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Published: Thursday, Nov. 12 2009 12:00 a.m. MST

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Re: sad - if you couldn't marry the person you loved, you'd change your tune pretty fast.

RE: SO tired fo this!

You really need to check your facts. Civil Unions exist in fewer states than the States that allow same gender marriage and of those rights you list, many, especially the Federal ones, do not apply. So, there is much that gay couples don't already have.

Gay marriage is only immoral in certain religions. Other religions (such as the Unitarians which have been around much longer than the Mormons) support same gender marriage. It is their religious freedoms that are being trampled upon. Believe what you want, worship how you want, but don't make your religious dogma civil law. By its very definition, that destroys the freedom of religion.


They don't stop you at the door of the hospital or office and ask you your sexual orientation. No one has ever stopped me and asked me what I do in the bedroom. There are other churches in this state and nation that have the same views as the LDS church and no one bothers to ask their opinion. They just pick on the LDS church. I think that in its self is a form of discrimination. You can make ANYONE you want your beneficiary; you can have ANYONE you want know your medical history; you can ANYONE know anything about you or receive anything from you without declaring what you do in the bedroom. But keep it there. No one wants to know what any of us do.


This ordinance is not a Gay marriage or Civil Union law. It only protects them from discriminatory housing and employments options. Utah is among 20 or so other states (living in the dark ages) where it is legal to fire, not-hire, evict, or deny housing to someone simply due to their sexual orientation. It's not a don't ask don't tell situation either; your boss could come up to you one day and ask: "Say John, there's a rumor going around that you're gay, is that true?" and if you happen to say yes you could be fired and your only recourse is to go back into the closet and look for another Job.


Wow just Wow. A lot of people just don't get it. This is try to prevent a double stander when it come to Gay people. For example if a Gay man and a Straight Man both bring someone home form the bar for a night of fun in there apartment. If the Landlord evicts the Gay man for his night of fun and not the Straight Man that would be illegal now. You have to Evict both men or nether. In short the same action lead the same consequence


Love they neighbor as thy self does not mean Love they neighbor only if he beleives what I believe.

Mike - Exempt Org Specialist

Let me quell a falsehood that has been repeated over and over again on this and other sites. Churches are public charities and are subject to the rules of public charities. Public charities are allowed to "meddle" in politics it is not against the law. Human Rights Campaign, Utah Pride, Planned Parenthood are also public charities and they also are allowed to "meddle" in politics. What they are not allowed to do is spend more than 1 million in lobbying or to campaign for a specific candidate. Please read the instructions to IRS Form 990, it can be found on www.irs.gov to become more informed. No organization will "loose" it's tax exempt status for trying to influence public policy within certain restrictions already mentioned.

to Loodie

Yes, yes they do stop you at the hospital door in many states if the person you love is in emergency or intensive care and you don't have a legal bond with them. And, many states also prevent you from making ANYONE your beneficiary.


I guess most of the people on this page don't know anybody from grade school that everyone knew was "different?" Honestly. Come on, think about it for two seconds, I bet you can name four or five. Also, most of the people on this page apparently have no member of their family who is gay. Again, think about it. You don't think gay people are denied any rights? Really. How about the basic acknowledgment from their family and friends that they have existed since birth?

We are here. You can't legislate us away. You can't pray us away. We will win in the end, because even all the bigots on this page don't want to live in a country that denies its citizens the pursuit of happiness.

Wrong name

It is erroneous to refer to people who choose to practice homosexuality as "gays" because that implies that they are different from others in some innate way. In reality, they are exactly the same as everyone else and have exactly the same rights, they just choose to engage in homosexual behavior. They should be referred to as "people who choose to practice homosexuality."

Close Minded

I'm actually enjoying the irony here. Those of you who know the least, seem to know it the loudest. It is entertaining for me to read all the comments from you close minded people who are telling us readers that despite what any of us think, your words are the truth. No proof, no facts. Just simply, that's the way it is, like it or not. This is the definition of bigotry. This epitomizes an "old way of thinking".

For those who say that gays are treated equally, why don't you try asking them if they feel the same. It is not for anyone to declare how another party feels they are being treated. Caucasians will still try and tell the African Americans that they aren't being discriminated against, when we ALL know that is not true. This shows EXACTLY what is wrong with the issue on the table.

