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Visitors see a comparison of the size of items from a coffee bean down to a single carbon atom

Published: Saturday, Nov. 7 2009 12:00 a.m. MST

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Yep, it's really cool!


Amazing website!!! Nice work Utah!!


I'll be bookmarking the site. Well done!


The graphics really draw you in... Great work on this site!


Cool site, but a sperm only contains one (for a boy) or two (for a girl) X chromosomes, not 23...


Small correction to the comment above - a sperm doesn't have two of anything -- just one each of chromosomes 1-22 plus an X or a Y. For a total of 23. So does the egg, except it always has an X. When the two get together, you get 46 -- a pair of 1-22 plus XX or XY, depending on what the sperm brings to the occasion. Kudos to all - great site!

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