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Published: Wednesday, Nov. 4 2009 12:00 a.m. MST

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This one is on Sloan. I normally back him, but seriously? Memo cannot guard Nowitzki. This makes me not even want to watch. So pathetic. Time for a change.


The Jazz are the worst 4th quarter team in the league if not just the worst

the Mailman

This season is about to get ugly.. sorry uglier!


Nice of sloan to take a time out. Ever heard of stopping the momentum.

Nice job Jazz

You allow 44 points in the 4th quarter. That is pathetic. My support is gone for the Jazz until they play like professionals. Show some effort and determination in the 4th quarter for once this year. Jazz will maybe win 30 games this season if they are lucky. Sloan, I hate to say this, but it is time to go. That was a typical collapse from the Jazz. I'll take a no star team like Houston who tries each game over this Jazz team. Atleast Houston would have an excuse to lose, but they never give up. Dirk tore Jazz to pieces. You would think they could guard him after his first 20 pts in the quarter.


We should have gone after David Lee. Boozer can't guard his shadow.

Livid !!!!!

Sloan backer or Sloan hater after tonights game it should not matter. Very telling I thought how he let Dirk get rolling without calling any timeouts. No change of lineup? What a joke. Bottom line he let them fail. He didnt even try anything. It is obvious what one very big problem is. I think things need to change NOW !!!!!!!


Boozer -27. That is amazing. Wish he would have had a couple more fouls.


Giving up 44 points in the fourth quarter: Ouch. Until that, the Jazz had played great defense.

scodyshootfight (KC)

The whole game, even when the Jazz were winning, I was thinking to myself, "The Jazz are lucky because they're playing like poo and still up by 15." What happened when Loozer was on the bench? We went up by a bunch. What happened when he got back on the floor? We blew the game. Can't wait to see the plus/minus on that. The Jazz aren't just struggling to start the year. They've been struggling ever since the second half of last season. NOTHING has changed. NOTHING will change unless we make some changes.

Nevada Fan

This is not a good team. Let's start at the top.
O'Conner: They gave you praise for bring this team back. I am not sure how you can look at any fan square in the eye.
Sloan: This team is better with FES at the 5 and Okur at the 4. Why you sit there and look bewildered is beyond any fan.
Team: When you foul make sure they don't score, and take note of when Fes fouled Dirk. He knock him down and didn't make a bucket.
Fans: anyone that thinks that this is a good team is delusional.


Why not put in Fess to try to plug the middle. We got our lead while he was in. Just pathetic coaching. He sits and watches as the momentum completely swings. I hate sloan, he is a terrible game coach and past his time!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

No surprise!

Get rid of Jerry Sloan and his archaic system, period! Thde older he gets the more ridicule he and his system get.
Nothing good will happen to this franchise until they get rid of Sloan. ENOUGH SAID!

Jazz are...

Unbelievable. Can't play from behind, can't win with a double digit lead late in the fourth. Get rid of boozer asap, bench brewer, and maybe call a timeout when Dallas is cutting into the lead to stop the bleeding instead of when the lead is completely gone. I'm disgusted. By the end of January this is a .500 ball club with a ton of losses at home. Mark my words

Come on Coach

I have never complained about Coach Sloan ever! but I have one tonight, I know you should trust your team, I would if I was in your shoes but come on man you should have called a time out when they got within 12 points tonight just to keep their fans quiet, and then told your young ones keep attacking the hoop! Come on coach I sure love ya and have nothing but respect for you, I've coached before not at your level of course but all coaches have to swallow thier pride and call a time out when they dont want to!!!!!

still love ya coach


In the fourth quarter the mavs hit 5 shots to the jazz's 6. They lived at the free throw line. This was the classic gift from your refs. Mark cuban's whinning is paying off. Jerry could of at least had the decency to tell the refs off and get tossed. I liked the team's defensive intensity.
I would complain about D-wills lack of assists but looked at the shot chart in the first quarter missed shots of 2, 4, 4, 6, 6 and 12 ft. He can only gift wrap it so much.

how in the...?!

utah jazz have some serious and major locker room issues that obviously need to be worked out. they cant blame injuries this yr since they only have korver and miles who are injured. unless they make some changes soon then it'll be another 25-30 win season and right back in the draft lottery.

next year!

looking forward to next season.

Jazz Life Fan

I have never seen the Jazz in last place in the division. I have never missed a game since 1995. I wish the Jazz could have gotten rid of Boozer before the season. Boozer has shown in the 1st 4 games that he doesn't have his head in the game. He can't defend, he shoots a lower percentage than most high school players, and he turns the ball over regularly. I don't think the Jazz have a prayer of making the playoffs. Sloan doesn't seem to know when a player needs to set the rest of the game.

Blazers #1 fan

Okay, Deron Williams is the next Allen Iverson. Agreed! The Jazz will not make the playoffs, just watch hahaha. Classic Jazz basketball; melt in the 4th quarter and watch it happen in front of them. Dirk was on fire!

When are the fingers going to be pointed at Sloan? haha. Jazz are as good as Memphis...maybe worse?

They are going to get destroyed by the SPURS on Thurrsady. 1-4 start in first 5 games. Ouch. haha

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