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Published: Wednesday, Nov. 4 2009 12:00 a.m. MST

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Those claiming sloan would have more succes if had a kobe or a jordon,

but such is not true,

those types of players would flounder in sloan's system,

what good is having kobe or jordon if you still run a system that relies on the point and PF doing everything.

those player do NOT want to be standing at the three point line waiting on the point and pf to do their thing,

and it would be a waste of talent,

no, until sloan and his system are gone no players like a kobe or a jordon would ever want play here,

and jazz will never get the players you NEED to win championship until that happens.

while sloan controls all personel descisions, the jazz will always get the kind of playeres they have always got.

While sloan may be good running players through a practice.

he is and always has been the worse game-time coach there is.

the fact is, he has rode players like stockton and malone to all the regular success he has had.

Jerry Sloan System

We're so tired of it. We need some entertainment on these cold long winter nights, something to get excited about. Changes have to be made. We can't even watch this product, it's too incompetent and out of control. This is supposed to be professional basketball. Our coach cannot even call a timeout when one is needed. Put's our 2nd worst defender with a bum leg on one of the best offensive players in the league. Then we have a general manager who doesn't seem to really know anything about defense. It's insane. We're tired of it.

Do Something

Kevin O ... do something, it can't get any worse. Think healthcare ... something's gotta be done :)

No one on one talks?

How can you claim to be a player's coach and not have one on one talks? Sloan says he has yet to have a one on one talk with Boozer this year. Does Sloan even coach? Or does he just get paid to yell at refs and take interviews??


Sloan has always favored Boozer. He gets special treatment. I have nothing against Boozer and could care less about what he has said.

I care about the way he is playing. Okur is playing well. Fez is playing well. Brewer and DWill are playing pretty good. AK sometimes and Millsap not so much. Boozer is playing bad.

Sloan is trying to nurse Boozer along. That is bad for the team. Boozer is not in playing shape. He lacks explosiveness. He needs to go to special training to get his hops back.

Boozer should not get major or key minutes until he earns them, ditto for Millsap. What is killing this team are Sloans rotations which are not based on match ups or even the best combinations. Okur and Boozer should not be on the floor at the same time.

Sloan needs to cut Boozer's minutes until he demonstrates he can play. Ditto for Millsap. Boozer will not and should not be with the team next year. The Jazz owe him nothing. The way he is playing he can be replaced by just about any role player or journeyman out there. Koufos is better right now.

which do we want ...

trade Boozer and our 1st round pick to Toronto for Bosh now or hang on to the pick and get a big, long PF?


Stop and think about this. The fans are mad (for good reason). However, take another look. The Jazz have lost on the road to DEN and DAL, a couple of very good teams. The Jazz almost always lose on the road to good teams. They lost at home to HOU which so far is a surprisingly good team.

The problem is with the expectations and how the Jazz lost. The preseason seemed to indicate the Jazz would be good and the Boozer experiment was working. Then the real season started. The Jazz play well for 3 quarters and then fold like a weak hand in poker.

The Jazz exhibit all of the same old problems. The fans know they had been snookered. They are mad and have good reason to be mad.

Sloan is a major part of the problem. He will not change nor make the changes that have to be made. He plays Boozer when Boozer's play hurts the team. He does his normal routine which has lost countless games over the years.

This year was supposed to be different. It won't unless Sloan changes or gets changed. ESA will empty with no change.


Hey Jazz, quit leaving for the hot dog stand after the 3rd quarter of each game! You guys need to beef it up in the 4th and finish hard. Looks like you have no killer instinct, no desire to finish any game strong.

I also am a Sloan fan, but tonight he failed to coach and give his team a chance to win in the 4th. Use time outs, use your bench when the starters aren't playing defense. Right now I would sit your entire starting line-up except D-Will for the next game's beginning, to send a message to your players that those who play defense play the game. Starters might realize it is a privilege to start a game and not a foregone conclusion.

Total failure on behalf of coach and players tonight. Shake things up and teach some lessons here!


Did Sloan say he wanted to use Boozer on Nowitzki and that hurt them??? Is he new here? Boozer couldn't shut down Nowitzki's computer.


Not sure the Jazz even know what a hot dod stand is. They are still at the little kids lemonade stand playing like they are on the little kids playground.

The really question you have to ask is this a defensive team. No. Defense wins Championships/games. Some of the players need to stop worrying about how much they make and come to work ready to work. I know some players that did this all the time and I don't have to mention their names becasue everyone knows who they are. When you put that uniform on you have committed your self to work and if you think just providing offense play is all you have to do. Then in the end you will suck. Like you are now. Sucking it up.
Now I know Solan will not let this happen because he is a great coach and knows what it takes to win, but what kind of motivation do you need to play hard every time you step on to the court. Its someone that will do whatever it takes to win for his team...and that is playing defense for the team.

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