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Published: Wednesday, Nov. 11 2009 12:00 a.m. MST

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Justan:: You do know that unless you have had your name removed from the church records you are still considered a member. I am an lds person and if I had let what other lds people have said to me, bother me i would have been gone a long time ago. but it just don't let what they say bother me anymore.


@Anonymous: I have had my name removed from the records. It was a lengthy process, and I had to threaten legal action to get it done, (I didn't want to go there). And I didn't leave just because of what people said. I was threatened with excommunication at 16 because someone from my school went to their bishop and told them I was sexually active with a fellow male classmate. It wasn't true. She was upset that he didn't like her "that way". But there are many reasons I left. I won't bring them up because I don't want this thread to go to that issue again. But I'm glad you don't let it bother you, none of us should take anything personally unless it personally affects our daily life. Thank you for your response! Have a wonderful day.


Thanks be to God! I am encouraged to see the Church embracing social justice. I was raised LDS (I am now a very socially-liberal Roman Catholic who adores my RC religious path). We see a new era in the LDS Church. My love for my LDS roots are renwed. My opinion of Pres. Monson is softening.


For those who do not recall the atrocities that we "Mormons" were NOT protected from when trying to practice religious freedoms, try reading through the accounts of what would be called "hate crimes" today. Even after all of what happened to our fellow members during the 19th century, we still follow the tenets that a crime is just as atrocious regardless of the sexual choices that a person has made in life when they are beaten senselessly, and worse. Special protections are inappropriate and provide elitist divisions in the very people that government is "trying" to integrate, forcefully. What most do not seem to consider is that the politicians we have running the country now hate it for the very things we cherish such as the freedoms we DO have. These very politicians consider themselves elitists, most anyway. Who needs to do what their constituents want once they get in office and get their guaranteed salary for life including fringe benefits even if not re-elected? When most of our politicians are lawyers, they confuse the fact that legislators are supposed to make laws, judicials interpret them, and executives enforce them.

Why Hate

Reading through these comments I am just amazed.. Something good happened for us Gays here in Utah and now the LDS is going to freak out, and say childish things like "the government can't tell me who i can and can't rent to." Well, im sorry to say but yeah they can. Mormons, you have good surrounding you everyday, you do not get judged and looked down upon like we do, but we dont throw fits do we? As part of a religous community you have a responsiblity to your family or to your church, whatever if your not a gay then i dont see how this affects you. Please have some respect. I, as a Lesbian, have had many of Mormons disrespect me, and i have yet to do to you. Maybe you Mormons should take lessons from us Gays. We seem to be ahead in the respect department.


So, is the LDS Church prepared to have it's members forced to hire or rent to homosexuals? What if say a Mormon Bishop has a basement apartment to rent. The first couple to show up to the ad is gay. They have great credit, good income, etc etc. He can't turn them away. So, now, a man who is to be setting a religious example for his children and members of his ward is obligated to have homosexuals right in his basement. What if someone has an extra room in their house to rent? That's even worse. Can't deny a homosexual person the right to rent your room now. Suppose you have young children and you don't want that influence in your home? Too bad. Now you can be sued, lose a lot of money in court fees, maybe even lose your home because your Church just opened Pandora's Box for you. This is only going to lead to a lot of misery and it's going to backfire BIG TIME!!


Why Hate: the Mormons don't get judged and looked down upon like you do? Are you kidding me? Maybe not in Utah, but step outside of Wonderland and we are despised. I've lived outside of Utah for most of my life after my mission. Believe me, Mormons are hated passionately. And the shock isn't about us not loving our fellow man. I've worked with gay men and they were good guys. We just don't want our freedom and our agency taken away and dictated to us by groups that we don't particularly want to associate with or have their influence in our lives. We love the sinner, but hate the sin. Sorry, I think it's sinful. I think most people are afraid that this opens the door to future legislation. Other gays commenting on here say this is just the first step in the right direction. Exactly my point. They want MORE steps. The LGBT community is like the proverbial mouse given a cookie. You will want a glass of milk next. This is Pandora's Box being opened with more and more steps being pushed. IMHO this was a bad decision.


Okay to any of you talking about the Church changing....look at the reasons. Polygamy was stopped because the United States made it illegal and we believe in "obeying, honoring, and sustaining the law." And in reference to "blacks holding the priesthood," that came about at a time when the entire country was having civil rights issues and had it come at an earlier time it would have been rejected by the people in and out of the church. The Church doctrine has never changed and will never change.

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