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Published: Wednesday, Nov. 4 2009 12:00 a.m. MST

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Sloan has lost 2 games

in the 4th quarter by not counteracting adjustments by the apposing team. Either he did not have the players he needed to make the appropriate adjustments (stop Lawson and Dirk) or he just does not adjust when he needs to make adjustments.

I think it is a bit of both. I also think that other teams, many of the good teams know how to break down the Sloan system and they know he can't or will not adjust.

Lavell Edwards was a great coach but eventually the game caught up with him and he lost his differential advantage. He quit winning and eventually retired.

You can make the case for Sloan as a great coach but you can also make the case that his system does not work anymore even with the players he hand picked to run it. There are not BYU recruiting restrictions on the Jazz. It is a free market and the Jazz can get the talent they need or want to pay for.

Every team makes a few player mistakes but the Jazz continue to have the same problems year after year. That is Miller, KOC and Sloan pursuing the wrong philosophy.

Please change.


I am also a Sloan backer, as many of you know, but I have to say that last night was one of the worst coaching performances I have whitnessed form Coach Sloan. That loss goes squarely on his shoulders in my mind.

He didn't rest D-Will and Brewer in the second half (they had both played 40+ minutes the night before), he didn't use his timeouts in the 4th when Dirk started to go crazy, he left Boozer and Okur together for the ENTIRE QUARTER while they got absolutely destroyed by Dirk, and he left Millsap sitting on the bench. That is just bad coaching, plain and simple.

The strange thing is that I think some of those things are actually fairly out of charachter for Sloan, like not resting D-Will and not playing Millsap in the 4th. I don't know what is going on with the Jazz right now, but I don't like it.

Shoot It

It wasn't just a lack of defense, but a lack of game-control and clock management. I counted at least 10 times that the Jazz couldn't get a pass inside (or didn't try) so put up outside jumpers with 10-20 seconds still left on the shot clock. If you're missing perimeter shots and you're up by 16 at the half you should at least eat up some clock before launching them. That way Dirk doesn't get so many touches. Fewer touches = fewer points. The lack of game management has been the real killer over the last 3 years. Penetrate and score -- quit throwing up jumpers from 20 feet with your 30% shooters.

Jazzfan in denver

It's going to be a long season for the Jazz if Boozer doesn't start acting like he wants to play for the Jazz. So far He doesn't care how the Jazz play. He doesn't do anything defensively and now he isn't doing anything on offense. Time to start Millsap and give him and Fes more minutes till boozer can figure out where he wants to be for now.

Grandma Jazz...

I will begin with last season. Bad coaching to put Booz back in after Milsap earned minutes. Sloan broke the flow and the team morale. I was shocked when he started Booz this season. There IS a Booz factor. D-Wil doesn't look like he's into it, and if the Jazz want to keep him, they better build a team around him or he'll leave, which will be our loss and some other team's gain. The Jazz, while good, never get the complete team for whatever reason. But the Booz factor is apparent. I think we're missing the Harpring factor too. The good 15 ft jump shot which Korver can do too. Empty space there. Also, with Harpring gone, we need a new agitator. And SLOAN...jeez...stop the bleeding and make some substitutions before it's too late. Do something! All of our losses could've been wins. Time for Hornacek and for crying out loud, bench Booz and start Milsap. This is going to be a crap year. No chemistry and Sloan must be thinking "TRACTORS IN ILLINOIS". He looks downright absent.


It is true some times guys get hot and no one can stop them by themselves. However making a guy pass by double teaming or switching to a zone often can slow or through a guy off. Also a nice hard foul can make a big differance. Sloan needs to be sent packing. His inability to make adjustments durring games or to the way basketball is played these days is a huge liability to this franchise. Knocking down the three ball has become the staple of most of the top teams in the NBA because of the way it balances the offense. 33% from 3 is as efficient as shooting 50% from inside the arc except a 3 can pump you up and get the energy flowing. Jerry needs to embrase this on offense and defense.

Most of you are on target..

Anyone know if management or Sloan reads these posts. Should they have to even. It is beginning to sound like a broken record. It will be fun for us if we just learn to enjoy the skills of others like,Dirk who put on a show for us at the Jazz espense. We own a Clown team coached by an over the hill great guy who helps the players look bad. Wish we could trade coaches for six months with any of the teams who have put us through the wringer in the last two weeks. They all have our number.

