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Published: Sunday, Nov. 1 2009 12:04 a.m. MDT

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I agree with the author. I'm sick of Obama coming up with excuses and blaming Bush for everything that has gone wrong. I wish Obama would man-up already and admit when he's wrong.

President Obama Was Elected...

President Obama Was Elected with a mandate to blame President Bush.

So, in a word, 'no' there is nothing Obama won't blame on Bush!


PRESIDENT OBAMA has clearly learned the political calculus of the REPUBLICANS.

The REPUBLICANS blamed everything on BILL CLINTON.



CHARLIE would recollect that bit of history, if it were not for the fact that his thinking is still obliviously clouded by his 24/7 HATRED of PRESIDENT OBAMA.

Lew Jeppson

Many of us who stridently opposed Bush invading Iraq, nevertheless supported his actions in Afghanistan (after all it made sense to go after Bin Laden). Krauthammer implies that Iraq is a success becauase of the surge, and therefore a surge will fix Afghaistan. Well, first off, we don't know what we're ultimately going to be left with in Iraq. I think history will record that Iraq was a catastrophic, or at least, wasteful mistake. To the degree there is security it is due to ethnic clensing - many are left resenting the United States.

Now, Afghanistan is very different. I believe the same fate awaits us there as what befell the Soviets. The Soviet Union died in Afghanistan. It's almost an impossible country to hold because it is so mountainous. Our drone aircraft makes enemies of many. Are we making more enemies than friends by our prolonged involvement there? If so a purge isn't going to cut it.

Obama is right to be deliberate, and I hope he decides to limit our invorvement there, and yes, even get out.

Mixed up person

Where is Krauthammer coming from??


I agree as well. The non-FOX media and late night comedians (if you can tell the difference) are doing the same thing. Obama’s inaction and lack of leadership give them nothing to comment on. Add their blatant pro-Obama bias and they literally have nothing to report. All they can do is grovel for ways to continue to criticize the last president who actually made some decisions. Obama is all about appeasing whoever is listening. When he is put in a situation that requires him to do something that will inevitably displease people, he just puts it off and tries to get people to focus on someone else — even if they are a currently irrelevant ex-president.


Obama admitted he was wrong about the surge. He's man enough to admit when he's wrong, he's smart enough not to rush into big changes in the war while he's evaluating the situation.
I never recall Bush admitting being wrong about anything. And Bush certainly rushed into Iraq too quickly, especially seeing that the US already had a war on our hands--a war that Bush couldn't finish in over 7 years.
Afghanistan is a tough situation. We've been there for eight years, without any sign of enemy number one. Maybe we should spend more time thinking about strategy and spend less effort rushing into it blindly.


I don't believe Bush would be blamed if he wasn't responsible. But the fact is we are now cleaning up the mess from eight years of his failed presidency and blame should be placed where it is deserved. He did not have the courage to accept accountability while he was in office so he had better expect to now.

Joe Moe

Two observations:

1) It would be bad enough if it were just Obama, but about a third of our population are happy to go along with it. I'm sure we'll hear from some of them today.

2) Conservatives also did it to Clinton, although to a lesser degree. As Krauthammer points it, it's a play from a very old political playbook. A politician in trouble will use it as long as it works (now reference point #1).


Actually, he is only out of envelopes when the media thinks so. Until then the propaganda will go forward full-steam.

One has to understand that socialism has never worked, yet it doesn't implode over night. It took the United Soviet Socialist Republics 70+ years to finally implode. The whole endeavor was one anti-American excuse after another. And I am talking about the media in America.

They blamed our constant military pressure on the fact that the Soviet economy could never seem to get its feet underneath it. Instead of building plowshares under a centrally controlled economy, they had to build swords to deal with the American Imperialist warmachine. Instead of cars, army trucks. Instead of refrigerators, Kalishikovs. Amazingly, with roughly the same population America did it all, and grew for many decades. No matter. They still insist socialism works.

And with Obama and todays leftists, they still think it works.

This is the same crew that couldn't even manage the: Cash-4-Clunkers program; The $8,000/new home credit; H1N1 Vaccines, etc, etc, etc.

Socialism doesn't work, and its all George Bush's fault. This will go on for another 70 years!

Bob R.

Obama is a Nobel Peace Prize winner. He is thoughtful, deliberative, careful and sensitive to all aspects of a decision. He knows that he can afford to lose in Afghanistan and allow Pakistan to become radicalized, he knows how wrong, wrong, wrong was George Bush throughout his eight years, he knows that he has ascended to the top of one of world's most destructive nation, and he knows most of all that he has a radical left that will dump if he allows the U.S. to prevail in war. There is no doubt that our Nobel winning President will allow his political advisers to tell our already proven generals how to conduct his war, and there is no doubt we will lose.


Obama needs to step up and be a leader. He is the man now. Take responsibility and move forward.


Your president was incompetent and deceitful. He started 2 wars. He didn't finish either one (but did declare 'Mission Accomplished'). His administration drove the economy into the dirt by cutting taxes without cutting spending. He tortured. He spied on American citizens!

And you have the gall to complain about Obama after less than a year in office?!

You will hear about Bush for a long, long time - at least as long as the republicans complain about Jimmy Carter.



I don't know if he can man-up and admit he is wrong. I am not sure it is in his make up without a great deal of effort to humble himself...

Bush's fake war

The United States needed no footprint at all in Iraq. Pakistan is the real problem. A balanced approach is a refreshing new direction by thoughtful and competent leadership.(When did the Bush Administration "man up". They spun and misdirected for years)

liberal way

its the liberal way; blame somebody else, anybody else. Never take responsibility for your own life, let everything be out of your ability to control.
Grow up Obama, Grow up!


Krauthhammer finally proves what a complete farce he is! The headline reads "Is there anything Obama won't blame Bush for"! What a joke, Krauthhammer week after week pulls the same gig on Obama ad nauseum. The Des. News should be embarrassed to even print this one, then again they should be embarrassed to even have him on their weekly agenda.


I wonder if Bush got Krauthammer to pen this op-ed? Just a thought...

President Obama is right

He inherited a horrendous mess from Bush, and it's going to take time to clean up the problems BUSH caused. It's sad that people like Krauthammer and Anon (12;12 a.m.) think President Obama should take the blame for things that he didn't cause. It's too bad that they are trying to re-write history but, then, that's the only way Bush and his apologists can escape having to take responsibility for Bush's failures and malfeasance.


The fact of the matter is that most conservatives couldn't wait for Bush to leave office so that this kind of rhetoric could begin. The simple truth is that Bush and his crony's bad decisions and failed policies begot the situation that this and many other future president's will need to bare. So, whatever failed strategies or policies this president has to endure regarding those regions in the Middle East only occur because one President put us there. It's naive for people to think that just because Bush has left office that we will no longer pay a price for his administration's tenure. The affects of which will linger for many,many years to come.

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