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Published: Wednesday, Nov. 11 2009 12:00 a.m. MST

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Utah legislature is 85% LDS...no law is created or approved NOT LDS controlled.
LDS is a tiny minority in ANY city outside Utah, what your members do or don't do is politically negligable.
You want LGBT gratitude...keep your bags of Mormon money and unnamed donors OUT of other state's Civil Rights laws.
You will never have me in Utah = Hate State,
let alone on YOUR porch. I also am trained in self defense by a lesbian with a black belt, your first punch better be REALLY well aimed, cuz it's the LAST strike you'd get at me before your nose bone is shoved into your grey matter with the palm of my hand.

Casual Observer

I am an active member of the LDS Church, and I really think the solution to this would be to enact legislation allowing "civil unions" for both heterosexuals and homosexuals. Then, if people want to use the word "marriage", that would be a religious ceremony that could be done within the individual churches. Churches could/should not be fined or sanctioned for not performing "marriages" if the church's guidelines (whatever they may be) were not met as the individuals involved would already have a LEGAL document binding them. I cannot argue that there are many tax breaks and other benefits married heterosexuals enjoy that are currently denied to those in committed homosexual relationships or that if they desire to have cost much, much more than the cost of a marriage license.

While I am not in favor of the homosexual lifestyle, I acknowledge that there are those who are not going to change (whether by choice or birth, I do not know), and these individuals are contributing, tax-paying members of society and should be afforded the same rights and benefits that other Americans enjoy.

@aj parquart

I live in Europe. In fact, I am Eurpean. What you write regarding the state controlling all faiths here in Europe, is simply NOT TRUE. Neither in my country, nor in any of our neighbouring countries. It's a myth, something your bishop wants you to believe.

Also--Comparing humans to animals?? Really?? I hope you know there is a difference. Why do you spread fear, as if every human on earth is about to turn gay? Do you feel inclined to homosexuality? No? Well, same goes for the overwhelming majority of humans, it's in our genes- our race won't die out.

I would suggest turn brain on, turn propaganda off.

I know, how 'bout you

Waiting for the other shoe to drop. This was done for a specific reason and I am sure it was not for he charity of the gay community. I am sure we will find the answer out soon, very soon.

to - aj parquart | 3:00 p.m

["in Mass. Catholic Services can no longer participate in adoption services"]

why do you lie, dude? what you said is an entire untruth. is that what your church teaches? I know your religion is based on some wild tales, but are you really supposed to be making up new ones? thought only your "prophet" was allowed to do that?

fact is, catholic churches take state money for adoption services, and some of the state money comes from a segment of the population that the church won't adopt to. so why should the taxes from gays go to a church that won't allow them to adopt?

why should gays taxes be used for something they are not allowed to participate in?


Is this article about right and wrong, or about people's political positions? If it is about religion, then the LDS church allows people to worship according to their own dictates. Use their free agency to choose between right and wrong. God's laws do not change. So whether you are gay, straight, black or white matters not. Everyone can worship how they choose. That means that neither the gay or the straight should criticize the other's beliefs. There is nothing wrong with not agreeing or helping others make laws you do not agree with. Love they neighbor as they selve does not mean love only those who are like you.


I'll still never rent to them.

A basic human right

is the right to the control of one's own property. That should mean that one can choose whom to hire and to whom to rent. Based on whatever personal feelings one has. When one loses the right to make choices about what is his, one has lost the most basic of human rights.
And that is a "human rights" issue that has been lost in this debate.


What a crock, don't force other people to not discriminate when you discriminate yourself. What a joke.

Cal Diver

I've not lived in Utah for years but I was very, very, happy with the passage of the ordinance last night in SLC and also very happy that the LDS church supported the measure. Yesterday was a very good day for Utah and I can only hope that other Utah cities, counties, and the state itself will follow suit.

I don't care about the extremist comments on either side of the issue or what the motivation may or may not have been for church support. What I do care about is civil rights for all, regardless of sexual orientation . . . or pizza cravings.

@anon 4:07

And i will never do business with a Mormon, but gays have more money than you since they don't have kids to support. And there are more gays than Mormons in America. Keep renting your slumpads to transients, the gays will rent the luxe condos the Church is building.

TO --- Ok | 3:17 p.m

["I have however, seen people discriminated against in housing for skin color, sex, or marital status (or lack thereof). Same thing with jobs"]

you've seen that, and yet you can't believe gays would be discriminated against? have you not read what some people say about gays on here?

more people hate gays than hate blacks... but you can't believe they are discriminated against? have you been drinking?


Lol, to work for the church you need to have a temple recommend usually so how are they going to answer if a gay person wants a church job? Also if it's illegal to discriminate against gay people at businesses, employment, housing etc how are they going to keep gay people out of those church owned apartment buildings that house temple workers, missionaries etc. I think this is going to come back and bite the mormon church right in the bum.

to --- tigerlily | 3:37 p.m

["Max:: You won't be hired because the church only hires those who have temple recommends"]

sonds biased to me - but that's not new.


Why are all you having fits about renting. I just read one comment that said "i wont rent to them," and another that said "the govt cant tell me who to rent to," and yet another that said that they wont rent to gays because "they will bring other things around like DRUGS." I didnt know that to be gay you also had to be a drug addict. NEWS TO US GAYS



from THEM

Thank God, you probably own no apartments, and that we'd never rent from a BIGOT.


["the right to the control of one's own property. That should mean that one can choose whom to hire and to whom to rent. Based on whatever personal feelings one has. When one loses the right to make choices about what is his, one has lost the most basic of human rights."]

yes. true. but when you open your doors to the public, you must do so to ALL public. so decide. either be entirely private, or don't discriminate.

too complicated for you. need it written in bigotese?


Hossman...reading isn't your strong suit is it?

CHURCHES are e-x-e-m-p-t

exempt means does NOT apply to them.

now do you UNDERSTAND.... huh sweetie?

If the church has apartment buildings those will be subject to non discrimination policy, just as a Black, or a Jew, or a Baptist, or a woman would be able to rent an apartment


Anonymous | 4:07 p.m. Nov. 11, 2009
I'll still never rent to them.


What if you find out after you have rented to them that they are gay and not just roommates?

Evict them?

Raise the rent so high they have to move?

I wouldn't want to rent from you and I am not even gay. What a piece.

To Mark

Since when does a guy use sweetie?

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