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Published: Friday, Oct. 30 2009 12:00 a.m. MDT

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The Chamber of Commerce is also against tightening down on illegal aliens. It shows that Battie is no friend of the tax payer. And you thing Utah is conservative, he was president of the senate. The state needs to do what normal people have done and cut spending.

It ain't the same

The Chamber of Commerce isn't what it used to be. It is no longer made up of local merchants and manufacturers because we're now a big box society and not much is built in the USA any more.
Instead, the chamber is made up of social service agencies and local reps from big corporations.
As a result you get them endorsing amnesty for illegal aliens and favoring tax increases.
Let them take a position on anything, but don't claim that the Chamber represents America.

Utah-Utah- Utah Wake Up

Tell me how investing in education is going to help us out of the rotten republican caused mess we are in? If you wnat to invest some money in education lets have a lottery and a para-mutuel gaming law passed. That takes care of education, now what to do about the rest? How about eliminating numerous state funded playgrounds these legislators think we need and I'm not talking childrens playgrounds folks. Put the food tax back on O.K., put a head tax on school children, stop the deductibles for charity and religion donations(tithing included) the churches have enough bankrolled for a few years until we pull out of this economic mess. This is just temporary of course but maybe just maybe its time for the haves to go without their incomes short term also. They could help the oppressed short term to survive if they would open their over stuffed wallets! But don't just increase taxes carte blanc, that has been for tooooo long the republican way, big business way for tooooo long.


To Mike:

DTS can't do their job as it is. How can they possibly take a 30% cut? I do not believe a 10% cut across the board would be at all easy. In fact, it would hurt a great deal. Some departments, however, didn't feel last years cuts as deeply as others. Community and Culture being one of them.


so the state can continue to spend and create programs to spend money on .. but those of us who actually work, not having pay raises for years , and some even without jobs anymore have to pay higher taxes to pay for those who never really did anything anyway ... just stick their hand out and take and take and take ..

we the workers do without, we cut spending in our homes and our purchases and the state continues on with same-old same-old ..

who is going to be left to pay for this state ?? if the state doesnt start cutting programs .. 10% unemployment , reduced working hours and pay, no pay raises, the state has to stop the spending they have granted to minorities for decades otherwise there wont be anybody left in this state to pay the price for the joy of being here ...

good luck to us all ...


Fire Beattie. Cut taxes.


The sales tax on food is the most regressive tax on poorer people. They spend a greater percentage of their income on food than do the middle class and rich.
Nothing like a RINO in the building to suggest raising taxes in the middle of a recession rather than decreasing government.

Kudos @8:27

IF the Chamber ever wanted to really help Utah taxpayers, they would lobby,lobby,lobby the Utah Legislature to DO WHATEVER IS NECESSARY to deny services to illegals. Yes, MANY MORE things can still be done to convince the illegals to "move on". How about forbidding ANY state agency from printing ANYTHING in Spanish?
The problem is, the Chamber will certainly not expect business to pay any higher taxes, AND, they certainly want to make sure the illegals are available for business to EXPLOIT. That leaves ALL THE REST of us to pick up the shortage in tax revenue!!
The small amount of credibility the Chamber of Commerce has is ERODING fast!!

Lane is a leader

Who is the leader here?

Is it the guy who says, "We're in a real crisis here, and we can make some more huge cuts to the budget, but as we do that let's keep some possible tax increases on the table to avoid any draconian reductions to things like education."

Or is it the guy who says, "I won't propose a tax increase. I will just cut and cut and cut in my proposed budget. We may have to cut education another 15% this year. If people want to whine about the size of the cuts, and if they demand a tax increase, we'll do it only if they get angry enough so we can blame the whole thing on them. We'll probably end up in the same place as Lane Beatty, but I won't stick my neck out for it."

One is a leader, the other a political tool. Lane, why are you not running for Governor??? It is sad that the republican who most sees things like you do, with vision, forsight, and reason, is actually a democrat- Peter Corroon.

fed up

When are we as a people going to realize that government will NEVER be able to accomplish what they say they want to. I for one am going to avoid supporting the monster any way I can. If everyone did this, they would have to privatize and get out of our way, so the productive people in the world could finally be free. Voting is coersion by force. If you vote, you support and deserve what you get.


As a former Chamber employee, I can honestly say that my first reaction to this article was: Lane Beattie actually DID something?

Whether he's right about this or wrong, I just can't believe that he's not on his ranch, on a golf course, or on a cruise somewhere.

That's where he spends most every working day, while still pulling in a 6 figure paycheck. That's just awesome leadership, right there.


REPUBLICANS floating the TAX INCREASE balloon?

On an hourly basis, in our wonderful 24/7 news cycle, we see REPUBLICANS wringing their hands over the exploding deficit. We hear their MANTRA, NO MORE SPENDING; NO MORE TAXES.

Yet, in one of the reddest of the red states, we have REPUBLICANS going for TAX INCREASES?

The voters see clearly there is NO DIFFERENCE between a TAX and SPEND DEOMCRAT and a TAX and SPEND REPUBLICAN.


I have not had a pay cut or increase in about four years, but I would estimate my purchasing power is down by about 20% in that same period. Just a rough estimate. Of course, I'm expected to just be thankful I have a job these days and soldier on. What about you all? Any similar (or very different) assessments?


Olene Walker, who the Repubs decided couldn't run again, warned us that the portion of the sales tax that came from food was the most stable of all of our taxes.

She said that if we removed that part we would be subject to drastic ups and downs in state revenues whenever the economy went through cyclical changes.

We did it anyway, because we declared it to be regressive. Well, guess what... she was right.

We now have a tax system that magnifies economic cycles.


You can increase my taxes too, I am willing to do what is needed to make sure that services are not cut off. We cannot allow our government to fold!


Yeah, that'll fix the economy. What a genius!


This guy is a historical loser as we know.
How about putting a meaningful stop to the influx of foreigners from all over the world whom we are supporting. I see them every day in my healthcare setting. This drain, is killing us ! When are the knuckleheads on the hill going to realize what is happening here. They keep coming in by the droves.
Free health care, free this, free that. This is irresponsible and wrong !

Face reality

Utahns need to face reality. We tend to speak in platitudes - no more taxes, amnesty is wrong, government should cut just like a business and so on. The reality is that a billion dollars have been cut from the Utah state budget, all at a time when we are leading the nation in population growth and the recession increases the load on government -- more people return to college, more people are on Medicaid and more people unemployed. Sure government has to cut, but unlike a business, its customers increase during an economic downturn. I'm grateful that someone is actually facing reality and saying we ought to consider increasing revenues. It's a courageous thing to say and a sign of a leader. Thank you to Mr. Beattie

What's left on our plates?

The budget shortfall has to come from somewhere, so where does our personal budget shortfall come from? Should we stop eating so we can pay our taxes? Our property taxes continue to go up even though our property is devalued. Food gets a tax increase. We don't get raises, so where does our budget shortfall come from? Sheesh!

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