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Published: Thursday, Nov. 5 2009 12:00 a.m. MST

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;Baby boomer

Great story - again, the clarity of years bring a great perspective to things. And the more things change,.....

Great article

These sorts of stories make the sports section far more interesting. I appreciate the historical lesson on sports in previous times.


What a stunning failure by Wyoming's coach. If you can't support your players in that kind of situation you don't deserve to coach, period.


Kittens, ...enjoy the new mexico bowl...hahaha!!

Go Utes!!!!!!!!!!


It's an event that would better be forgotten. I remember the game and the constant attacks on BYU. It is unfair to bring religious disputes onto the playing field and that's what the Cowboy players were trying to do. The Wyoming coach was very couragous to do what he did. At New Mexico they didn't have the same amount of integrity and the players wore the armbands. However, at least one of the protestors at New Mexico is now a Mormon, and an institute instructor at that.

I think the Wyoming crowd is now resurrecting this incident for no other reason than to stoke the fires of religious bigotry in order to try and beat BYU this Saturday. Shame on them.

misguided hatred

Segregated congregations were typical across America in 1969 except for one church...the LDS Church. Detractors of the church used the priesthood issue to encourage hatred. Ironically, any member of any nation or race could sit in an LDS church and worship or even be baptized into the church if they chose. And it was practically the only christian church that would allow that in 1969!

I propose that the "Black 14" didn't have all their issues straight. This article didn't do anything to encourage that either. It's complete arrogance or ignorance to think there is only one side to this story.


Great story. Thanks!


So President Obama can attend a racist church for twenty years and nobody cares. But 40 years later people are still offended by this priesthood issue. Interesting to watch selective hatred practiced.

re:kiss the baby

I guess you haven't noticed your utes aren't really world beaters this year either. Not sure you have to much to gloat about. Oh you do, all the teams you've beat this year have losing records. Hey way to go...now I understand why you're trash talking.

Good luck with your QB this week...whoever it is.

Great Story?

It was 40 years ago! What is the point in even mentioning this now? Some people need to move on in their lives. What could possibly be accomplished by bringing this up now?

re: Kiss the baby...

Enjoy ending the season with two straight blowout losses, Ute-ie.


re: Inappropriate
so when is protesting for change "appropriate"? Chip on your shoulder much?

Besides considering some of the things that have happened in Laramie for this game an armband is inappropriate? really


The Wyoming coach was correct in his actions. The football field is not a place for political protests or expressions of someones beliefs. The field is a where a game is played. It is unfortunate that the lives of those players were so dramaticaly affected. I was a member of the Cowboy Joe Club and I am LDS and a BYU alum and remember the game well. Followed by the Colorado State protest.

Having lived in Wyoming, I know that was a hard game for the Y players to visit as the fans can be rough. I had a parking pass inside the Cowboy Joe parking area with BYU stickers on my van and paid the price.

The real story hear is the lack of tolerance of others beliefs and the correct procedure to attempt change in others actions.

Head in the sand

"It's an event that would better be forgotten."

So I guess if we don't talk about it, it never happened.

Say what?

"“There’s no prejudice here,” Floyd Millet, then BYU athletic director, said. He said the school did not actively scout African-American athletes, but that it was accepting of all students."

Not actively scouting students of a certain race. Uh, isn't that racism?

Re; Say what?

I dunno. Is is racist when predominantly black colleges such as Grambling do it?

If you answered no, then it's not racist.

Hats Off

It's too easy to view this event from a 21st century perspective. These 14 players made a courageous decision and paid a tremendous price, as did the Wyoming football program.

Football, after all, is a game. Dealing with racial prejudice on a daily basis is much, much bigger.


not that is is an excuse, but there were very few colleges recruiting the black athlete. So many of us now, look back and try to re-evaluate history according to our standards/beliefs of today. It is is in the past, get over it, learn from it. There is nothing we can do to change it, nor what happened.


It seems kind of ridiculous that the players were kicked out of school rather than just suspended for a game. You would think somewhere along the way the school would have reached out to the "Black 14" students at least in the form of an honarary degree, official apology, scholarship offer or something along those lines. Not that men in their 60's are now going to need a college education, but they still could have done something to remedy the situation in the mid-70's or even 80's.

Although, since this was before I was born, I pretend to know the rest of the story regarding the incident. The school may have had its reasons.

Bigotry is wrong

Bigotry and descrimination is wrong. Groups who practice this behavior will be criticized. The LDS Church was and is not being persecuted- it was and is being criticized for immoral behavior. Own your actions.

40 years ago it was descrimination towards blacks. Today it is descrimination towards gays. Who will be descriminated against 40 years from now?

I am sure the people who ask why the D News is running a story about BYU football from 40 years ago enjoyed the articles about BYU football from 25 years ago.

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