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Published: Wednesday, Nov. 11 2009 12:00 a.m. MST

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"No matter what the church says or do it will never be good enough for the LGBT's..."

Yup... kinda like how nothin' the GLBT community does is ever good enough for LDS members.


While I applaud the LDS church supporting this initiative, the elephant in the room is "Why does the LDS church have to bless such things before the legislature can ratify?"

Ben E.

This is neat to see. I applaud the Mormon church.


The Mormon Church supports freedom for all humans. And this is news? Should not that have been ingrained decades ago???

Thanks for standing up for the constitution guys!!

Cali Marty

Great JOB!


If I own an apartment building, it is my private property. No one should be able to tell me who I can and can't rent to. Same thing if I own a business. No one should be able to tell a private business owner who he can hire and fire. This doesn't seem right to me. That being said, I would hire a gay person if they where the best qualified for the job. I would also fire a gay employee if they where not doing their job. It seems wrong to infringe upon this basic right.


When renting any property there are only two things you should worry about.

If the person can pay you the rent.

If the person cannot.

Anything else is a personal choice. And if you choose to discriminate there will be consequence.

Becuase America is a great country, and we do not tolorate blind hatred and bigotry.

This is only one small step of many to come.

The Facts

To Heather,

Really? Ever heard of Polygamy? Ever heard of blacks and the priesthood? Ever heard of Equal Rights Amendment? I could go on all day. Please read your Church History.

dallas wyeth

When it comes to this i have to disagree with this law because it is asking for trouble. once the gay community have these rights next they will be arguing for gay marriarge like they are doing right now. later down road we say why not let them marry and that's a slipery slop that we shouldn't go down to.


You are danged if you do and danged if you don't. Let us all get a life.


Do the gays ever know when to say "thanks" and put a temporary stop to their temper tantrums? Based on the postings here..... No.


To BigRedHammer:

I believe that gay people can currently adopt, including in Utah. They cannot adopt as a couple, which means that one parent is unprotected, and the child is effectively unprotected as well should the "legal" parent die.

So is the position of the LDS Church that the law should be changed to prohibit individuals who are gay from adopting?

Christa Jeanne

I just moved to Utah from California, where much of my life from October of last year through March was devoted to fighting in favor of Prop. 8. After a lot of studying and pondering on the issue of the Church and gay rights, let me clarify for those who say this is akin to blacks and the priesthood: no, it's not.

Your race is defined by what you ARE - how you're born. There's nothing you can do to change that. There is no agency involved, nor is there a law that is transgressed by being a certain race. However, sexual orientation is defined by what you DO. There are cut-and-dry commandments about chastity that apply to everyone, gay or straight, who chooses to live the gospel. That won't change.

As for the marriage issue, the Church's opposition seems embedded more in protecting the freedoms of churches as well as of parents who want to tackle these moral issues in the home, not in the schools (where some states will teach about homosexuality to kids in kindergarten!). It's not about hating gays, nor has it EVER been.


'You should be able to uphold your values in your own home.'

@ 6:36 a.m. -

Discrimination has no value.

re: Corey

In response to your question about how allowing homosexual marriage would change church doctrine, it wouldn't. That isn't the issue.
The problem that arises by recognizing homosexual marriage as legal as it concerns the church is this: the church may then at some point be required via litigation and/or legislation to recognize and allow homosexual marriage within the church. And that is in opposition to LDS doctrine.
Though the doctrine wouldn't change, the ability to legally practice the doctrine would come under fire and be in jeopardy of being ruled as discriminatory.


Congrats to the LDS Church for making the right call on this.


It is truly amazing to me to see how much hate there is coming from those who profess to be vigilants against.......hate.

Robert Johnson

To Bluto:

Your comment reminds me of the final paragraph of a book I read in high school about the struggles of a young black girl...it read "Mamma you taught be to take my thimble down to the well when the white men were taking their buckets".

Forgive me Bluto if we aren't jumping with job over a few scraps that you are throwing from your table.

Until everyone in this society is allow to sit at the table and there truly is "Justice for all" in this country....I for one am not going to be satisfied.


Funny how every piece with a hint of pro gay/lesbian news in the past always generated a litany of fairly hateful responses from the ultra conservative minded who comment on this website frequently.
Yet with this news as it includes comment from the Mormon church....nothing. Either these people haven't woken up yet and logged on to their computers or they're simply hypocrits when it comes to their selective views and opinions.
Regardless of who or what is the basis of the story, it's still a pro-gay rights measure.
Next time those people get on this site to comment about gay this or gay that or about the hypocritical liberals, just point them to this article and ask them where they posted their opposition to this measure and the Mormon church.

All of this shows who the real hypocrits in this state are.


Another road paved with good intentions. This law is another slap at liberty. As an LDS person myself, I am disappointed in the church for taking this stand. What has just happened is that SLC has created a special privelage to a group not granted to others, and stripped a right from business owners. Most people do not understand this since they are employed by someone else, but when you own your own business, it should belong to you. If you choose to discriminate, that should be your choice. If people do not like your policies, they have the freedom to shop elsewhere. I have employed homosexuals in my business in the past. Just like anyone else I would hire, it was for the talents they posessed, but it was my choice. I also make it clear about my position and it is their choice to work for the company. This is a slap in the face of individual freedoms in every way. From the business, to the customer and to the discriminated employee or renter, any law of this kind removes the ability for personal choice and legislates that important faculty out of existence.

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