Pete Maartin

Boozer would be much better off playing at small forward rather than power forward. He'd be able to dominate in that area and get more points and still do his rebounding. Millsap is also a little undersized for power forward.

Dear Miller

There comes a time for the good of the team and the franchise when an owner has to do something to save the team.

Sloan has won enough (over the years) to cover up his very poor game management. However, it is now getting past repair. Playing a hurt Okur against Dirk is the tip of the iceberg. Not calling time outs is lendendary. Playing Boozer when he has no reason to be on the floor based on consistent nonperformance is also typical. The veteran bias. The refusal to guard the 3. The refusal to use the 3. Insisting on playing Okur and Boozer in the 4th and pretending that is defense. A bias against the zone when you can't man up. I could go on.

Suspend Sloan and get Stockton to run the team for the rest of the year. He knows the system and how to run it. He will not show favortism to any player. He will adjust and should be a world class game coach.

If he won't do it then get Horny or even Avery Johnson. They could not be worse than Sloan.

The Jazz have to have better game management.


Jerry's system works, but only if you have the players to do it. The jazz's problem this year is interior defense, our guards to fine (not great, but fine). Our bigs on the otherhand... Okur gives everything he has, he just isn't capable of defending well in the paint, and he isn't mean enough to knock someone on his rear. Boozer just doesn't care. Milsap is just not big enough to cover the larger players in the league. None of our big men dare knock someone down with a hard foul. I want to have Matt Harpring back, he was more than tough, he was mean. The jazz are missing that this year. They are scared to get their hands dirty. Sometimes you scare someone with a hard foul.

i think I understand the game

plan. Lose more than MEM and then fire sale all of the expiring contracts before the salary tax kicks in.


I am so tired of the jazz organization saying , give Boozer time, he will come around, right, don't you all get it, he does not want to come around,in fact, he doesn't want to be here. Is he missing shots just to make a point or is he that bad? Somebody do something, anything, or you are going to loose the fans. Four games into the season and we, the fans are ready to call it quits. Pathetic!!!

Portland Fans

are calling for McMillan to be fired. He would be a great replacement for Sloan.

Ak Fan

Jerry Sloan system is gona long ago with Stockton malone. Just like 49ers trying to use 80's play calling.

Henry Drummond

I really don't care what happened over the summer or even if Carlos would leave tomorrow if he had his druthers. He simply hasn't played well in these first four games. I don't think the fans want him to fail. Everyone needs him to play up to his capability. Snap out of it Carlos. Just play ball like you know how.

blah blah blah

And such is the sadly state of the Utah Jazz. I'm guessing Larry Miller has turned over in his grave a time or two about what's happening. Classic case of son being handed life on a silver platter, thus he doesn't appreciate the ease with which he fell into dad's easy money, blows all the money on a pathetic group of coaches and players, loses all the money, eventually sells the team.

Don't think it will happen? It is happening as we speak, 4 games into the season. 1 lowly win against perrenial doormat Clippers (and even then the win wasn't secure until near the end) and 3 embarrassing blowouts.

You can add mayo to a poop sandwich but its still a poop sandwich and we are forced to eat it. And to add insult to injury, the Knicks will probably start winning and there will go our 2nd lottery pick (I think the 1st one will be in the bag by mid season)

RE Ak Fan

No, the 49ers problem was wasting their #1 Draft pick on Alex Nobody. Let's not compare apples with oranges.

Coverse High Tops

Jerry plays the game as if there was no 3 point line and Man-to-man was still the game. The game has changed but Jerry hasn't so its time for him to go.


Maybe there is a good reason that Jerry has never won coach of the year? Maybe they don't have blinders on like the Miller family.

The Truth @ everybody

I'm tired of people posting that Sloan's system will work if he has the right players and that these players as assembled aren't the right ones to match the system. People, Jerry Sloan has as much say in the player personnel as Kevin O'Conner. He gives imput on drafted players. He wanted D-Will over CP3. He went on record saying that he wanted everyone back from last season. This is his team and he should be held accountable if they don't perform, it's plain and simple folks. Stop acting like it's all the players fault. I'm sure Memo was like I can take Dirk in a 4th quarter huddle after Dirk had scored 20 points on him already....right!

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