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Published: Wednesday, Nov. 11 2009 12:00 a.m. MST

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Am I correct in that this ordinance excludes churches, allowing them to freely choose who they associate with but property owners and employers will have that choice further restricted?

Jim G.

Congratulations to Mayor Becker for his work... truly breath taking after a year of such rancor..... Great work


If a family has a basement apartment do they have to rent a gay couple. There is a huge difference between that and an apartment complex.

To JW:

I can understand that concern for a couple reasons. A landlord over multiple properties or a property other than their own residence is one thing. But I would want to freely control who lives in my own home regardless of whatever law may exist to attempt to prevent bias.

Human beings may have bias. Not all moral issues are legislated. I believe that in ones own home should be the only exemption merely because though I do not believe that because someone dresses like a 'junkie' that they automatically are, I do not want that influence near younger children. (Call me crazy but I have my reasons and logic that other philosophers may disagree with, but do I not have any right to philosophize myself on my own personal residence. I may offer others an exchange which is mutually beneficial but in cases where the Gov. doesn't have to step in, they shouldn't. Most situations require regulation, perhaps not the home.

I am LDS, Paleo-conservative and an open minded philosopher. I am glad to see this legislation and the church's support. Hopefully my gay friends will acknowledge this friendliness (some haven't in the past)

Tab L. Uno

One of the main misperceptions of the Mormon Church in Utah is its direct influence in local politics. While I can't vouch for every or even most political spheres, I feel it worthwhile to point out that during the six years I spent on the Salt Lake City Board of Education, only once did I hear directly or observe that Mormon Church attempt to influence, suggest, or direct any of its religious tenets onto the Salt Lake Board of Education. While, the indirect influence of Board members who were members of the Church can't be ruled out, the Church itself never did use its influence to impose religious policy on the School District. And the one exception was for the use of a school parking lot for Church parking. For the Mormon Church's handsoff approach to public education in Utah's major City for six years, I did come away from the experience with a respect that many people might find hard to believe in the crucial sphere of public education.

Egalitarian Mormon

I am a person who seeks for equality but absolutely understands the position of the church. What I have failed to understand is the lack of expression from the church on the things it approves. This sort of thing has helped a lot my testimony. Thank you so much for this!


As an active LDS member with gay friends and relatives, this is a great step towards clarifying the church's stance. The deplorable actions of some individual members aside, the church as a whole doesn't hate gays and never did.

Marriage is the most important thing to protect, and that's what the church is committed to do. I support that. Legal rights in terms of day-to-day life are also fine and well, and the church has no intention of denying homosexuals these basic rights of living--and never did. I can support that, too.

It's time for working together and truly understanding the issues at hand--not pointing fingers and shouting accusations. Good step forward.

Good move

The Church has never been about hating gays, or any other group. It has only been about protecting its doctrine, there is a huge difference. This shows that it isn't about discrimination.


This is only Salt Lake City
One of the areas of Utah slipping from LDS control.
I still don't trust this. The LDS does NOTHING until after they are absolutely forced to do so. SOMETHING big will be revealed or just averted because of their supporting this ordinance....bank on it.
I really think the Maine and WA state donations are about to be forced into the open, or massive in kind donations.


Maybe the LDS church fears the backlash of the movie 8 the Mormon Proposition, which may appear at Sundance.



The Mormon church has moved far from the ideology of its founders, and will do pretty much whatever popular opinion tells it to do. Just wait. In a couple of decades or so there will be gay and lesbian Mormon bishops.


This shows that while the Church considers it's beliefs non-negotiable, it provides love for all people and seeks than nobody experience harm. The church expresses it's love for people who don't follow the lifestyle it promotes. I have seen talks by the Prophets and Apostles to people who are gay, divorced and have substance abuse problems and they express more love and understanding than I see in much of the rest of the world.


This is about showing the world how much they think they care, this is hogwash!

They had the opportunity to reach out to talks during the Common Grounds initiative. They showed their true colors.
The church is doing this only for media, they know that cities are legislative arms of the Utah state government. This will all be overturned during the next legislative session. All with the seal of the LDS church behind closed door negotiations!

This is nothing more than a farce. The church hates gays, period.

Public Affairs Image

Violence against the institute of marriage? REALLY? When was there any violence against something that cannot be felt, touched or possessed? HUH?

I fail to see any relevance to this whole thing. They had the chance to support common grounds, they failed. This is nothing more than a stinky plot to pull the wool over everyone's eyes because they know that behind closed doors at the legislature, they will appose any and every thing that the city is passing. Since the city is a legislative arm of the state, it will be cast out like hot water. This is nothing more than a facade, a wolf in sheep's clothing!


Good, now go to the legislature and do the same thing.

Bet that will never happen!


they are hypocrites. they arrest two gay guys for a kiss on the cheek, and now don't want employers or landlords to discriminate....as long as THEY still can.

Don't get it!

I don't get it. For some who comment, it seems to me that you have a bone to pick with the Church no matter what it does to reach out. This is a perfect example of that. It's never good enough, is it? I salute the Church for clarifying a position and standing in the public eye to make that stance known.

To Anonymous 12:51am....No, the LDS Church will NEVER allow Gay/Lesbian Bishops. You can take that one to the bank. The doctrine has not and will not change. And for that, I am grateful.

Can we all just get along and acknowledge our differences in a peaceful way?

Nice move on the part of the LDS church. I applaud it.


So the church goes up to Caesar's pavement again. I actually fully support these kind of rights but I dislike seeing the church step up for or against something in this manner. It has ALWAYS sets back the Gospel because it looks fake and insincere no matter what. I makes me very frustrated as a rank and file believer in Zion - Babylon is never going to be satisfied with us.


One's motives are always called into question especially by the skeptical. All along the Church has spoken of mutual respect and civility in this ongoing debate. They have shown that respect. They have been civil. Disagreeing with ones viewpoint is not disrespectful. The manner in which the Church has conducted itself is admirable. This stand by the Church shows that they are desirous to maintain civility and respect and work in good faith with those they disagree with on other issues, i.e. marriage. For those who doubt their motives there should be no doubt. They have made their stance on marriage clear - it is between a man and a woman.

Members of the LDS Church, or any church for that matter, are entitled to their political voice just as an other man. Their political voice can be influenced by what they believe just as one's voice can be influenced by any philosophy or idea. It is sad that so much of America condemns the political process. It is worse that they do it while labeling those that actually work within the system as "un-american."

Southern Utah

By the look of some of these remarks, no matter what the church says or do it will never be good enough for the LGBT's...

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