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Published: Friday, Oct. 30 2009 12:00 a.m. MDT

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vs. and the mtn televise a few games, the teams play the game and get respect. I vote that TCU, Utah and BYU join the PAC 10(13). The mtn TV deal IS a joke. It is hit and miss on what games you can watch. Quality is unbelievable. And if you win the conference you are guaranteed to play the 6th place team from the PAC 10.

These are all things to look forward to. Raw, raw, raw!!!


If all this is happening with the little exposure the conference gets imagine what would happen if the Mountain West was able to regularly play on ESPN.

lavell edwards

It is so clear that Max Hall is the number 1 reason that BYU has all those losses the last 2 seasons. I didn't realize that the wonderful Bronco had made that comment about educated fans. That is a classical trait of denial - attack those you don't agree with, rather than give a rational argument for your opinion.
I trust Lavell a lot more than Bronco. Remember 1984? Bronco leaves a lot to desire and that includes showing HE is educated.
We fans in Provo, on average, are a lot more EDUCATED than Bronco. He was supposed to be an interim head coach, but success has left this cancer in Provo. Time for him to go.

The Mountain is fine. We get a lot more games televised than would be otherwise, so yes, it is a good thing for this conference.


Do you really think the Mtn has anything to do with Utah, BYU and TCU's recent success? MWC success can be directly attributed to upgraded coaching:
1- Meyer/Whit vs McBride
2- Mendenhall vs Crowton
3- Patterson vs Franchine

I agree

with all comments, the MTN is a joke, getting rid of the ESPN deal was the biggest mistake made. I cannot stand the announcers on the MTN, if I wanted the EQ president to announce the game I couldve gone to his house to watch the game, I dont want to see it on TV from a wannabe ESPN announcer. The sideline coverage is a joke too. Lavell said it himself the key to BYU not losing these huge games is who??? MAX HALL... I cannot sit here and blaim MAx though even though I would like a consistent QB and not consistent VS only teams like UNLV, our D speaks for itself, provo high could put up 30 pts VS us. BYU is hurting from a lot of different angles right now in general, its not pretty.

Hopeful BYU Fan

BYU's problems are not Max Hall or the defense. It boils down to coaching. BYU is not a talented enough team to compete on a standard grind it out way. Put a loittle creativity into the play calling and the defensive sets and you will see a major improvement in the outcome. There is also no excitement in the coaching staff. We need the excitement in our coaching staff that we saw in Coach Patterson and his coaches at the TCU game. His players knew he was in the game with them. Coach Mendenhall appears to think that a show of emotion is a bad thing.

TV deal

Truth is the television deal with the MWC is absolutely horrible for anyone living outside of the conference area. I live in Atlanta and in order to watch games on the Mtn. network I need to have DirecTV, but in order to watch the games on Versus, I need to be a subscriber to Comcast. The conference is alienating it's fans who are further away and also alienating any type of consistent national audience.


The Mtn. would not be so bad if there were not so many former BYU (KSL) announcers and players doing play by play and doing the color commentary.

Satellite Subscribers

The big losers in the current tv deal are the satellite subscribers.

I'm a Directv subscriber. I missed a number of games when Directv was not showing The Mtn during negotiations. I've missed several games this season since Directv took Vs off the air during contract negotiations. Then again, I also missed Jazz games last season for the same reason.

My Directv contract expires April 11 of next year. I will be switching to the evil cable company on April 12. At least if I had Concast I would not miss any games.

Nice work, Directv. Way to drive loyal customers like me away- I've been a Directv subscriber since 2001 & am looking forward to dumping them. And quit blaming everyone else for your bad programming decisions.


Max Hall is easily one of the greatest QBs ever to come through byu's program.

Last week's debacle againstt TCU had very little to do with Max Hall. In reality all TCU needed to do last week was neutralize Pitta, which they did well. Byu's receivers are slow and could not for the life of them get open. Hall's O-line couldn't defend against a 4-man rush, and with Pitta neutralized and Max trying to avoid forcing the ball, he hit the sod. THe INT he threw was obviously not his fault.

Has max's interceptions really cost byu any games besides the Utah game of last year? No.

MIke in Texas BYU Fan

The biggest problem from my perspective is that the MTN hasn't yet gone HD. Most of the other networks are broadcasting in that format. I hear that MTN is working on that. Even so, it won't solve the problem unless all carriers, ie. Direct TV, Dish, the cable companies all broadcast it in HD


Naw.... The MTN is awful


Here some kleenix. I am glad to at least be seeing mountain west conference sports.


The MTN has been great for us nonUtah BYU fans. In the past I was lucky to see 3 games a year on ESPN. Now I see all but the VS. games and that won't last forever. I too get annoyed by the announcers but at least I am seeing the majority of the games. Which is way better than it used to be.


I always repected Alex Smith, he will have a great NFL career.


I spit in the general direction of the Mtn.


No, we've been right about The Mtn all along...Blur-O-Vision at its finest! It's a terrible production and the talent isn't quite talented enough.


What has MTN did that ESPN not do?

MIke is Right

How much do HD cameras cost? I can't stand to watch another MWC game when the picture is worse than local high school game broadcasts.

Come on, mtn. HD, please?


I really don't see any correlation between the MTN and the success of the MWC. Frankly, I think it's great that in spite of the terrible TV deal, the MWC teams have managed to be ranked. C'mon is right on, it's about better coaching and recruiting. If there's anything good that's come of the MTN deal it's been that our teams have been able to play games generally on Saturdays rather than during the week, but whatever good comes of that has been far outweighed by the bad IMHO. The lack of distribution is troubling.

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