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Published: Wednesday, Nov. 11 2009 12:00 a.m. MST

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I think too many of us Mormons have gone off the deep end regarding this subject.

Where is our love? Where is our non-judgmental acceptance of all of our brothers and sisters?

We have been told that we need to love everyone. This is something we need to work on.

I am not feeling the love flowing towards those that have different values and beliefs.

Are we not Christians?

To: Molli

"I have never understood this. The LDS church does not want to support anything that interferes with the sacred institution of marriage, which I understand and support. Yet it is willing to support legislation which allows gays to co-habitate. Marriage is MORE than a certificate. It is a way of life between a husband and a wife. To support any legislation which supports gays in having the same way of life as people in a marriage would have doesn't make any sense to me if you support the church's point of view about marriage and the role of marriage on our society."

Molli - it is not illegal to rent to heterosexual un-married couples. So, why should someone not rent to an un-married gay couple?


RE: Bluto
It sounds like you are about as advanced in your way of thinking as the Animal world. Except Gay RIGHTS because i am just as american as you are. Thanfully not everyone thinks like you or we would all still be throwing rocks at each other.

gays are not going away just because you want us to, so stop crossing your arms and blinking your eyes, we will be here when you open them :)~


Actually, you need to get your facts straight. Church doctrine has never changed. You just do not have a grasp on what basic church doctrine is. The basic church doctrine is the concept of revelation. It is the stone upon which the church is built. You see changes in church practices because whenever something is on everyone’s mind, the leaders of the church ask the lord what we should do. Depend on the answer they believe they received from the Lord, sometimes they stay the course regardless of what the world would have them do. Sometimes they change course. The most influence anyone can have on church doctrine is to give the leadership a reason to ask the Lord and then hope the Lord gives the answer that you wanted.

TO -- j.d. | 1:47 p.m

["We have always supported agency and fought against anyone who tries to take it away from others"]

and yet you won't allow gays the same benefits you enjoy - marriage...

["It is also necessary to stand for what's right and good"]

you mean what YOU think is "right and good".. correct?

["It's God's will that every man choose. It is not His will that any one man or government take that choice away."]

and yet you vigorously support votes to keep an entire segment of the population from having the same benefits you enjoy...

just so you know, for future reference.. hypocrisy is spelled with an H....


I wonder if Romney may have an invisible hand nudging this bone thrown to gays in SLC?

Prior to another presidential run, he is ALL about "looking" gay friendly. He said he was gay friendlier than Ted Kennedy, he PRINTED his OWN well wishes statement on Gay Pride, (I never saw another politician do that in 35 years of Pride marches/festivals.) he also used a foul 1913 law against same sex couples outside MA, which the courts ruled UNCONSTITUTIONAL.
Romney will NEVER get even ONE LGBT vote.

To 12:59

We would get over it when you stop trying to control everything around us. p.s. happy you like pizza. good for you for coming out


SCHOOL BOARDS decide on school curiculum...in each school district. That hiding behind children to spew HATE...is really the lowest you folks ever stooped. Truely CRINGE WORTHY, the only thing worse was the Kalamazoo restroom ad which BACKFIRED, and should have been charged as HATE SPEECH!

Think the Church is right, but

I think the Church made the right decision here, but I am sorry that they had to do this. There is no change of position on the Church's part. The Church does not get involved with the Pro-Gay rights movement because it only gets involved in matters it thinks are very important to foundational principles of society. That is why it speaks out in regards to gay marriage and alcohol abuse.

I firmly believe that the Church has never opposed this kind of action. The fact that it had to publicly state its position and break its implied policy of not getting involved in non-essential policy matters (esp. local political matters) shows how messed up both sides of this debate are. Mormon policy makers in SLC and Utah in general need to think for themselves and not look to the Church for permission to support what could be seen as controversial policies. Further, they need to understand that this policy should not be controversial from the Churches standpoint.

Anti-Mormon/pro-gay policy makers need to stop lying about the Church's position. The Church has never and will never hate gay people.

to -- S!X | 1:48 p.m

["I find it amazing how many cultures blame other religions for their problems."]

i guess you missed the whole prop 8 thing with all the out-of-state mormons following their leader's orders sending money for deceitful ads...

["I'm not intolerant of gays, but I would really like to stop hear all the WHINING from everything concerning them"]

I'm pretty sure once they are treated just like everyone else, you'll stop hearing from them... once no one even notices race, sexual orientation, etc then no one will have anything to complain about. it will just be those that can't just see people as people that will be complaining... so don't expect the mormons to stop.

Joseph Smith

"We claim the privilege of worshiping the almighty God according to the dictates of our own conscience and allow ALL men the same privilege, let them worship HOW, WHERE, or WHAT they may."


Utah gives a group of people the right to have the most basic of rights a job and a place to live????...... How magnanimous!!!!

Salt Lake

should be protected from the homos!

RE --- to 12:59 | 1:57 p.m

["Great, you're gay. Get over it. We don't care"]

if you don't care, why can't they get married? and why do you treat them differently than other people?

["It's like me saying "The fact that I like pizza" is going to define my entire life "]

yes - that's it - liking pizza is just the same as being gay... we're just waiting for the pizza delivery man to get beaten to death because he likes pizza...

people kiss in the mormon square, but when two guys did it it was a big deal. that would be like allowing a white couple to kiss but a black couple or interracial couple would get in trouble for it.

until you all just see people as people, and none of the other bigotries matter, then there will always be a problem. me? i don't even notice race anymore. so get over it. i don't care - why do you?

@Byron 1:46pm

"Short sighted by the LDS Church. I don't know if anyone in the church that supports the flamers. I think it is a wrong and poor decision. I cannot believe a Prophet of God would take this stance. "

So are you leaving the Church, then? Don't let the door hit you on the way out. Bigot.

to - Anonymous | 2:02 p.m

["Are we not Christians?"]

nope. (and you didn't need to ask - the rest of your post pretty much answered it...)


Maybe you should just move to the moon.

To Anonymous the first

You continue to out do youself in my opinion. You don't live in Utah, have no use for the state, hate Mormons etc. Now the the Church has done something positive towards mutual understanding in most peoples eyes, you want to question the motivation. Are you just bitter and blinded or is there some other reason for your rancor? I would think that California has enough problems to occupy you full time.

To: Thomas

Please put down your broad brush. You obviously do not personally know any gay people or you wouldn't be so worried about your family coming into contact with them.

To: Franklins

"I FOLLOW GOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

God would like you to stop shouting. You're giving him a headache.

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