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Published: Thursday, Nov. 12 2009 12:00 a.m. MST

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Derick wildstar

This saddens me & breaks my heart! I have NEVER seen anything in the Bible to allow for this! GAY MARRIAGE & ANY SPECIAL PROTECTIONS FOR THEM ARE WRONG! I was an LDS for years, first time i have EVER been ashamed of it!

Abe Lincoln

re -- Abe Lincoln | 3:03 p.m | 5:43 p.m. Nov. 11, 2009

hate to break it to you, but marriage was invented by religion and adopted by the state. if you take away the religious definition, then you might as well get rid of marriage completely. in fact, when the common law began, marriages had nothing to do with civil law. disputes were handed in the courts of the church. as for the workplace, you want an example, fine. the mere fact of saying you are gay describes how you have sex. so to be openly gay means you are describing how you have sex. and as far as the 100s of cases, i'll gladly address that. if you want to protect all citizens, then enact a don't ask don't tell law. that way, a landlord can't ask if you're gay. but if you demonstrate, he would be within his rights to evict. you know what i can't believe? i can't believe society has become so perverted that we have to pass laws to force people to accept sexual behavior.

@So Tired of This

I think you should read Ammendment 3, you would see that homosexuals cannot get a civil union. The truth of the matter is, no matter what you think in your closed little world over there, gays do not have the same rights as strait people. I for one would be glad to get a civil union. I would be happy for it... But alas I cannot.


Try to go to the hospital after your best friend was in an accident and tell them you are not family. See what they do.

Abe Lincoln

to: Emjay | 7:56 a.m. Nov. 12, 2009

you are right. and it is not that priesthood to blacks was prohibited, it was just not explicitly allowed. people just assumed that they couldn't hold the priesthood because in joseph smith's lifetime, there was still slavery, and god forbade us from preaching the gospel to slave without permission from the owner. so people assumed there was no reason to allow the blacks to hold the keys to the priesthood. when the lord saw that there was this misunderstanding, he revealed that it was allowed for blacks to hold the priesthood. the problem with gays is completely different. god has said that it is a sin. god never said being black was a sin, only that they were the children of cain. for this reason, many people with the lingering notion of original sin, just assumed they were inferior. with gays, you are not talking about a sin of the parents, but about a sin of that person, and that is unacceptable.


Here is a proclaimation on blacks and the priesthood by the chuch leaders in 1949:

"The attitude of the Church with reference to the Negroes remains as it has always stood. It is not a matter of the declaration of a policy but of direct commandment from the Lord, on which is founded the doctrine of the Church from the days of its organization, to the effect that Negroes may become members of the Church but that they are not entitled to the Priesthood at the present time. The prophets of the Lord have made several statements as to the operation of the principle. President Brigham Young said: "Why are so many of the inhabitants of the earth cursed with a skin of blackness? It comes in consequence of their fathers rejecting the power of the holy priesthood, and the law of God. They will go down to death. And when all the rest of the children have received their blessings in the holy priesthood, then that curse will be removed from the seed of Cain, and they will then come up and possess the priesthood, and receive all the blessings which we now are entitled to."

My Question

What I would like to know, is how many "known" gays work for the LDS church in a paid function.

Wonder if they practice what they preach...


I keep seeing this word in these comments. I would like to take a moment and remind everyone that a "sin" is a religious viewpoint, that has no legal standing whatsoever. You threaten the very religious freedom you claim to want every time you try to turn a "sin" into a crime.

In the United States of America, land of the free, there must be a victim for there to be a crime. And homosexuality, no matter how gross you may find it personally, and no matter how immoral your religion may view it as, does not victimize people. And it is not a crime.

to -- Jeff R | 9:13 a.m.

["Ok you people seriously are not arguing whats better between Polygamy and Homosexuality are you. Seriously, its a no contest. While polygamy is illegal today it wasnt back in the biblical days when it was widely accepted. Homosexuality has been a moral sin since the time began. Reguardless of its legality or not its still a sin"]

wow - another religious fanatic. good one, jeff. so gay is a sin.. per your old books... and so everyone should conform to your idea of right and wrong, regardless of the fact that there is no "victim" in gayness (other than bullies and bigots). and homosexuality was accepted long before polygamy. look at rome BC. and polygamy has lots of victims - just look at the flds.

you aren't seriously calling homosexuality a sin based on your old books of wild tales, are you? your books have lots of other things you ignore - why focus on that? and other books - aesops fables for one - don't say anything about it.

if you want us all to follow your old books, perhaps we need to bring back stoning of women, and child sacrifice... how'd that be, jeff? you good with that?


