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Published: Thursday, Nov. 12 2009 12:00 a.m. MST

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Nothing changed

While Homosexuals hope this is just the beginning...the rest of us hope it is the end....sick of this discussion....stick a fork in it ...its done!!!!

Joel Wright

What was interesting was that in SLC, the LDS Church didn't just remain neutral, like they had in the last legislative session.

Instead, they affirmatively supported the equality ordinance in SLC.

If the LDS Church decides to affirmatively support a similar equality ordinance at the Legislature next year, I'm guessing it will likely pass.


Any gay rights law should also include polygamists.

Bad Move....

Any action by the L.D.S. church is sure to inspire debate. By endorsing any action concerning homosexuals you give weight to their entire cause. The rights endorsed by the church already exist for any legal American citizen, homosexuals want "special" status and the church just gave it to them.


Gay's are like the poor, they are always with us. I think that it is so very interesting that the LDS Church whom the gays continually critize is probably doing things to help them that they cannot do for themselves. Gays are like alot of other groups, they bite their nose off to spite their face.


Polygamy is illegal. Homosexuality is not.

to RGret

Homosexuality is always wrong. Polygamy is not.

Veann Hayes

Same sex relationships are the love of ONE for ANOTHER---that is to say have the desire of your heart fulfilled once.

Polygamy on the other hand could be said by some to be selfish, and taking more than what you need of the one you ALREADY HAVE.

Thus, you cannot logically compare Same Sex Relationships to that of Polygamy, nor Polyandry. That is comparing appples to oranges.

Veritas et Aequitas

Years ago, blacks AND women didnt have any rights. Its almost 2009 and people are prevented from having rights due to sexual orientation. Weird.


What if I'm discriminated against for being fat or having bad breath or having a really annoying laugh? Should there be a non-discrimination ordinance for these types of "orientations"?


RGret homosexuality is illegal

C Davis

Why does the church not stay out of Political affairs, last time I checked it is against the law for a non profit church or group to meddle in politics,,,,, I think we need to call for a invetigation into this.....

Abe Lincoln

to: Veritas et Aequitas | 2:21 p.m. Nov. 11, 2009

no is preventing them from having any rights. name one right a straight person has that a homosexual does not. marriage? they can marry, marriage is a man and a woman regardless of the sexual orintation of either party. housing? no one is saying they should be homeless, but when you rent someone's basment, and then you want to throw a gay garden party in front of the landlord's children, then yes, you should be evicted if the landlord asks you to stop and you refuse. employment? if i walk into the office talking about the way i have sex, i woul;d probably be fired too. no one is being fired or evicted for being. they are being fired or evicted for being explicit about sex. and yes, i would evict a straight person who wants to describe how he/she has sex to my children. i would fire a straight person who comes to work talking about their bedroom life. the problem is you keep thinking they are being discrminated. you fail to produce evidence for such.


How about rights for people as human beings. I don't want to know who they prefer to sleep with. I am so sick of this gay agenda for special rights. No...Marrying is a right for men with women, not men with men.


It doesn't matter if a person is homosexual or polygamist--he or she has the right to not be evicted or denied work because of beliefs. If you can't see the distinction, then you're the one with the problem.

RE: meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

You should tell the USSC that. Oh wait, in Lawrence vs Texas, they overturned any laws still on the books. Nice try.

Waddoups is showing his prejudice. His statements show he's prejudged people based on their orientation and exactly why these laws should be in place. It doesn't create any special rights that don't already exist for race, gender or religion.


I’m not sure which carving “out based on our beliefs” Gayle alludes to, just more of her closeted, bilious diatribe and spewing of hateful discourse. The carving I would like to see is the resection of the cancer that she embodies as “The Voice of Future Victims” She represents all that is wrong when a majority feels the need to oppress the minority

What rights?

What rights do gay's lack? Their options for marriage are the same as everyone's. Just because they don't like their options, doesn't mean they don't have them. There are no "gays need not apply" signs everywhere.

This whole issue isn't about equality, they already have that. It's not about tolerance, they have that too. Its about moral parity. They want their unnatural behaviors to be treated as morally equal to natural behaviors in a vain attempt to feel better about what they do. But that can never be because wickedness never was happiness. And that will be an ever present reality forever.

SO tired fo this!

I'm so sick of this. The bottom line is that gay marriage is immoral, indecent and not normal. No matter how many retorts this statement gets, it is true. Why else is are there millions and millions around the world against it? It's not about being close minded, it's about disgusting and right and wrong.

Gay couples can get civil unions. They should be entitled to and already are entitled to inheritance benefits, tax benefits, medical decision making, etc, etc. Why are they gunning for the marriage label which means a union man and woman? If they don’t like the name “civil union” then let them come up with whatever other name for it they want.

What do Gay couples want that they don’t already have?



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