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Published: Wednesday, Nov. 11 2009 12:00 a.m. MST

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Cal Reader

The church had a history of discriminating against blacks because they thought they were cursed with a black skin. When that notion finally became so ridiculous in our society, they finally changed their doctrine. The church continues to see homosexuals as immoral people because they happen to be hardwired a little different and are attracted to people of the same sex. When the church finally realizes how ridiculous it is to view homosexuality as something that is immoral, they will change their doctrine and drop their opposition to same sex marriage. This will happen but never will you hear from any church authority that they were wrong and offer an apology.

Anonymous at 8:36


Cause for Celebration

I'm not LDS, but I applaud the LDS Church for taking this stand on civil rights for gays. It's consistent with their doctrine and shows more empathy and kindness than I expected, frankly. It's a wonderful step in the right direction.

Mike F.

Gays are one step closer to be treated as equal citizens under the law. The LDS Church? I guess it's nice of them to support something that in no way applies to them. It's better than them secretly donating money to oppose the ordinances. There are enough exemptions in the housing ordinance that someone who rents out rooms or a basement appartment, or less than four units is enirely unaffected by these ordinances. And of course all religious organizations and organizations like the Boy Scouts (and indeed the State of Utah) can discriminate based on sexual orientation against their employees to their heart's content. Good PR all around through and some actual help and a good step forward.


A big step back for the church. I can not sit back and have this spoon fed to me as revelation. We should have stuck to our guns. These people need help not compassion!


If the liberals ever supported a good piece of legislation that the republicans fought for, we would all say "thanks liberals" and that would be the end of it. What do the liberals do when the republicans give support for something the liberals want? The liberals keep complaining, manifested by postings herer.


One of the strange misconceptions people have on this site is the idea that private property rights are absolute. They are not and never have been. Your right and title to your property is derived from the state and ultimately redounds to the state. Your property rights are constrained by zoning laws, restrictive covenants, tax law, and ordinances of all kinds. Salt Lake City has every right to pass this ordinance, and I congratulate the city and the church for making it happen.


As for gays not being grateful, you are finally doing what is RIGHT, what other cities did DECADES ago, and you want a gold star stuck on your foreheads.

not going to happen.

to reciprocate at 9:02

Ya, dont hold your breath. I've yet to meet a liberal who doesn't throw a fit anytime the church exercises its own rights.

bold and independent

treating people with kindness and respect dispite any difference is not a new teaching of jesus christ. and so it is not new to the church.

what the church said here is not surprising, it was expected. and once again the church simply disregards its 'haters', acts as is proper, and continues on; bold and independent.

Dear "Stunned"

If you don't understand the difference between the Boy Scouts and a business's hiring of employees, then you have serious issues.

Everyone deserves the right to make a living. That doesn't mean everyone deserves the right to join a volunteer organization whose purpose includes teaching moral standards to adolescent boys.

@ Rita

"(BTW, The Church has always been in a 10-year time warp.) "

More like twenty. With heavenly inspiration, they should be 10 years AHEAD of everyone, instead of 10 years behind.


What confuses me are the people who take offense because of the LDS Church's stance on Marriage. Why are you discriminating against the LDS Church when you plead for gay rights and expect others not to discriminate? Hypocrisy on BOTH ends never solves anything.

One of the things that the LDS Church teaches is to not take offense and if you do, to forgive and apologize. Even if you do not believe in religion, you can't deny that it is an amazing moral message to the world. Live your lives morally correct. Be kind and understanding to others. Love everything, no matter what they have done. How else will we feel that we have accomplished something in life?


"If you live in America and partake in its blessings, the government will, can, and should set some rules."

The rules governing the government do NOT authorize it to nullify property rights in order to placate noisy, intermittently violent pressure groups. The chief blessing of living in this country is supposed to be a government that lives within its own rules, rather than suffering beneath the sort of hyper-paternalistic regime we now endure.


I agree with The Facts, Heather. The Mormon Church has often changed its direction due to issues playing out on the national stage.

And Dallas, it's called civil rights. Nobody should have to be discriminated against for their belief in wacky religions, or for their sexual preference. Doesn't everybody deserve that?

And furthermore, who cares if gay couples can get married anyway???


If we never had a Mormon president he would need to hear from leaders of his church? That's scary.

Haters still alive

Even after this magnanimous gesture, the anti-Mormon bigots have nothing nice to say. They are so full of hate and venom that they can't see past their ignorance. Oh well, I can't say that I'm surprised. The LDS people have always had to put up with bigots and persecution. Christ likewise had to put up with these sorts of people. We are in good company.

Midwest Member

To Anonymous @7:15 a.m., If you want to be free to rent your property only to those who you like, then you must be a supporter of government sponsored housing, or else you expect unpopular minorities to be homeless. When you open a business that serves the public, the public is who you must serve. My husband is old enough to remember having to bring a meal to the car for their black family friend when they were on vacation in Utah. I applaud the Church for their action and am not surprised that the anti voices can find nothing to be positive about.

smells like 1978 and 1896

The Church is backpedalling, as predicted, and will continue to do so until it catches up with reality. Meanwhile the damage to LDS outside of Utah has been done: Heck of a Job there!

Post-Mormon Joe, Boston



You are techincally correct, but any government municipal, state or federal had better be very careful about uspetting the majority.

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