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Published: Friday, Oct. 30 2009 12:00 a.m. MDT

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I was hoping

I was hoping this was going to say there were going to be on the field changes.


I'd say move Robbie Buckner to safety. Shoot the guy impressed during Fall camp. That leaves Corby Eason to back up Brian Logan, and Lee Aguirre to back up Brandon Bradley. Then we've got a decent two deep at every secondary spot, and we get all the guys a chance to play instead of filling in too many guys at 1 spot.

Oh well

I was hoping there were going to be changes with some of our fans. They could become Ute fans and do us all a favor.
Go Cougs.

needed change

With such an emphasis placed on spreading the ball around this year, BYU has not really used Jacobsen as much as his talents have warranted. The guy is money when involved in the offense. His yards per catch and TD ratio are commendable. Now that he looks to be back, they need to work him in the game plan more than just 2 or 3 plays a game. What a wasted year if they don't. Why does Harvey Unga come out of the game when it is 3rd down? I think he has great vision and good hands as well. Look at his receiving stats when he was a freshman. Lets not make it so obvious what the play is going to be. Rotate the backs with a little less predictability. Oh yeah, JJ should get a shot at returning punts too. Go Cougs

Coug in Aggieville

Amen to changes in the fans. I've driven down to 3 games this year and have been disappointed with the fans. Booing the coaching? Leaving midway through the 3rd quarter? Where's the fire? The bleacher seats were conspicuously fuller in the 4th quarter than the chair seats. The team deserves a more excited, commited crowd, not fairweather fans.


What a goofy year...with so much hype, our team is mediocore at best and I agree with the view on our fans....most need to get a life. I almost got hit by an upset fan after last weeks game. And in regards to our safety situation, I don't care how smart the guy is, get an athlete that is over six feet tall and can play football.


It is just another typical BYU football program. Win a few good games but lose the important ones. Bronco truly needs to look in the mirror on this identity issue. Conservative football is not why he was hired by Crowton to run his defense. It was because he can run a new defense that could surprise a bunch of teams. Think outside the box coaches and start playing smash mouth football.

Hey Bronco get out and recruit speed and if it means getting your hands dirty and butt sore from plane rides then do it. You are not going to find speed in the intermountain west or Hawaii. Come to Texas and get the Gary Patterson leftovers.

See ya next year Cougars.

Re: Oh well

Well, if you're talking about the disgruntled "lifetime BYU fans" who post comments here, then most of them already are Ute fans and they're just trolling for responses.

They'll shut up eventually, after the Utes get pummeled by TCU. Until then you'll just have to put up with them.

who cares about Football

Football is once again dead before thanksgiving thanks to the blowout with TCU. Bring on basketball.

Dixie Dan

News Flash to BYU recruiting: there are other schools to recruit from than Timpview.


Y fans need to get a life and stop posting ignorant comments on this page. You think you know football and how to coach it but most of you are arm-chair quarterbacks or Monday morning quarterbacks. Get over it! BYU lost to a superior team with better speed and more talent who executed very well all night. It was hard as a fan but four straight 10+ win seasons is amazing so be appreciative of what Bronco has brought to the program, not our program! Find a hobby people and go trick-or-treating with your friends.

Fan who leaves

Seriously, when BYU runs up the middle on a 3rd and 30 you think I should stick around and waste my time. By the end of the third quarter BYU had given up. If BYU isn't willing to play the entire game why should I stick around until the end.

Different Things?

Begin full-length practices in pads?

Bronco and his coordinators stay later than 6:00 PM to prepare a relevant game plan?

Start utilizing Unga and Manase to run up field?

Oh, you're talking about players spending time with their families? My bad, i thought BYU was going to do something to improve the football team's performance.

BYU & Utah are too complacent

BYU walked through the MWC two years in a row. Teams figured 'em out. They had to; BYU was dominating. But good teams are now able to capitalize on the complacency.

It's good to hear that Bronco is scouting his own team, because when teams pick up on your nuances you need to be aware of them too, in order to change things up. BYU will figure it out. It's not like they dropped off behind most of the conference teams like the Crowton years. Even when teams know what we are doing, we can beat most of them.

Just hope TCU and Utah coaches get as complacent as their fans, who think it is all about speed and athleticism. Just keep thinking that and running the same game plan. Utah won't even beat BYU this year, for all their talk about how bad BYU is. Athleticism only gets it done with a mature senior team (some of the time). Utah is neither athletic or mature. A good team like BYU will expose them (for the off-year team they are the next few years), but not before a great team like TCU embarrasses them too.


there is more to life than football; that is what is said when the season turns to losing important games. It really looked like TCU wanted the game more and played with alot more passion and desire. It is hard to judge from the stands, but when the going got tough, no one on the cougar team got going. Ok, TCU was a better team, but we still should had been able to compete with them. BYU has stomped alot of lesser opponents too and squeaked out a good win now and then, but have failed to show us any "top 10" presence. Perhaps, like most MWC teams, 'top 25' is as good as it is going to get; granted 100 other programs would love to be there too, but we always seem to build ourselves up for something bigger when each season starts. who does the hyping? coaches? the media?, the players?, the fans? Had OK game not been won, none of this would have happened. Blame it on Oklahoma! With that said, I will always hope for the perfect season and the big win; I will keep the faith and hope the Cougs do too.


A weekend off during season. I am the hugest BYU fan out there, but, seriously, a weekend off "during season." I am about to lose my marbels over this one. On a positive note, I watched some video on Heaps this morning. I believe he really is "that good." Now, Cougs, please, please hit the jc ranks as hard as possible and get us some dbacks.

Old Cougar

Hey Scheesh...get a job or a education. I bet you have neither! Lets all get real, until the Cougars get speed, they will be behind the eight ball, so if they can do well with out speed, at least give them some credit. Actually, a running QB would make a difference. Maybe Riley will make a difference next year.

Moose on the Loose

Utah is going to kill BYU this year....again.


I thought BYU took last weekend off!


It is about time you see the light! Now don't be to upset with TCU going to the BCS, they are the best non-bcs team this year.

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