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Published: Saturday, Oct. 31 2009 12:00 a.m. MDT

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not a playoff zealot

although i definitely think it would be great if the mwc is able to get a bigger piece of the financial pie, i think those who are completely set on a playoff are going to be disappointed if we ever get one. college football has the most exciting regular season in all of sports - better than the nfl, nba, college basketball, etc. Sure march madness is great for 3 weeks, but the regular season of basketball suffers for it and is far less exciting than the regular season of football. although considering the regular season is only 12 games and there are around 120 teams, and most of the big schools nowadays ducking tough competition in non-conference games, it is a little silly to think that a true champion can be determined with only one postseason game.

moose on the loose

ha ha, good one there Dick. If you really think the BCS big boys are nervous, I have some property I would like to sell you. They could careless. NOTHING is going to change NOTHING. Well, maybe the fact that all of us need to accept that fact.


The pressure has to continue. Where is Obama on this? A senator asked for his help!

Seriously, playoff is the only true way to name a champion. 16 teams all leaving it on the field will finally give all teams a fairer chance.

A High School Coach

homelessness, a war, addiction, schools that can't afford books, oh and most important...fix college football. how about the politicians fix some real problems in our country and then worry about football.


Agreed. Nothing will change unless other conferences prove they can hang with the big boys. The truth is that at this point those schools are getting the big bucks because they earn the big bucks. This is a business.

I find it very interesting that most of the people that want less government involvement in private business are the same ones that want the government to step in and do a massive "redistribution of wealth" in the college sports world.

Our best chance to play for championships is to have the MWC keep doing well and become a BCS conference. Adding Boise State would go a long way to accomplishing that.

Imagine if you had the following conference:
Utah, TCU, BYU, Boise State, Fresno State, Nevada, Air Force, Colorado State.

People would have to start paying attention.

to: loose moose

They could careless? Could they care less or could they not care less?

The govenrment shouldn't care about sports entertainment... except when it deprives certain publicly funded schools the chance to compete for hundreds of millions of dollars! I think there is an anti-trust case there. As a tax payer who helps to fund higher education, I want to make sure my local schools share in the revenue.

I don't think a playof system would work though.


I think a playoff is inevitable. I don't know when but it will come. Too many dissapointing finishes. A 16 team playoff with all conference champions invited with 8 at large would generate more money and excitement than what we have now. You could keep enough bowls around for teams that qualify. Conference championships would become more meaningful and the focus would come back to conferences which would intensify regional rivalries.

A few of the big bowls might loose money but there would be more money to go around. The BCS conferences would get more money than they do now along with the smaller conferences. We will see a playoff - hopefully sooner than later.

BCS above the law?

Congress has been getting involved in a lot of people's business lately, why not have an anti-trust investigation on something that people care about? Congress carries a big stick. Why should the BCS be above the law?


TCU is playing against UNLV's band? Well, I think the band's chances of beating TCU is every bit as good as the football team's. Sorry, UNLV.

Incidentally, it was interesting watching security confiscate BCS-related signs at ESPN's College Game Day broadcast in Provo.

tcu and unlv

really?! you give unlv that big of a chance?


President Obama watched a NCAA football game and has been awarded the Heisman Trophy!

But seriously, the problem with a playoff is the mid-conference teams don't generally have the rankings high enough to make a playoff. This year would be the exception (TCU, Boise St.)


Puppets. Holtz replaced Trev because he wouldn't be a puppet. That's the worst show in college football.

Matt Connelly

ESPN had better be careful. They stand to profit big time from college football playoff if they play their cards right, so they'd better start preparing for the inevitable. A college playoff WILL happen. It's just a matter of when. If ESPN keeps talking it down, it will hurt them when they go to the negotiating table to try and get their piece of the pie.

Southern California

It's beyond me how the BCS is allowed to exist. It is so illegal and corrupt. Where is the leader with the guts to finally stand up to it?

Government Involvement

Folks, no one is hoping that federal bureaucrats will run a college football playoff. But why not have them knock the BCS down if they're the only ones who can? Especially when there's so much money involved for our universities, it's okay for them to apply pressure...

Good for Them

It's about time some group broke through. Good for the boys at Playoff PAC...

Let's Beat the BCS

Their days are numbered. Just need to apply the right pressure. Let's do it.


The only way to force a playoff in College Football is for a unified effort between fans and colleges, not poiticians. How many times do you think USC, Alabama, Texas, Utah and Boise State are going to sit back and get left out before coming together (with their fans) agains the BCS? The BCS will mess up again this year... and not just with the non-bcs, they will leave out some of their own.

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