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Published: Thursday, Nov. 5 2009 12:00 a.m. MST

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Mr. Shurtleff has my immense respect. I too have a child suffering from mental illness. It's not a fun road. He has made the right choice to support her in her fight against a formidable foe. To those whose knee-jerk reactions are to label all politicians as corrupt power mongers: Show some humanity and quit hiding behind your anonymity like supreme cowards.


I know Mark Shurtleff personally. He is a man of high integrity and great wisdom. He would have made a wonderful Senator.

I applaud Mark's decision to put his family first.

To Todd Taylor and those posting above who suggest Mr. Shurtleff has ulterior motives for his decision, I can only hope that neither you nor anyone on your family ever suffers from life-threatening mental illness. Your behavior towards a family that is dealing with this kind problem is really disappointing!

good luck

Mr. Shurtleff, I have admired your political views and stance. There are those who don't like you for the same exact reason. I was looking forward to voting for you. I hope things get taken care of with your family. I know there are those that will attack, but there are also those who will support. Good luck to you in your endeavor.


I wouldn't have voted for him, but having worked on a campaign and how little time a candidate has for his family, I can respect this decision.


"I can't believe anyone would write negative things about Mr. Shurtleff dropping out for the reason he has stated."

You must be very sheltered, these are the same people ripping on the President with all their nastiness.

Lew Jeppson

Family first - good for him!


If he has family concerns to deal with, he is absolutely right dropping out, nothing else comes before that!

I applaud the decision. A lesser person might have run a half-hearted campaign to feign loyalty to past supporters. I appreciate the honesty and clean cut, it is best for him and Utah.


Hope the best for your family.


I'm going to put a tight lid on my usual dose of cynicism.

I'm saddened by the tragedy the Shurtleff Family has faced and will be facing. The load they have carried and will be carrying can only be known by those who have trod that path.

I will pray for your families health and your daughters recovery.


Mark is a good man and I am thankful for the great example. Mental illness is very difficult to deal with he will not regret putting his daughter first. I am glad that we will still have him to support Utah at home. I wish him the best in this struggle with his daughter.


some of you need to get a life, because really what is more important than life? you go mark!

Todd Taylor

To Anonymous 11:31 - You have gravely misread my commentary. I DO NOT suggest Mr. Shurtleff has ulterior motives for his decision and DO wish him well.


"Madden | 12:01 p.m. Nov. 4, 2009
If he has family concerns to deal with, he is absolutely right dropping out, nothing else comes before that!"

Why did he run in the first place then?

I care about Shurtleff

I wasn't going to vote for him, but I care about him and his family and wish them well.

Wish Shurtleff well, but

"Shurtleff said Wednesday he does not believe any of the other current Republican candidates can beat Bennett, and says other conservatives may reach the same conclusion and enter the race. He explained why he feels others now in the race cannot beat Bennett."

That isn't true. Eagar beat Bennett at the Utah County GOP picnic.

Deseret Dawg

While I prefer Cherilyn Eagar, I'm sorry to hear that Mark Shurtleff has withdrawn from the race under these circumstances. I wish Shurtleff and his family well; he's proven himself to be a true family man who places the welfare of his family ahead of his own political ambition.

Cherilyn Eagar is now in the catbird seat. But she must watch out for Tim Bridgewater sneaking up from behind. Bridgewater is nothing more than a younger version of Bennett - and a "McCainiac" to boot.

Jason Chaffetz needs to stay out of this race - and wait until 2012 to go after Hatch. If Chaffetz goes after Bennett with just two years in the House, he'll look too opportunistic.

Too much information?

I'll give Shurtleff the benefit of the doubt that his reasons for dropping out of the race are genuine.

But I wonder whether announcing publicly the depths of his daughter's ongoing struggles are really the best thing for her at this very difficult time.

Were I in her position I don't think I would want the fact of my suicide attempts broadcast for all to know. There must be a better way he could have explained this.

Henry Drummond

I am terribly sorry to hear about the problems with Mark's daughter. Mark has taken many children into his home and I believe has saved many lives by doing so both figuratively and literally. My thoughts are with the family as they work to help their daughter.


Shurtleff has set a wonderful example by putting family first. He deserves praise not criticism. Shame on those of you making political hay out of his family's circumstances.

Back off people!!!!

For all those slamming Mark for backing out of the race I would suggest that perhaps one day you will face the same thing Mark is now facing with his daughter and if you do I guarantee you will understand then (if you don't now) that NOTHING takes priority over helping your daughter. It is so easy to set back and suggest Mark is running away from his record and using his daughter as an excuse but I can say from personal experience as a father of a teenage daughter suffering from Anorexia that there are some things you can't plan for and depression and its ugly cousins don't conveniently schedule themselves into your life. No some things just blow up in your face over night without warning and the only thing you can do is go into survival mode and that is what Mark is doing now. Give the guy a break!!!

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