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Published: Tuesday, Nov. 10 2009 12:00 a.m. MST

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an other attorney?

we have about 2/3 of the US senate as attorneys now.
Do we need another one?

Mike Lee is a great guy, but we don't want to replace our only non-attorney too liberal businessman with an attorney that would be better used somewhere else.

go for it

I'm in Id. but I say go for it.... all incumbents need to be booted for the way they have got rich off taxpayers and voted the way they have...I'm 100% for getting rid of all incumbents. I'm sure there are some that are honest and hardworking for their state and people they are supposed to represent..but who knows???? I just went down last Tues. and voted against every incumbent..only one was booted because people are stuck in the way they have always voted..too bad but I hope others will get it and send the message to ALL..we're sick of it...Thank you


I know who they need:


Come on, guys, install Enid Greene! She is so awesomely possumly awesome!!



Mike Lee is an amazing Constitutional Scholar with Supreme Court experience. I hope someone like that runs for the senate.


Bennett is the real conservative in this race and will school both of them.

Just a concerned Citizen

I think Fred would be an awesome candidate to run against Bennett. Eagar is a joke and Bridgewater isn't fiscally conservative. Run Fred Run!

Mike Lee?

I've been involved with Utah politics and a State Delegate for the last few years and I have no idea who Mike Lee is. We already have Cherilyn representing the far right I think he is in over his head. Wait and run as a state Senator or Legislator- you are just shooting too high.

I Like Mike

If said attorney understands the Constitution, is willing to vigorously defend the values upon which we are founded then YES!

Mike is an honest man, passionate scholar of the Constitution and just what the doctor ordered.


I do not know Mike Lee, but the article mentions he is a constitutional scholar. I would like to learn more about each candiate and see some debates between them before making a decision.


turnout for a primary or general election is important, Too few and the incumbent or name gets it, and too many they do too.

State gop convention with 95% turnout, that isn't going to matter.

In june this year, with just under 2000 of the 3500 showing up in an off year, Bennett's reaction was poor, where 4 out of the 5 (now 3 of the 4) had booths and were seen by more than have the current delegates.

Many thousands have heard Eagar there and at the rallys, lunches, meetings since.

No one getting in now can totally make up for not being at last years convention, no matter the amount of time or energy spent.

My opinion only.

@anon 3:09

In March of this year Senator Bob Bennett was rated one of the ten most liberal Republicans in the Senate by Human Events based on the American Conservative Union Ratings for 2008. Why Bennett would pay money to convince voters he is Conservative is beyond me.

Bennett abuses earmarks and spends in the 10% of the senate. He isn't conservative. Even his healthcare bill he sponsored had an abortion clause, requiring any insurance company to provide abortion coverage, except church owned companies.

Bennett has to go. The question is who.


Lee would be an awesome Judge. He doesn't have the experience than Eagar has dealing with getting things passed or not and she hasn't been elected yet.


Fred would be a great candidate. Hope he runs.

Fred Lamp..

Lampropolous may have the money, but he lost against Huntsman at convention. Can anyone tell me why?

Brigewater has made it out of convention and lost twice.

I would like to see what Eagar can do.

Someone Just Someone!

Anybody, just put a qualified person on the ticket, these incumbents MUST go all of them!

Last Year's Convention?!?

Anonymous wrote, "No one getting in now can totally make up for not being at last years [sic] convention, no matter the amount of time or energy spent."

Whatever. This is such a stupid position, and is only being articlated by Eager and her ilk.

Just so you know, last June's convention (June was five months ago and was actually part of THIS year0 was an "Organizing" Convention where party officers were elected to two year terms. It has NOTHING to do with next year's "Nominating" convention. Furthermore, the two year term of every delegate who attended this year's convention will expire in March 2010 WHEN NEW DELEGATES ARE CHOSEN. Historically, 60 percent of each new crop of state delegates are first times. So the majority of delegates who met candidates at their booth's in June will not even be delegates next year.

To @ Lee

Lee has worked closely with judges, justices, and executive and legislative officials at the very highest levels of the state and federal government. He understands the law and the constitution far better than any of the other challengers could ever hope to understand them. He is exactly the kind of guy we need in Washington right now.


Don't matter none, Bennett will win since has the LDS backing. If ya'll want real change vote Confederate National Party.

Dear Cherilyn

It is very unseemly, not to mention counterproductive and downright weird, for Cherilyn Eager and her campaign staff to tell others that they can't enter the race against Bennett. But that is exactly what they are doing even in their comments to this article. If they are so unsure of themselves and their candidate that they have to resort to telling others that they can't get into the race, then they must lack confidence in their own message. Cherilyn: your job is to win us over as delegates by telling us why you think you're the right candidate, not why other possible challengers are not. We will decide on our own what we think of the others, and many of us find it very insulting when you try to do that for us. Even worse, when you focus on everyone else, it makes us think of you as an inferior commodity, and I'm sure you don't want to portray yourself that way. Aside from the damage your strategy might cause to the vitally important and growing movement to unseat Bennett, your strategy harms your own campaign far more than anything else.


Ok, everybody who has been at their jobs for more than 15 years - it's time to quit!!!!! Come on peeps! Experience is still worth a lot. It takes years for a senator to get on the choice committees so he/she can fight for our state. Besides, I'd like to see a conservative woman run.

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