not want to see them discriminated against but they sometimes are.

Most Christian churches believe Homosexuality is a sin but
the LDS Church (along with many other religions) teaches tolerance but they have many members who are not.
The LDS Church (along with many other religions) Preaches love thy neighbor but many of their members don't.

I have seen some of the most bigoted comments on this site. Both those for "gay rights" and those who oppose "gay Rights".

If you preach "Tolerance" while you trash another groups beliefs you are a BIGOT.

If you can't teach your family good values but help them to understand that some people you see do things differently, then you are failing as a parent.

If you are so bitter against religion you take every chance to attack the prominent one in the area (trust me there's one in every big city) I have for pity you and hope that someday you find solace some place.

My advice is to accept people for who they are and be happy.

Promised I wouldn't comment but,

Wow, I am amazed at how many idiots on here think that gays have the same rights as straight people. Have ANY of you ever met a gay person? Let alone asked them how their lives differ from others in the community? For starts, lets look at tax benefits... while you're 12 kids are going to school and getting free lunches I'm flipping the bill and you're getting a tax break from the gov. because you were too stupid to use birth control. When your partner dies, their SS reverts to you and mine is eaten up by your poverty stricken butt. When your loved ones are in the hospital you can go see them...the list goes on and on and there are more 298 rights and responsibilites that come with a marriage license. Take the time to look them up before you spout off about how we have all the same rights.


Thank you "Amazing Ingorance of Facts". Your comment is like a breath of fresh air in this forum.

Change will come, in time, but the church will have to do it in baby steps, as they are. We must all be patient and willing to listen and learn with our hearts.


If you all want to pull the religion card about this issue, then use that religion card for all aspects of life. Don't pull out one issue and say it's wrong, because I can guarantee that for everyone who is against gay rights has not followed some aspect of his/her religion and/or the Bible. But because they think they are "normal," and are heterosexual, that somehow they can stand on the pulpit of morality and judge other people.

Laws regarding marriage....

...are the same for everyone. We all have the exact same rights and restrictions when it comes to marriage. To change those laws because some people don't want to obey them is asking for trouble. If we change the laws to accomodate homosexual marriage, it will be just a matter of time until people will demand that we allow polygamous marriage, incestuous marriage (why CAN'T I marry my own sister?), marriage to children, etc. Do we really want to go there?


As I was watching the news last night, I saw a story of a man in Massachusetts who was fired for verbalizing his beliefs to a gay co worker that her life style was wrong, all the while she taunted him about the fact she married her gay partner knowing full well his stance on the matter.

Who was protecting him from being fired? No one! Now who isn't tolerant?

keep it private Gayle

I do not want my business image to be of old white ladies with helmet hair and I certainly do not want to portray that image at my properties less it hurt my sales and rental values so is Gayle alright with me banning her and her friends from my business's and properties? I certainly do not want my daughter to grow up thinking helmet hair is an acceptable behavior choice and I wish Gayle and her friends would keep that behavior behind closed doors where it belongs.


How is it that everyone acts like Utah is the only place like this, there are many states (including Maine and California which are considerably more liberal than Utah) that have refused to give gays the chance to marry. The problem obviously isn't Utah or that the people here are closed minded or anything like that.


I think the LDS church did a good thing. Hate the sin and not the sinner. That's what JESUS did. The church is not for homosexuality.


Who is protecting the guy in Massachusetts who recently was fired for verbalizing his view of gay marriage to a gay co- worker? If you want to talk about feeling safe where you work, lets talk about protecting everyone.


'Pagan, can I just say your awesome? :)' - 12:21 p.m.

Heh. You can. And I'm just going to reply I'm not better than anyone else. :)

'I'm pretty confident that the Prophet Thomas S. Monson will never have a revelation that gay marriage is o.k.' - 12:04 p.m.

Good thing you can't make any Guarantees, huh? That would be covered under the 'men will never fly', 'we will never reach the moon'arguments.

'No one is discussing the actual issue - the rights of a business owner to run his or her own business...'

Haline, business is good for business! If your trying to limit your customers, perhaps you should not BE in business.

'..." Polygamy itself, within the bonds of marriage, is not sin.' - No comparison.

You realize that that a "sin" is a religious viewpoint, that has no legal standing whatsoever. Thanks 11:23 a.m.

Covered under the 'Oh, it's ok when YOU want to do it' argument.

Bottom line. This is about fundamental rights. To keep a job. To live in a home.

I think marriage will come later. As the pursuit of happiness is not limited.


" And I'm just going to reply I'm not better than anyone else"

You obviously don't practice what you preach. This was your response to my comment.

"Get over yourself" "try arguing like an adult"

Was that an insult to my intelligence or just an oversight?


'Who is protecting the guy in Massachusetts who recently was fired for verbalizing his view of gay marriage to a gay co- worker?' - 12:51 p.m.

I would assume religious freedom. However, if this person dosen't use it, that's his choice.

You have given one (1) example of discrimination. One that I have never heard of.

While I think it is wrong, where is your outcry for the 13,000 men & women discharged under Don't Ask, Don't Tell? This still continues. We loose 1-2 per day due to this law.

While you have given one example of the opposite.

If all this man DID was argue about someone else's marriage, I can see how it would cause conflict. I would put these two in different departments. If it continued I think this would be harrasement about one's marriage before discrimination.

However, again, I have never heard of this story. I can only bring the facts I know.

And while both are wrong, you would need 12,999 more examples for them to be comparable.


Any elected official who supports said measures will not get my vote. This would just encourage more laws and shove this life style down the throats of citizens that will not support these made up rights.


Laws regarding marriage.... | 12:39 p.m. Nov. 12, 2009
"...are the same for everyone. We all have the exact same rights and restrictions when it comes to marriage. To change those laws because some people don't want to obey them is asking for trouble."

But, the anti-gay marriage group is the ones that are changing the laws and passing NEW LAWS that state that marriage is only between men and women.

This is the truth. We all HAD the same rights, but because they covered EVERYONE, they were changed.

Isn't that interesting...

John Pack Lambert

To the 4:11 commentator,
I was under the impression it was a percentage of budget and not a specific amount allowed.
There is also the long-standing issue of why unions, whose membership in many states is fored by law, can be tax exempt and campaign for specific candidates, but churches cannot.


'Was that an insult to my intelligence or just an oversight?' - 1:11 p.m.

Whichever. Any reply I give will be wrong as you are looking for insult.

So because I say 'act like an adult' it's ok to fire a gay person?

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