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Published: Thursday, Nov. 5 2009 12:00 a.m. MST

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The Authority

To Jenny:
Grow a heart, you're life will be much happier with one than without.

I've met Mark several times, and he's a good man. I totally respect his decision.


When Shurtleff family passes through this valley I hope they will turn back and share insights for others enduring challenges of mental illness. Mr. Shurtleff will no doubt have a powerful voice in the healthcare arena regardless of his elected office. I would especially like to see a closer FDA inspection of how psychotropic medications INCREASE the risk for suicide (this is well documented but public awareness is desperately needed).


Congratulations for actually being a parent.

Well, IF that is the real reason.



I've know you for many years. You were courageous when you chose to adopt your daughter and add her to your family. You demonstrated that courage once again when you dropped out of the race to spend your time with her and your family. At the end of the day that's what matters. My best to you.


Mr. Shurtleff,

Brave and powerful choice. You will never regret it.


Good for him.


While I simpathize with the AG's family problems. It would be nice if he cared about other families that his AG's are bent on destroying by supporting the unethical attitude of Child Protection of DCFS


...will be relieved.


best wishes to the Shurtleff family. I had no idea until yesterday who Cherilyn Eager was. She won't get my vote. To suggest that it's too late for another candidate is egotistical, fearful and shows a lack of respect for the election process. A vote for Mr. Shurtleff would have not necessarily been a vote against Bob Bennett.


I am that you have decided to not run for the Senate seat. We need a change.
I have seven children: 37 to 24. Three of my children and spouse are Bi Polar. It was a zoo. Getting them to stay on meds was a joke. One child was hospitalized over 13 times between the age of 15 and 26 - has been in all of the area hospitals. This child (30) is married and doing well, although still has problems. This child demanded attention. If attention wasn’t given the threats of suicide and attempts brought instant attention, but not improvement. It took the 4th psychiatrist to confront this child about wanting attention to take self- responsibility for her actions.
The more attention given, the more the actions persisted. Prayerful guidance is vital. There were other children, a non profit to run (which kept me sane) and a very public position in education. It was hard, but the balance was necessary. Books: Depression, by Dr. Burns-by far the best; When Madness Comes home - became my second Bible; Family to Family, Utah NAMI-vital. Live the life you need to live. God Bless. I do hope you will re-consider.

To Mark:

So long, liberal. Don't let the door hit you on the way out.

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