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Published: Wednesday, Nov. 4 2009 12:00 a.m. MST

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A friend of mine said it best years ago. Jerry Sloan would rather lose his way than win aside from from it. Tonight was a classic example of that. Dirk goes off for 29 points in the 4th quarter and no double team ever came. Here's my take on this. Jerry is obsessed with life in the paint. I will get specific on the non-Dirk double team after laying the ground work for my non-flexible Sloan argument (no double team relationship). Hang with me. I stopped checking the last few years, but I wouldn't be surprised if the Jazz are still atop the NBA in fewest 3 point shots taken/made and most 3 pointers given up in return. They led the league in that for years. Jerry has always let teams beat him from behind the arc. He only double teams in the paint and attacks only the paint on offense. Take a three, outside the big three, and get yanked. Dirk beat the Jazz from everywhere on the court because he faced up and pulled up while the Jazz played man defense to their grave.


Moving on. If you double team the paint, then you make teams beat you from the outside. That's Jerry. What I found odd was Jerry's post game comments. "We didn't double team Dirk because they (Mavs) have good shooters like Jason Kidd who can make three's. Jason Kidd, a good outside shooter? Uh, okay. Do your homework coach. I am not buying this answer though. Kidd could be Reggie Miller and Sloan would welcome the long ball to drop on the Jazz. The truth is that Sloan double teams the post, gives up 3 point bombs, and wants his defense to protect the paint. Well when the scorer hangs out on the perimeter, Jerry wants to crowd him man to man and force him inside where all the great Jazz defensemen dwell. You know the core crew who says "here come dunk in my grill. It's so funny because Jerry worships the paint on both sides of the ball yet can't get his players to attack the rim or defend it. Dirk dropped shots from everywhere as Memo stood and watched (outmatched on the perimeter).


Tonight's non-double team of Dirk reminds me of whenever the Jazz play the Lakers. You know, when Kobe scores 40+ on the Jazz more than any other team in the league because the Jazz won't double team him. Hey, Ronnie Brewer is a nice defender, but for crud sake, how about giving him some help.

todd on gdog comment

Gdog. Listen up. The point is Jason Kidd has improved his 3 point markmanship. He can kill you in the clutch. 2 years ago i saw him play the CLops with the Nets he did nothing all night and hit couple 3s although they lost in overtime. DWIL invites him to shoot. So, SLoan comments hold no water because the shooters always run unopposed to the arc waiting for the shot to go up. We get lucky we are not burned more but that is certain teams game plans go inside out first more so. A team with very good shooters we are vulnerable to.

Fez if he did not get so many fouls, then we could trust him starting. His play when in there stats or not do not show, Dallas had more problems getting to the rim. Barea does not get enough credit for quickness but beating DWIL to the rim like I saw tonight even though he missed is lazy defense. You can score 40 but if you give up close to that like some do at times Like Okur what value are they?

Again, some it is the players the rest SLoan philosophy.

King Black

Well... I dont know what to say now lol I can say that Dirk did have somebody on him at all times he just made the shot no mater what when an all-star gets on fire there on fire.

I don't think it was all the defense that hurt Utah today in the fourth it was the lousy offense that let Dallas get the transition plays. Utah barely scored anything after the 7 minute mark they should have scored over 100 points with how much they had going into the 4th quarter but for some reason they stumbled once again in the fourth.

if Utah had kept scoring and playing there offense then it makes Dallas have to try to speed up the tempo which leads them to take bad shots and more turnovers but since Utah stopped scoring Dallas was able to keep it calm and build momentum, I think it had to do with Utah playing outside of their offense and not doing what they had been doing all game long.

All in all Utah had a very good defensive showing nobody can deny that that is until the fourth quarter once again.

Loyal Jazz Fans

Please Mr Miller, If you offer Jerry Sloan another extension to coach you will replace cheers with crickets chirping in your arena. Despite how great teams, players and coaches are or have been there comes a time for change, a shakeup and someone to deliver a new message. Also please evaluate the front office. IMO you need to examine all aspects of the operation at a time where the NBA as a whole is losing market share to other sports annually. I have loved the Jazz since 1980 and supported then, but the tide is changing with this franchises fan support.

Boozer needs to sit

We were up by 16 until they put Boozer back in. Every time down the court, Boozer did not play help defense, he let guys go around and in front of him and tried to swipe at the ball. No help D. We lost the lead and the game because of Boozer. Stop playing him.

No Fan

It isn't just Boozer that can't play defense, I wonder if the new breed of players knows the meaning of defense. In the Houston game, four Jazz players are under the basket, their small forward shoots and misses, they not only let him get the rebound, but he scores in between the four of them. Last night, same thing, shot goes up, four Jazz players under the basket, two of them closest to the ball do not move, the Dallas player that shot the ball comes across the floor, gets the rebound and shoots again over no out streatched hands and makes the shot. Impressive. And these guys get paid millions for what? This isn't entertainment.


"Sloan PAYS Defense?" Hmmm-hope he didn't have to give up too much of his salary for Boozer. Sigh-it must be tough to be a professional writer. Spellcheck can't fix things like that.

In Sloan's Defense...

I have always defended Sloan, not today! No double-teaming, no substitutions, no giving Dirk different looks, no timeout to settle his team down when they were only shooting jump shots. Today I lay some blame on the Hall of Fame coach. I know he knows more than me, but that is my opinion today. I think we need a little more effort out of him to get this season started.

