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Published: Thursday, Nov. 5 2009 12:00 a.m. MST

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Desert Coug

I like the scenario of TCU in the BCS bowl, Utah in Las Vegas, & the Cougs going to a new bowl!

Buster Bronco

Wow hard to believe that the all mighty big and powerful power house conference is having this problem. Wow impressive! Now the MWC is a one team conference just like BSU is in the WAC. This looks great for a conferance that has been before congress pleading its case that they deserve an automatic bid. Time for the big 3 of this conferance along with Boise State to break off and form a new conferance.

Cougar Fan

I like that scenario too but will the Vegas bowl really take the MWC third place team ?

RE Buster Bronco

What else besides football does Boise State have to offer?

south bend cougar

Go Cougars for the Boise Bowl!

cougar grad- in az.

Who cares about the speculation of who goes to which bowl after the year has ended?? I do not care because there is too much football to be played within the month of November. Let's look at the bowl picture at the end of the season then we can assess where everybody is going.

"Time for the big 3 of this conference along with Boise State to break off and form a new conference." This sounds like an interesting concept. What would it be called? The Mountain Sky Conference or the Western Mountain Conference?? Sorry, the Mountain West Conference is all ready taken.

Regardless of the outcome concerning the bowl situation, GO COUGARS finish out the season with four wins. Remember, one game at a time. Cougars, focus on who you are playing and the wins will follow. Don not take any team lightly!!! Please make sure to bulldoze the Uties when you play them.


re Cougar Fan:......they did last year!

Re: cougar fan

He said Utah to Vegas, not my little pony, and his band of merry men.

re: Buster Bronco

As bad as the bottom of the MWC is, about as equally bad as the middle of the WAC, playing a MWC schedule has already moved TCU ahead of Boise. And with Utah up next week, they will stretch that lead.

Just a fact. WAC is terrible. MWC is still a strong conference with Utah/TCU/BYU.

re: Cougar Fan

Didn't the Vegas Bowl take the 3rd place team last year? I seem to remember Utah being undefeated and in a BCS game. TCU as the 2nd place team being upgraded to a great matchup with Boise in the Poinettia Bowl. And 3rd place BYU, reeling from 2 embarrassing losses to TCU and Utah, being the "choice" of the Vegas Bowl. And then getting beat by the 5th place Pac-10 team.

Vegas Bowl

I work with a guy that is a commissioner for the Vegas Bowl. He told me they didn't want BYU for the last 3 YEARS!!! HAHAHA. Cougar fans, you should be happy though. It's fun traveling to all the different bowls and playing teams in other conferences. I traveled to the Fiesta Bowl (pitt), Emerald Bowl (Georgia Tech), and Poinsettia Bowl (navy). (Sugar was too expensive, but let's not forget the mighty Crimson Tide...SIKE). Who cares what bowl it is as long as you support your team!! Of course dont get your hopes up to get to a BCS bowl any time soon!! Leave that to Utah, BSU and TCU! GO UTES!

Utah girl am I


re streaks:
Am I missing something here? 8-0 last year in conference and 4-0 thus far this conference season puts the Utes at 12 in a row in conference.


3 Top 25 MWC teams > 1 Top 25 WAC teams

Sagarin MWC vs WAC
5 TCU vs 6 Boise State
20 Utah vs 32 Fresno State
33 BYU vs 70 Idaho
47 AF vs 74 Nevada
85 SDSU vs 97 Louisiana Tech
89 CSU vs 98 San Jose State
101 Wyo vs 100 Utah State
113 UNLV vs 123 Hawaii
167 NM vs 152 New Mexico State

Top to bottom, the MWC is clearly better than the WAC

Smurf Blindness

"Now the MWC is a one team conference just like BSU is in the WAC."

you're half right

the WAC is a one team conference, but

the MWC has three solid teams

as many ranked teams as the SEC, Big 12, and ACC conferences, and more than the Big East conference:

4 ranked teams
Big 10 (#8 highest ranked)
PAC 10 (#7)

3 ranked teams
SEC (#1)
Big 12 (#2)
MWC (#6)

2 ranked teams
Big East (#4)

1 ranked team
WAC (#5)
C-USA (#13)

0 ranked teams
Sun Belt

congratulations, the WAC is ahead of the C-USA, MAC and Sun Belt conferences in the battle of top teams

hey kitty fans..

I don't think the Vegas Bowl would ever want your sorry team to play, all byU does is give the MWC a bad name and not to mention the state of utah!!...Go UTES


Somebody last week on another article asked why there is a dislike for some BSU fans. I suggested that a reason is because some BSU fans come on the newspaper sites on the home base for Utah and BYU and spout off. Examine the responses so far on this article. The second response is a BSU fan. I think he/she proved my point.


I think its the height of chutzpah for the MWC to be claiming that its teams belong in the BCS as automatic qualifiers when it can't even fill its less than first tier bowl slots. Granted, TCU is a top ten team this year, but the Big East, to which the MWC likes to compare itself, has half its members in the BCS top 25 this week and will have no problem filling its bowl commitments and probably the unfilled MWC slots as well. Before the MWC goes running off to Congress to complain about mistreatment, it should first earn its way on the field.

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