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Under state's quota system they may be gone before it's completed in 2012

Published: Wednesday, Nov. 4 2009 12:00 a.m. MST

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John Charity Spring

Although City Creek is being developed by the LDS Church, this is not a religious issue, it is a community safety issue. As pointed out by numerous studies, increased alcohol use creates horrendous societal consequences. It is outrageous that local officials are willing to impose these societal problems on the community in order to make money. There was a time in this Country when elected leaders would not have promoted drunkenness, sloth, and out-of-control behavior. Our modern-day officials must follow the example of their predecessors.

Re: John Charity Spring

Those Crispy Creams are clogging your brain. Prohibition was repealed. You are eight decades late.

i don't drink

I'm not a drinker (I'm LDS,in fact), but I don't see how allowing people to enjoy drinks with their meal promotes drunkenness, sloth, or out-of-control behavior.

LDS and tolerant

We need to accept that most people do drink; LDS members are a minority on this. And most people who do drink do so reasonably; and there are laws protecting us from those who don't. If we are to ask the rest of the world to come here and vacation, or for new industries to relocate here, we need to accept the norm, and not make a big deal about alcohol consumption.


I am LDS and I don't think that just because we are in majority locally, that we should push our practices on anyone else. If people want to drink responsibly, let them drink.

Wow John

you seem really, really grouchy on this issue. A few upscale restaurants selling what will almost certainly be overpriced beer and wine will not lead to drunkenness, sloth and out of control behaviour. Calm down, the apocalypse is not nigh.

re: John

Which predecessors are wanting to follow?? The founders of this nation drank, Jesus even drank. He infact suposedly turned water into wine right??

How about you follow the predecessors you want, and let other people follow the predecessors they want.

I do drink...

In all the years I have been drinking I have never come close to drunkenness, sloth or have been out of control. My cholesterol is lower thanks to red wine. I do carry five more pounds then I would like. On the other hand my brother in laws who are active LDS are 50 pounds over weight thanks to the five diet cokes they have at dinner and the bowls of ice cream they down. On the other hand I get grief from them for drinking wine.

What is interesting is I bet you 1.5 billion dollars that by the time City Creek opens up there will be enough liquor licenses for any restaurant that wants to rent space. I also bet that it will be widely supported and pass easily. Amazing what a billion dollar investment will get you.


Saturated fat, cell phone driving, and war also create horrendous societal consequences. It is outrageous that local officials are willing to impose these societal problems on the community in order to make money.

What is Irresponsible?

I agree that tolerance is a much needed virtue... I also agree that irresponsible alcohol consumption is detrimental to society... the question is... how do you define "irresponsible alcohol consumption" and are the current laws effective at preventing it and are they effective in protecting society from the effects of it?... personally I consider any alcohol a drug and any recreational consumption of it "irresponsible" and furthermore... the continuing presence of alcohol related crimes and deaths demonstrates that our current laws are not effective.

Miracles will happen

There will be another miracle and licenses will suddenly be available for restaurants at City Creek.

I predict...


Let them get hammered downtown...then they can walk over to temple square and take in a good movie.

my slc

Will City Creek get liquor licenses?

Of course they will. It just won't happen in the 2009 legislature, give it to 2010.

Do you really think that the state of Utah would prevent the profits and taxes gained by high-end restaurants in downtown SLC?

Failure or success

There are many Utahns who will NOT patronize businesses who close on Sunday, and who will NOT patronize restaurants who don't serve alcohol.

That does't make us drunken athiests. We may belong to other religions for whom Sunday is not the Sabbath. We may belong to a religion that does not ban alcohol.

As long as Utahns continue to consume high-caffeine Mountain Dew, and make comments about anyone who drinks a Coca-Cola, this divide will continue.


I am sure there will be licenses available when the development is ready. I can understand the limiting of licenses so the whole thing does not get out of hand but I am sure that as sensable needs arise Utah will provide a limited number of licenses.
I personally have no problems with fine resturants having the right to serve alcohol. The usual amount consumed in these instances is not a problem. I do have more of a problem with "bars" that serve only alcohol as this is where it seems people tend to drink too much. I have had friends killed by drunk drivers and this week I had a friend and neighbor seriously injured, almost killed, by a drunk driver so I do have a problem with those that over indulge and then drive.


I don't hate Glenn Beck. It's hard to resist the temptation of greed. At Fox News, you create the new Rupert wants or you're fired.

RE: John Charity Spring

I enjoy an occasional drink during dinner and have never shown "drunkenness, sloth, and out-of-control behavior". I resent your comments. I am a well respected businessman and just because people like to enjoy an occasional drink does not make them a lesser person than you.

I was born and raised LDS and what drove me away from the church were members that had the same narrow minded thoughts as you. You're not better than the rest of us - get over it...

Relax guys

This is a standard John Charity Springs post. It makes absolutely no difference what an article is about - in his universe absolutely every event is a sign of impending doom. There was always, however, a time in this country when yadda yadda yadda. To be honest, I jump for joy whenever I see his name. His posts are the best out there. Just kick back and enjoy the show!


John Charity Spring = Sarcastic humor??? Well, that changes everything!


John Charity Springs--I congratulate you on your post and agree whole heartedly.

John clearly stated that he doesn't believe this is a religious issue. Why do we want more alcohol in the community?? I see no benefit to it besides a few revenues with a lot more costs.

Hmmm, Temple Square is one of the most visited tourist attractions in the world, yet they serve no alcohol. I think Salt Lake City can be different and still attract visitors--probably a lot more visitors than by just becoming what everyone else is.

Get rid of our niche, and nobody will have any reason to visit SLC, a village in the desert. Hey, people really can make it through dinner without alcohol, and find out it's actually a lot more fun--I can have more fun sober than I ever could under the influence of alcohol!

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