Cry me a river

Cry me a river, Boozer. You made your bed, now you gotta lie in it.

Boozer chose to say he was getting a raise, no matter what, during the season last year while injured. He chose to do those radio interviews in Miami and Chicago, saying how much he'd like to play in those cities, while under contract in Utah. Of course people are going to be on his beep. What does he expect?

Boozer needs to grow up, grow a set, and play basketball.

Mr. Reality

The Jazz have absolutely no heart or desire at all. None. Zip. Zero. Nada. They have their big fat contracts and don't really care enough to play with the effort and intensity it take to win. Why play hard when they can loaf it and still collect their enormous paychecks?

I won't be buying tickets any time soon. If they don't care, why should I? Only a sap would keep rooting for a bunch of players who don't care.....


Sorry Jerry but it looks like it's time to hand the reins to someone else.

Nah ... it ain't gonna happen. Jerry's going to get his extension.

If anything, Jazz management are consistent in their decision making. No changes as long as the team is making the playoffs.


Am I The Only One That Watched That 4th Quarter? Who Out Played Us? Dirk... Who Was Guarding Him? Okur. Now, Before You Think Anything Different, Know That I Love Okur! He Is An Amazing Basketball Player... However, His Defensive Abilities Are The Same, If Not Less Than, Boozer. And You Know Its True. When Dirk Is Hot Like That, And Okur Cant Stop Him, Why Is He Still Guarding Him? Put AK On Him, Get Fez In There Even... Anything, But Okur's Defense (Or Lack There Of) Blew The Game For Us. Doesnt Help That We Missed Almost Every Shot We Took Either...

It is more than Boozer

Boozer got 12 points but 2 rebounds. Millsap got 6 rebounds but only 5 points. They had 46 minutes of playing time. There is still something wrong with the Sloan offense. It is not just Boozer who is playing way below normal.

On defense it is the same predictable circus. Teams beat the Jazz with an inside out game. Bomb from outside slash inside if you can. The Jazz got out rebounded.

Are the players bad or lazy. For most that is not true. Other teams would like to have the Jazz players.

The philosophy and the game plan have problems. Bad game philosophy, game plans and refusal to adjust will make players look bad. It will also cause them to stop playing as hard because playing hard does not win due to the bad game plan.

Sloan does not adjust when he needs to adjust. He has never defended the 3. It is a permanent weakness of the Jazz and other teams exploit it. He struggles with fun and gun teams. There is NO interior defense.

Sloan is the primary reason for the losses. He chooses the players. He can't run his own system.

The Jazz

played well against both DEN and DALL for 3 quarters, then the other team adjusted and exploited the Jazz weaknesses which are the same as last years and very predictable given the Sloan biases.

Jerry does not adjust but just tries to get tired players to play the wrong approach harder and the whole team gets kicked in the 4 quarter.

The big question is CAN or WILL Jerry adjust and fix the problems. So far he has not.

The problems are not with the players as much as it is with Jerry. He insists on doing it his way and it is not working and will not work. The good teams can negate his dated approach to the game.

Who cares about his offensive efficiency if the players he recruited can't defend. Who cares about his OE if his teams can't win if one of the players is injured.

Sloan has a flawed system and I have no faith in it until he proves otherwise.

Actually the system could be made to work with a better more adaptable coach and of course better more versatile players.

What do you expect for 82 million anyway?


make the playoffs

wah wah

The Jazz were in it till the fourth and that was after getting their lunch handed to them the night before.

No doubt they are still struggling but that will fix itself, till then enjoy the games because that is what they are. GAMES.

They are for your enjoyment and there was some good team play, great shots and for three quarters we owned Dallas in their building. Seems like we learned from our loss the day before.

If we won each night we would think we were invincible bnut it is good to see the team grow and develop and become better players. Brewer is much better now than he was 2 years ago so is DWill and Boozer. If we are patient we may even see some worth from Fes this season.

Don't get your shirt in a knot, you are not the coach and he is the one who has to figure out how to craft the players together in order to be competitive and win some that we aren't supposed to, guess what he nearly did it last night.

Keep watching, except for you Mr. Reality, I am sure your world is perfectly round

Power Forwards

Both Millsap and Boozer are undersized for their position.

They are getting dominated by longer taller players almost every game.

We are spending 20 million a year on power forwards and they are the worst performing position on the floor.

Both of these guys will never be anything more than role players but we have paid them like they are allstars.

Defenses have figured out how to guard Boozer and life for him in this league is effectively over.


I am a Sloan backer. I have watched him way back when he was a player in Chicago.(I lived in Chicago when I was younger.) He was a tough defensive player then. I think that he, no doubt, has taught these guys defense, but the players just won't do it. I really think the big contracts destroy these players. Eventually they lose that drive to play hard and, alot of times, go through the motions and collect their big paychecks. I also have to give Sloan a break because he has to play with the players he's given. The coach that is a joke is Phil Jackson. First he has Michael Jordan and Scotty Pippen to run his show. Now he has Kobey Bryant. All he has to do is sit there on the bench and collect the Rings. You give Sloan that type of material and he would do great.(Remember the two championship series we had when Stockton and Malone were here.) I rest my case.

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