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Published: Wednesday, Nov. 11 2009 12:00 a.m. MST

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I understand the concern of those people who rent out part of their home and wish to choose who they rent to. I'm glad I don't have to make that forced choice. You should be able to uphold your values in your own home

Anon at 12:51 am and 1:09

I think if the LDS church is going to do what the popular opinion is at the time, women would be able to hold priesthood positions by now.

We invited a gay friend to church several times, and he wanted to stay in relief society with us, nobody made a big deal out it. Everybody welcomed him just fine.

Public affairs, violence can come emotionally and mentally not just physically.

The LDS church

HAs never targeted people with same gender attraction as individuals, what they are opposed to is immorality in any form, including extra marital relationships between heterosexual people.


While I agree that this is a move in the right direction, I am confused about the Church's position on the ability of gay couples to protect their relationships.

The Church says it "does not object to rights regarding hospitalization and medical care, fair housing and employment rights, or probate rights, so long as these do not infringe on the integrity of the family..."

So the question is: what specific civil protections must be DENIED gay couples in order NOT to "infringe on the integrity of the family?"


the church haters keep on hating. What's new?


Does the Church now support legislation prohibiting discrimination against homosexuals in hiring by the Boy Scouts and by the military? If not, why should SLC businesses be treated differently than such organizations?


My opinion... if I have made the money to buy a place to rent to someone... I should be able to choose who I rent to. If I take a loan or government money for that place then I can accept the conditions of that loan to house who they tell me I must. (similar to section 8 - Private owners don't have to use section 8) I think this is just forcing private people to do something. What if you have 4 men living in an apartment and there is an opening for 1 more... and that person is gay.. what if the other 4 aren't comfortable with that? So they threaten to move if there is a gay person living there... the owner is stuck between a rock and a hard place.


To "Public Affairs Image": I see governments around the world do violence to the concept of freedom all the time. I believe we've fought wars over that. Can freedom be felt, touched or possessed?

@Public affairs

What about freedom? Can you feel it? Touch it? Possess it?
Yet there is violence against freedom every day.


I know this Church to be true. I've been a member for over half a century. The leaders of the Church are righteous people, full of love for everyone. I applaud all those who stand up for religious freedom. No one should ever be forced to believe a certain way even if it becomes popular or politically correct. The Gays in the days of Sodom and Gomorrah became the leaders of those cities. They tried to force everyone to think and become like them. Ultimately they were destroyed by God himself because in their perversions they would defile themselves and the children of God and would not repent.


Why frame this as gay rights rather than human or civil rights?


Are we making laws that are unessasary? Aren't all Americans already protected from so called "hate crimes", and discrimination? Are we beating a dead horse here?


(in response to Don't Get it!)

"The doctrine has not and will not change."

That is interesting, it seems that it has changed before, the matter of Black Men holding the priesthood.

I think that acknowledging our differences in a peaceful way is just what the contemporary world needs, but when an organization such as the church seeks to actively prevent homosexual couples from marrying and enjoying the rights guaranteed exclusively to heterosexual couples, then you will have to pardon my disgust at little token gestures such as this.

Here is some logic; it was stated earlier in the thread that the church is simply protecting its doctrines, but how may I ask have it's doctrines been assailed? If homosexual marriage were allowed, how would that change the Church's doctrine at all? The church can go on not supporting homosexual marriage and retain their exclusive support for heterosexual marriage without being hurt in the least.

They need to stop pushing their views on others because they think it's best, and simply agree to disagree acknowledging everyone's differences peacefully.


LDS church doctrine does not change just because world views change. Im so happy that the church is making it clear as to where we stand. just because we dont agree with the lifestyles of others, doesn't mean we hate gays/lesbians.


Oh oh... it's very funny how people can go from, "Gay's don't need special protection... blah, blah, blah" which have been prevalent on the forums discussing this. To, "oh how wonderful... blah, blah, blah"... in less then 24 hours.


Who wrote the headline? It is bad policy to call the church the Mormon Church.



The Gays plead, beg, steal, trashspit, dismantle and burn for a seat at the table and when they get a concession?

They immediately push for more and more and then set out to mis-charachterize the LDS Church's positon.

The LDS Chuch pronounced long before Prop 8 that they supported fair housing, insurance, etc. so this policy is not "bowing" to the "gays tirades" following prop 8. The Church position has been consistent.

Headlines are now proclaiming the Chruch bowed to the pressure, in other words, "keep it up radical gays! YOur petulant boobery has won the day!

Go ahead and continue with your harrasment of all things Mormon. White powder, destruction of property, calling Mormons un-American, interrupting services, violating private property, and mocking all things Holy to all religions etc..

Go ahead and over play your hand.

And see how fast this Utah legislature rescinds your little victory. Keep insulting the Church and spinning it your way, and just watch. A little humilty will go a long way, even in the Gay activist community.



Linguist: The ability to adopt. That ability is part of allowing gay marriages or unions.


The church is making steps to show it supports outreach programs to assist the gay/lesbian community and what does everyone do?? Cry and moan that it is just a farce and an act and that they hate gay's and lesbians!

STOP CRYING PEOPLE!! THE CHURCH DOESN'T SUPPORT THEM GETTING MARRIED LEGALLY AND GUESS WHAT?? AMERICA AGREES!!! We live under the reign of democracy and the people (very few of whom are Mormon) have spoken.

Let the church do what it can to suppport these individuals in any way it chooses, such is Freedom of Choice. They definately could have gone against you if they hated you... but they don't. TAKE OFF THE HATE GLASSES AND STOP CRYING.


This is a wonderful day! The same Church, my Church, that says it stays out of political issues, (such as illegal immigration) yet constantly involves itself in "moral" debates in public the sector, has scored another blow by taking a side in yet another . . . .wait for it . . . .political debate!

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