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Published: Thursday, Nov. 5 2009 12:00 a.m. MST

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Whoa, big surprise

Can't wait to hear "the rest of the story" on this one!


Wow! Hot dang! There goes any chances of killing the BCS. I just hope all is well with Mark.

Utah Proud

Mr. Shurtleff - your announcement comes with mixed emotions. 1) We certainly need you in DC. 2) Releived that we in Utah will have your watchful eye over us somewhat longer.

You are a good man, good leader, and obviously a great father.

You and your family will be blessed.


That changes the Senate race - I wonder who this will all shake out.


I just heard the announcement on Doug Wright's show but came here to confirm it and to offer my condolences for whatever reason Mark dropped out. We hope that we have not seen the last of a very good man whom we respect. Our best to Mark and his family.


Shurtleff is a great public servant, but family comes first and I admire his willingness to put them before this Senate race. Good luck to the Shurtleff family!

Promise for Tomorrow

You are doing the right thing!! Our children need a Promise for Tomorrow. May your daughter find a way through the encompassing darkness, to the joy that can be found just beyond. Our prayers are with your family.


You got it right Mark. Way to go!!!

Good for Shurtleff and Utahn's

Good that Shurleff has his priorities right. Good for Utahn's that we don't have another RINO going to the sentate at a time when the republican party is cleansing itself.

Ben Mathews

There is more than Shurtleff and Bennett in this race. Cherilyn Eagar is a great conservative candidate who would represent Utah well.


You certainly had my vote. I have always admired your ethics in political life. My best to you and your family, and for you being upfront about your families struggle. When things settle down, I hope to see you in a future Senate race.

Ruth in Texas

Family First always. I admire you very much for stepping down at this time. Your daughter comes first.

God Bless you all,

I will remember you all in my prayers. I know what depression is. It isn't easy by no means.


You know it never ceases to amaze the sarcasm that is interjected in these comments. Here is a father who loves his daughter more than a race..most likely one he would have won. But my hats off to you Mark Shurtleff and the courage for the right decision you made. There will always be skeptics but I for one know you have earned your present position and will do more later. Good for you....what an example!!!!


I'm sorry to hear that Mark Shurtleff is dropping out of the race. Looks like it's time for SuperDell Schanze to step up to the plate and run for senator!

I wouldn't be quick to judge

I think it ultimately takes experiencing the effects of mental illness firsthand before you can really understand just how quickly and how seriously things can take a drastic turn. As a sufferer of mental illness myself, and having dealt with family members with serious mental illness and sudden suicide attempts and downturns, I'm inclined to take Mr. Shurtleff's reason as legitimate, without passing judgement or trying to read something political into it. If it's truly what one person called a "political blunder", then I applaud his blunder in exchange for being there for his daughter!


I am wishing Mark Shurtleff the best and his family.

While there are other candidates, it seems pretty cold to bring that up now.

Shurtleff was elected AG through 2012. Leave him alone to handle work and family.


Mr. Shurtleff, you would have had my vote and you will again if you campaign for office. My thoughts and prayers to your family; depression and suicidal behavior are not to be taken lightly as you know. To those who do not understand it; depression and suicide attempts affect everyone around the person. You try hard to save them from themselves and realize their mindset isn't healthy or normal. I hope your daughter does well, I hope your family stays close together. This year I lost 1 family member, 1 friend to suicide and another family member attempted. none of us are the same.

Todd Taylor

I am surprised by the reaction to AG Mark Shurtleff's announcement. There have been many comments in social media questioning his veracity about the reasons for withdrawal from the US Senate race. On a whole series of political matters, I, too, have questioned his honesty from time to time. But not this time. I wish Mark Shurtleff and his family well in dealing with problems that plague far too many families.


I can't believe anyone would write negative things about Mr. Shurtleff dropping out for the reason he has stated. His reasons are for a very important reason, and I applaud him for it, and his family for making this public. Being there for his daughter for those reasons is an act of love. It is the only right thing to do! I wish them all the best,in getting treatment and getting well.


too many naysayers making comments. I salute you Mark for making this decision...it was the right thing to do. You will not regret spending more time with your family.

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