And for the record, marriage is defined as the unifying of elements. It's origin is Maritus, Latin for conjugal - To unite. No where is there reference to the sex of the elements being united.

Open your mind and understand things beyond your own bubble.


No one alive now, will see a statewide non discrimination policy or marriage equality passed by a Utah legislature. ANY progress will be imposed on Utah by the federal government...and you'll be one of the LAST states dragged into THIS century.


Hate the sin...love the sinner. Pretty simple concept if you ask me.


Judge not lest ye be judged. Love thy neighbor. Treat others and you would have them treat you. What is it about Christianity you don't get? After a lifetime of growing up as a minority in utah, I realize how racist, bigoted, and hypocritical mormon's are. Not all, for there are some extremely wonderful Mormons, but for the most part the religion is a facade for them to express the most deplorable behavior in the name of righteousness. It's not ours to decide which rules to obey. Life and it's challenges are a test of faith, and for the most part the average mormon fails miserably. Love and Compassion would be the Divine message, however, it's judgment and intolerance that most mormon's would rather practice. Again, I lived in Utah for 28 years, was baptized Mormon, and went to church for 16 of those. I'm not making this up, but I don't expect many deseret news readers to empathize. Intellectual honesty and self reflection are not amongst the virtues of a Utah mormon. No, self righteousness is their savior.

to -- Joel Wright | 12:41 p.m

["If the LDS Church decides to affirmatively support a similar equality ordinance at the Legislature next year, I'm guessing it will likely pass."]

"likely pass"? are you kidding? if the church said everyone had to wear plaid pants, a law for it would pass the next day... you do realize 85% of the utah legislature is mormon, right?

your "prophet" could have a "revelation" that gay marriage was ok and state that, and the next day it would pass a general population vote unanimously...

you own the state - what don't you get?

To Mark:

Want to bet on that? My bet would be that Utah, along with the rest of the country will allow gay marriage in your lifetime. And I would also bet, based on the LDS Church's change of position on many things political and cultural, they will allow gays to hold the priesthood and most likely marry in your temple. It is simply a matter of time.


every one here seems to judge on group of people who are different why? only because they are opened about it. i will admit it is not normal and not right. i do find the fact that the gays claim they are christian and belive in the bible. where does it say a man can marry a man? the last time i read the bible it said that woman is for man and to multiply and replenish the earth, no where in the bible can i fin that is says for man and man to be married. how can they follow the " Multiply and Replenish the Earht Part "? i do know if i ever found out that one of my kids were gay he or she would be out the door

re -- Abe Lincoln | 3:03 p.m

["name one right a straight person has that a homosexual does not"]

marriage, for one.

["marriage? they can marry, marriage is a man and a woman regardless of the sexual orintation of either party"]

marriage is a civil contract between two consenting adults regardless of the sex of either party. you're thinking of religious marriage and we can all do without that. you want religious marriage, go to your church. you want real marriage, you can go right after that nice gay couple over there...

["when you rent someone's basment, and then you want to throw a gay garden party in front of the landlord's children, then yes, you should be evicted if the landlord asks you to stop and you refuse"]

got any more obscure examples? decide to skip over the 100s of cases where the landlord says "you're gay - get out"?

["and yes, i would evict a straight person who wants to describe how he/she has sex to my children. i would fire a straight person who comes to work talking about their bedroom life"]

hahaha - you crack me up. why don't you use real life examples?

To Remember:

You are exactly right.

The problem is that the sinners want to redefine what is and is not sin, thereby declaring that their actions are not sinful. As a result, the sinners are legislating that we create a civil law that states that the sin is not a sin, and anyone who practices the sin should be treated with more "compassion" than those who do not practice the sin.

It goes against the grain of most freedom loving Americans to be required by force of law to be extra "compassionate" towards people they consider sinners: breakers of moral laws. It's one thing to choose to love the sinner; it is entirely something else to be forced to "love" the sinner.


Wrong Name: "In reality, they are exactly the same as everyone else and have exactly the same rights, they just choose to engage in homosexual behavior. They should be referred to as 'people who choose to practice homosexuality.'"

And mormons are?... people who choose to practice mormonism.

When you have "practiced" enough and can do it right, come join the rest of us in the human race - it has no finish line and nobody looses.

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