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Published: Sunday, Nov. 8 2009 12:00 a.m. MST

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When you lack merits you are left with vilifying others. Attacking our present, should have a positive effect on negative conservatives.He needs to hold a series of whine in throughout Utah were conservatives can communally commiserate.




It is really a shame Bob Bennett et al are rooting for the President to fail. Because, if the President fails, Americans fails. Did we not learn that from the Bush administration?

It is really a shame Bob Bennett puts his political party above America.


To the vociferous know-it-all criticizing Senator Bennett for having "government run" health care through FEHB. You are completely wrong. I'm a federal employee as well. Our health plans are not government run! THe government simply pays for it as an employer-provided benefit, just like private sector. The government employee can choose from several plans, but it's the private insurance providing the coverage, not the federal government. So get your facts straight, people! There is so much disinformation out there. Democrats have spun this thing into a huge mess in order to make a straw-man to enact their socialistic plans. If Pelosi care, heaven forbid, is signed into law, it WILL be federal control of all of our plans, regardless of public or private. If you loved the government's response to Hurricane Katrina, or getting flu vaccine out this fall, then you'll absolutely Love Pelosi care, and the huge tax increases it brings in order to cover Illegal aliens and abortion. (They'll just sneak those provisions back into the final bill in the conference committee). VOTE OUT THE DEMOCRATS WHO VOTED FOR THIS BILL!

Chris B.

I love when the liberals squirm when a conservative calls them out and tells the truth.


vote democrat - its easier than getting a job


Gosh, I had no idea Bennett was running against Obama. Bennett is a lying weasel. I have lost all respect for him.

Bottem Line:

There's no such thing as a RINO anymore because all the Republican Party itself stands for Dick Gephart liberalism.

Constitution Party, AIP, and Liberitariens are the only conservative left.

Bob Bennett is a liberal and bashing a fellow liberal doesn't make himm any more conservative.


Hats off to Mr. Bennett on this one. Where were you when the insane govt. was passing spending bills that have driven us to the brink of bankruptcy as a country? We are a Christian nation. If you repent and stop with the same old spending sins, we might reconcider re-electing you.


Obama, Biden, Reid, Pelosi, Barney the Frank, all....allllll.... all are disastors and must be replaced before they totally destroy this nation.

I'm disgusted the Republicans haven't been more agressive......at least Sen. Bennett has woke up....

Wake up, Utah

Now is the time that we need to kick out the Republicans in the Senate with tenure, longstanding relationships with their colleagues, committee chairmanships, and experience and replace them with greenies.

This message brought to you by the Democratic Party.

Public Service Announcement

Just a reminder that apostrophes are not used to make words plural. They make contractions and possessive forms.

Wrong: Senator's like Bennett need to go.
Right: Tenured senators like Bennett are the GOP's last line of defense against the Democratic super-majority.

WOKE UP (4:17)




He votes against AMERICA spending money on her own people.

He votes for 700 BILLION + to be spent on Iraq.


Thank you

Senator Bennett for standing up against making the next chapter in American History Chapter 13.

2 term Bob

He promised us only two terms and now is running for a 4th. To be fair, he is head and shoulders above Hatch. As for his new book out on religion I admire it and want to read it, but the cynic in me says if he got the idea in 2002 to write it, why publish it now, unless it is to be rolled out when he needed reelection. Bob voted for TARP for which I do honestly admire him. Romney would have also voted for TARP.

@2 term Bob

Bennett better than Hatch?
No way. Bennett is one of the main problems back in DC. Hatch has been back there too long, but if they were running against each other, I would vote for Hatch in a heart beat.

Bob's Okay

He's a good senator overall, but I think he's misread the anger in the electorate that is about fed up with the government and its incompetence.

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