The church gave the priesthood to blacks because it was in the church's interest to do so. (Didn't they have a temple burned to the ground in Africa awhile ago?) Extending basic rights to gays short of marriage is also in the church's interest. They have hurt their reputation permanently and have lost members and their tithing money.


'GAY MARRIAGE & ANY SPECIAL PROTECTIONS FOR THEM ARE WRONG! I was an LDS for years, first time i have EVER been ashamed of it!'

So, you think discrimination is ok, so long as it's gay people derick?

Race, gender, age, disability, religion, all those SHOULD be protected but not your sexual orientation? Is that what I'm hearing?

Sounds like the LDS church should be ashamed of you.


"D&C 134:9 We do not believe it just to mingle religious influence with civil government, WHEREBY ONE RELIGIOUS SOCIETY IS FOSTERED AND ANOTHER PROSCRIBED in its spiritual privileges, and the individual rights of its members, as citizens, denied."

What the scriptures are talking about here is the same thing our Founding Fathers wrote into the Constitution: that it is illegal for ONE religion to rule the nation at the expense of all others: they are NOT saying that religious people and organizations cannot vote their conscience and/or speak about their beliefs in the public square, respectively. Quite the opposite, a couple of verses later the scriptures say "we believe it just to preach the gospel to the nations of the earth..." and at the beginning of the section the D&C says the just laws must "secure to each individual the free exercise of conscience." What about those of us who are religious individuals who are exercising our conscience by voting against homosexual marriage, since we believe homosexual marriage will further weaken the family and society?


" Gay marriage is only immoral in certain religions"

So that makes it right?

" don't make your religious dogma civil law"

Gays are using the power of law to force everyone, including religious organizations, to compromise their beliefs that marriage is between a man and a woman. So please , don't make your gay marriage dogma into law, period.


I'm pretty confident that the Prophet Thomas S. Monson will never have a revelation that gay marriage is o.k.
I know many people out there are hoping this will come to pass some day, but it won't.


Everyone is talking about the "rights" of homosexuals (as if they differ from the rightsd of heterosexuals). No one is discussing the actual issue - the rights of a business owner to run his or her own business the way that is best for business. This is an issue of business-owner rights, not homosexual rights.

Personally I'm opposed to any legislation that tries to dictate every detail of how a business can operate, it's un-Constitutional. However, I appreciate Gov Herbert's view of local government - if these kinds of laws are going to be passed it ought to be done as locally as possible, as a city ordinance, or maybe at the county level. That may complicate it for businesses that operate in multiple cities, but it would be far more Constitutional than a state-wide law.

Utah is a right-to-work state, which attracts businesses, which leads to more jobs. Making it harder for someone to run their own business is why states like California are LOSING business owners every day, and their citizens are losing jobs.

The Truth

To pretend that homosexuals are "born gay" is to deny nature, biology, physiology and evolution not to mention facts, truth, reality and common sense. Nothing could possibly be more normal or natural than the relationship between male & female human beings. Consequently, nothing could be more abnormal than homosexuality. It is too bad the truth is constantly trampled in favor of politically correct rhetoric & extremism.

Re To Mark

Sorry to burst your bubble but it's not gonna happen.

to Pagan

can I just say you're awesome? :)

@ 4:56

I hate to burst your bubble, but the LDS church will close its Temples before allowing gay marriage to take place in them. Christ does not allow the least degree of sin, and homosexuality is a sin unto the Lord.
Instead of going through the process of repenting like everybody else would be expected to do, gays have chosen to force their way inch by inch, hoping that doctrine will simply change or that revelation will take place.
The argument is that blacks were given the priesthood due to changes within the church. This is true. But, being black was never considered a sin, it's not a behavior that needs repenting of. You can't even put blacks and gays in the same category. One is deviant behavior, the other is not.
Christ did not create gay spirits and then turn around contradicting himself when he declared that homosexuality is an abomination. He does not change with the political winds, neither will His church.


'Gays are using the power of law to force everyone, including religious organizations, to compromise their beliefs that marriage is between a man and a woman.'

Uh, no. This is about job protection and eviction process.

When was this about marriage again?

Granted, 11:52 a.m, I would like to get married one day. And apparently you think my marriage would affect yours in some way.

That is for another day.

This is about the right to hold a job and feel safe in where you live.

I think even you have that.

Why not me?

Because it 'immoral' or 'sinful'?

You realize these are made up terms that cannot be verified one way or another as whatever I say will not be from 'God', right?

Try arguing like an adult.

If a gay man cannot pay you rent, fine. Begin the eviction process.

But to evict someone because of what they do on sunday?

Get over yourself. Your belief does not dictate as law for the world.

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