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Published: Thursday, Nov. 5 2009 12:00 a.m. MST

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From Cherilyn Eagar

At the earliest opportunity today, I contacted Mark Shurtleff and expressed my best wishes to him and his family at this difficult time. He is a FATHER first, just as I'm a MOTHER first.

I let him know my sincere concern and my respect for his decision.

I especially respect him for getting in this campaign early and for allowing people to get to know him, as any candidate should do in a serious Senate race.

This would be a difficult time for any family. I encourage everyone now to leave this family to their privacy. Who among us does not have any challenge in our families?

Cherilyn Eagar


He would have been schooled by my man Bennett anyway.

Joseph Banks

I'm proud of all your efforts and accomplishments, Mr. Shurtleff! Don't view this as a set back but a step forward. Besides, I think you'd be a much stronger candidate and likely successor to challenging Orrin Hatch! Go Shurtleff and we'll see you again in a few years!

Right Priorities

As much as people want to believe otherwise now that this came out, everyone knew he was the other big dog in the race.

You guys are despicable trying to make political gains off of a family tragedy. Seriously, there is a difference between being skeptical and being downright base.


Good luck to both of them.


I am embarrassed that any Utahn, of any political persuasion, would try to take advantage of this personal lifethreatening challenge for the Shurtleffs for cheap political gain. Todd Taylor and all democrats for whom he speaks ought to be ashamed and should apologize publicly. As ahould those within the Republican party who are taking their cheaps shots while someone's life is in the balance. Shame, shame, shame.


I wish them well. Frankly, I was surprised he ever ran in the first place. His daughter's issues are well known, (desnews did a story on teen depression and suicide a few years back, and Shurtleff's daughter was highlighted) and I was floored to learn he threw his hat in the ring, just because I thought it would be too difficult for his family.


I've worked with Danielle. This isn't exaggerated at all. And when he announced, she was doing well. We all watched her start crashing again. He's made the right choice and those of you who say this is politically motivated haven't had a seventeen year old daughter in that kind of pain.


I just wish Shurtleff would take some of that campaign money and donate it to help with depression and suicide-prevention!

Some of us understand exactly what you are going through, Mark. If I believed in god, I would pray for you and your family. Since I don't, you have my best wishes.

Utah Liberal

I take my hat off to Mark Shurtleff, he has my respect & admiration.

The snide political remarks, comments & speculation here are disgusting. Obviously they've never struggled with this type of illness. Grow up & look beyond your own biases & prejudices.

I disagree with Shurtleff's politics, but he has my heartfelt respect.

to donate

I don't think he can legally do that...
Anyone want to clear that up?


What a great dad! Our prayers are with your family!

dislike politicians

not to many politicians in this country that would put family over career and politics. i salute you sir.


Funny, he is dropping out for family reasons but he is going to use the family reason to write a book and make money at the expense of his daughters mental illness. He is against health reform then again he can afford the expense it takes for his medical needs so does not relate to the little guy. Could his self driven needs put his daughters health on the line

My only question

is why did he even announce and get everyone's hopes up that we could finally get rid of old man Bennett who writes books to get votes and hasn't had an origihal idea in years. For Shurtless to blame himself is a useless exercise. It makes him look weak and ineffective. His daughter has had this problem for years. He knew this going into the race. I am not unsympathetic but I am irrated by this entire exercise. First it was his knee and then his daughter. This guy need to completely retire.


I know the hardships & heartache you face with your daughter-As I have walked in your shoes with my own daughter.

Valley Mental Health has helped my daughter, but with the huge budget cuts, and layoffs at VMH I don't know if my daughter will be able to find help - I have stood behind you and I would stand behind you to fight for a stronger budget in mental health-
God Bless you and your sweet family.


Last week his pollster called me to see who I am voting for. I told them anybody but Shurtleff or Bennett.


Too much drama. Mark did what any good father would do, nothing more, nothing less. No shortage of senate candidates. My sympathy is with his daughter and family.

Club for Growth

Who is going to beat that RINO Bennett now?

SLC gal

Sad on so many levels. First is that his daughter has those issues. It's good that he cares about her and is getting her the help she needs.

Which, secondly, a man that devoted to his family is an even better canidate then one who has been sitting around DC far too long.

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